Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Girl Can Change Her Mind ...can't she?

I'm your typical female.... I change my mind.

I try not to do it too much with my man, for I know this can cause a great deal of frustration...but when it comes to my own decisions for feathering...I can get something and have it moved 3 or 4 times before it finds its final resting place...I mean in the period of a week.

So all that said...."confessed!"...Remember this?

It got swallowed in that dark panelling in the family room. (which is why I photographed it in the kitchen for a post.)

I found a cute wrought iron basket at GW for .99 this past week. I thought it would look nice by the back door with....yep...those flowers, and so the flowers moved.
I changed my mind...again.

But I think they will stay in this basket. Whether they stay by the back door...well...I confess...that's a question that will remain unanswered!
A girl can change her mind, can't she??? :-)

Thank you all for praying for our military...for my Marine!!! Yesterday, a warrior in Justin's battalion was killed. Roadside bomb. This wounds me to the core...
This is a harsh ride through this time of my life...
Thank you for remembering them, for what they do, for what they experience, for what they see, for what they have to cope with...and still keep going...
This Marine mama thanks you for bringing them before the Lord and asking for them to have strength, and to be shielded ....Please lift up the family of a fallen Marine.
Hugs to all of you...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Musings


This past weekend I got out and worked up some sweat in the yard. I have a project going to widen a gravel path that has somehow NARROWED over the years. And the path is somewhat ignored as the dogs jump the rocks bordering it and run their own path through the grass down to the woods...what to do? change the course of the path!!!
And so out came the shovel...

and away went the grass ( and lots of weeds mixed in!!!) I really felt like I was in a battle!!!

Do any of you want to join my NEW CLUB?????? Sign up Here!!!

While digging and moving the original rock wall, I killed 8 black widows!!!! gasp..I didn't even know we had them, although Justin had mentioned he thought he had found one on one of his weekend visits this year. I never saw it... gonna have Kurt spray in all the rocks and crevices.
I killed one snake and let one go, as it was just a little earth snake.
I picked up two dead baby birds that the dogs got to. The silly mama built her nest in the garage and while the babies were doing test flights, I am sure that is when the doggies got them..never had a chance!!! Carolina Wrens, got to be the most air-headed birds in the feathered kingdom...

Got interrupted when Kobe caught the cutest little biddy bunny baby. He DIDN'T EVEN HURT IT..NO MARKS OR BLOOD OR EVEN MUSSED FUR...that's a miracle folks! I heard it screaming bloody murder when the dogs were taunting it. Got them inside with the help of my deep voiced guys telling them to get inside, got Jonny to catch it (wearing gloves) and called my backyard wildlife neighbor, and she said BRING it on, She was already feeding two more babies... Hurrah! So Benjamin Bunny will be safe and live on....Just don't come back to my yard little one. Your dumbbunny mama should have known better than to have bunnies in a yard where 3 dogs roam!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the liriope moved and covered the now bare clay path (clay...dirt of the south, ack) muddy muddy paws around here without putting a tarp down..and yes it rained right as I finished digging. Now for mulch and more gravel - one project down - 999,999 to go....sigh... :-) but it's good therapy even if sore for the muscles...Going on 50 and feeling it way more than I used to! But I do like to do it while I can.

Do any of you have the ultra soft Lamb's Ear plant??? It sends out its runners under ground and now I have it actually growing right on the walking path!!!
Got a lot of careful digging to do to put it back WHERE IT BELONGS! mercy...

And the rock wall is so jumbled from Kobe digging the rocks out of position looking for moles and voles..Naughty prey driven doggie!!!

Look at this stinker in this past photo...he is actually just laying in the bed totally unaware that there are fragile flowers and plants in there!!!!

While raking leaves out of the Rock garden I found these glass insulators that came from my Grandmama and Granddaddy's farm. I have had them outside in my gardens, but decided to bring them in , wash them up, and let their beautiful blue colors decorate my living room. They are a sentimental item...obviously. Rather have them here than covered with leaves!

Well...I better go work on those 999,999 other projects waiting in the wings...or they will never be accomplished..

Here's Gideon, waiting on me to hurry up and go outside so he can be there, BUT also be with me, my little velcro dawg.

Thought for the day:

"The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down." (Proverbs 14:1)

Asking God continually for wisdom. :-)

Thank you for continually lifting prayers to our Lord for our military warriors.
God bless them and keep them. Grateful for all of you in the supportive battle back here at home in America.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

OOO-RAH - Ring Ring!!!!

"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Prov. 25:25

You Guessed It...Talked to my Marine this morning!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!

So....this is to give you a picture of what it is like at a house where everybody wants to talk to the Marine far far away, and we haven't heard his voice in a while.
Yeah..a zoo sometimes...but boy is it GREAT! (poor dad at a class this morning, missed it again!) :-(

Justin sounded great and said he was doing fine,*thanking God*... but still hasn't gotten any more boxes yet ...only 3 out of the 8.

Come on now...we can do a little better than that!.... can't we mail outpost???????????


Friday, April 23, 2010

Marine Mom and Mail Moments.....

I have gotten ONE letter from my Marine....
In the brief and disappointingly dropped call..I heard that he had mailed 5!!!
Every day I listen for Mailman Mike to come down the street and go out to see if today is the day...another letter!???

