Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun With Frames...Outside the Box Ideas...

Frame: a rigid structure that surrounds something such as a picture, door... a border or case for enclosing artwork, a mirror, etc. 2. a rigid structure formed of relatively slender pieces, joined so as to surround sizable empty spaces..

"surrounding empty spaces"

So other than the norm...the ordinary uses...the expected framing projects, what else do YOU do with frames ??

A pretty little "what-not" table tray?

Give definition to another display of art?

Enclose some WALL WORDS?

Top an unframed Mirror and surround another mirror?

Finish off a crafted Fabric creation?

Give some back-up to a Dish Display?

Add an element of chippy "vintage" to some rustic comtemporary art?

Top and embellish a Table? (formerly framed and covered a mirror)

Surround a Plate? (wrought iron frames count too! originally held wooden plaque)

Don't Forget Window Frames...

Create a Table Top Shadow-Box display?

Frame Photos and Sayings.

So many ideas and uses for an empty frame. Here are a couple of on-line photos showing frames as ceiling medallions.... Neat! I like this use. I'm sure I'll experiment with this one day.

So when you see a frame you really like, (but NOT what it is surrounding) think outside the box. Get the Frame, Toss the art. Get CREATIVE! :-) :-)

FRAME FUN! Something to think about on this snowy day. Still coming down here in Cedar Rapids today.

Hope you ALL have a wonderful day, whatever the weather. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Sunshine, Clouds....Have fun in the nest when you don't want to go OUT of it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beautiful Sunday..The Quiet before Storm Rocky...

Today in Cedar Rapids it was 34 degrees, and beautiful blue skies and very Sunny. JUST LIKE a normal Carolina Winter day...sans the snow. .. of course. It was a lovely day to get out and go to church, and then visit our favorite little Chinese place for lunch.

Ting's Red Lantern. You can tell it's Kurt's favorite place to be. :-)

Kam is looking all scholarly, playing around with his dad's Readers...

When we arrived home, the dawgs were itching to get out and play on this nice day. No gusty sub-zero winds, No snow or sleet, no grey skies, above freezing temps...Perfect. I grabbed a few pics of these furry beasts who have had some measures of Cabin Fever to deal with lately, just like MOM!!!

Gideon doing his BEST interpretation of the YETI.

I had some fun putting together a Spring Pastel colored centerpiece on the Screened Porch Dining table. It was so pretty outside, I am just yearning to go out and enjoy the porch again...Not Much Longer.

A pretty wall mirror can step in for a unique tray. Colorburst Flowers. (gerbera daisies...LOVE) pretty Mason Jars. a vintage jadite duck (my grandmama's!).Aqua pottery pitcher with pastel knitting needles. (it's on my bucket list to learn. REALLY!) Petite china floral plate with blue milkglass mini-vessels. FUN!!!!!

How about YOU?? Are you getting the ITCH to see Flowers, and Green Grass, and be able to go outside and STAY out??? I thought so! :-)

Have a beautiful Sunday. All who are awaiting the next Snowy downpour...hang in there...I'll be hanging right beside you!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

White...Old Man Winter's Favorite Color

Just another entry in the Winter 2013 E-journal. Snow today. The Storm dubbed STORM Q started last night before 7. Blessedly, the amounts they predicted for here have gone down a couple of inches. It's still falling, but very dry and powdery, so we'll just enjoy.

I opened the screened porch door this morning to let the dogs out. Here was as far as I got for a pic. Not going out there in slippers!! lol...

After the initial excitement of running and frolicing before draining themselves...they then ran back in covered with falling flakes, and dropping mini snowballs from their footpads and toes. Kobe just stopped right in his tracks and plopped down in the snow, to start picking some of the pieces out...~~c~~o~l~~d!!!!

There goes the hard-working snow-plow. Bless them. Been working around the clock.

Second sweep. Thank You!!!!!!!

Love this man!

You HAVE to shovel the end of your drive once the Plow has gone by. You can't get your car over the snow pile left behind. Bless his heart...

Meanwhile,'s warm and toasty. The 10 feet of window span in the Living room does provide a nice view of the falling snow.....(yes that's Kobe there looking for any sign of life out back)

I'm thinking - oh wouldn't it be divine to have a view like this out that picture window??? instead of my neighbor's dull garage...but hey...It's What We Make of It....Life! :-)

I want to SHOUT:

But they are already predicting another storm front coming in Sunday night with snow Monday, Tuesday, and lingering flurries it is STILL WINTER, no matter how we feel about it. :-)
My grandmama always said, You either gotta LAUGH about it,

or CRY...what will you choose???

Maybe a little sign out front will help this situation!!!????

It won't surprise anyone that I am the only resident here at this house that is tired of the snow...

Today, I will close with this thought...

and this little dose of cheer!

Think Spring!!! Hugs to all my Bloggy sisters and visitors popping in. Stay Warm!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a Dawg's Life...

It Was Time.....

NO. It Was PAST Time.

What with the Holidays, the Wintry Weather postponements, the Trip to North Carolina, the Marine visiting...


They needed the treatment by Desiree.

And so ... finally, today, we got it DONE!

Each doggie comes home with their own report card,a sporty bandanna, and a bag of goodie treats.

Without further ADO...

The sweet smelling, soft, shiny, de-shedded, furminated....


At attention, waiting for inspection. Rah little Devil Dawg.


This boy is 5 pounds lighter from the fur brushed out. Wish I had taken a pic of the floor under his groom table.


Eyes on the Treat - Eyes on the Treat...oh it's SO hard to get a pic of this dog. ;-p

A BEFORE picture of the poofy powderpuff paw on Kobe.

and today...the AFTER shot.

I love his Russian Boot look, but in this Winter weather, the trimmed foot is SO much better because they do NOT have to pick and chew bits of snow and iceballs out of their paws after walking in the frozen mess.

And so another e-journal entry for January. This one was for the Dogs' Life. They are furry furry creatures, but they sure are boon companions in this NEST.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ”
― Roger Caras

Thanks to all stopping by today! Have a GREAT day!!  :-)