This is NOT my mailman Mike (yikes, thank goodness!)...but I can see this guy telling me to "Buck Up Marine MOM", and get my chin off the ground, and carry on while waiting for my letters....

Gotta keep those packages and letters going out to keep their Devil Dawg motivation up..

I'm sure those goodie packages trump an MRE any day!!

Keeping images like this in my mind to stay positive that mail is getting there....

Rah to Mom for sending a miniflag...

Special RAHS! to you mail handlers out there. Keep it moving...Semper Fi!!!

Isn't there anybody out there who knows how to keep the sand outta my skivvies???

God bless, and keep up the prayers for our military guys and gals...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Carefree Smiling Fun Thursday

Well, the title says it all, doesn't it? :-)

Today I am linking up with Leigh over at Margueritaville for a Thrifty Thursday post..... And I had fun. Jump over there and see some other fun shopping bloggy gals have done...saving money while they were treasure hunting.

Today is simply a free day off. (well, except for finishing up Kameron's week of annual required CAT testing for homeschool.) Got to get that mailed out tomorrow. Can't Wait.

Here's a few things that I have acquired here and there over the past few weeks for a mighty cheap price... yay. Happy for carefree days... yeah...I'm smiling. :-) Hope you are too!!!

Remember the Swan planter I acquired from the gal who turned out to be my kids' pediatric nurse YEARS ago? Well, she had this sitting there for .50, and you know me..It just grabbed my fancy for little things chippy, used and worn with character.
Now in it's new resting place, missing finial and all.

This entire bundled bouquet was 1.99 at GW and I love hydrangeas and eucalyptus, so I grabbed it. It actually goes in our family room, but the paneling makes it too dark for a pic, so here they pose in the kitchen. AWESOME price for so many ...

Remember this photo from a past White Wednesday where I was showing the lace doilies I found at GW? Well, I have had a mirror (found at Salvation Army) sitting in my bedroom for several months waiting for a white paint job possibly to go over that white mantel I found..but instead it ended up here under the LR sofa table...and I like it's resting place for now. Just a before pic to let you see the look before the mirror landed there. :-)

Okay bloggy sisters...this was the pure fun part. I did what you might call "staging a photo" with these items....outside.

The little angel kitty is just from a garden spot.

The hand stitched/embroidered runner is just another sample (in pink) from the bag full of vintage linens I got from GW years ago. (I mentioned this in an earlier Thrifty post too, but showed the Gone With the Wind hooped lady sample.) Some one did a lot of needle work!

This sweet little faceless Amish looking doll is the handiwork of my m-i-l and her sisters many moons ago. They took old hand embroidered pillowcases and turned them into dresses for these little treasures with added roses..Each of the gals in the family received one. Isn't she beautiful...and truly time-stained with age and character....

The verdigris lamp I received from my mom for my birthday last September!!! (another find at GW) It has been waiting for the perfect shade ever since. Two weeks ago, I found it! The sage green in the leaves matches perfectly. Love the roses and ruffle...Hopefully this will go on a screened porch as I have visions in my head already....! :-)

A better shot of the chair acquired from Craig's List. Again...white wicker is a part of that porch vision... (you know what I mean, fellow dreamers) :-)

Hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day. I have had fun this morning. I am hoping hoping against hope for a possible letter today from Mailman Mike that is stamped Afghanistan!!!!! A phone call that gets through would be fantastic, but I will take whatever ....
God bless our military. God bless our country. God bless Justin....Justin...Billy...and Jeff... and ALL the others...God grant SUCCESS and SAFETY!

Big Hugs to all visiting. Blessings prayed for all of you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Ponderings...

Before you sit down....pumpkin-chocolate chip bread...anyone??????

Be sure to get outside and see what's unfolding in these early Spring days...
It's recharging! Renews the heart that God's world is constant and continues to stay on cannot mess with God's work in the beginning to set all things in place.
Volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, drought... come what may,
The world continues to turn, the seasons continue to change, the Hand of God still remains in complete control...

Oh Woobie....WHO are you vigilantly looking for?.....It's not just the humans who miss Justin's comings and goings here on Woodberry......sigh.
Thank you for all your prayers lifted up for him, for Billy, for Justin, for Jeff...
God's ear is listening...

Have a great day everybody. Hugs and beautiful sunny Spring walks out with Mother Nature...

Mommy, ENOUGH! more pictures!!! woof!

I will close with just a short sad note...

Yesterday my daughter Kat had to let go of her kitty Socks, who was going into kidney failure, just like Rastus did last Fall. Socks would have been 14 this Saturday. Socks and her brother Tux were rescued and adopted from our vet. They looked almost identical except Tux was much bigger. We lost Tux three years ago.
Here are a few pics in memory of the sweet little "Sissy" as I always called her.

younger and healthier days...

Biscuit and Sebby are left of this trio... They LIVE upstairs in Katie's room pretty much. Only Sebby ventures down into the lower floor of the house. Biscuit is going to be 14 this year and getting frail. Hang in there little girl...

We have dug 3 graves in less than a year in our pet cemetary...too many.... :-(

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit. Bloggy friends ROCK!