Monday, April 23, 2012


Well...Blogger has gone and changed things....and... My "picture storage or space" has reached its limit and I now need to buy?? space... in order to post photos on the blog. And... I find that I am in one of those moments where I just say, "When Pigs Fly..." I am not finding the inner motivation to pursue, research, learn and conquer this obstacle right now. I find it easier and more acceptable to just "close the door" and ignore it for a while. :-) I've said it before and I'll say it again...I'm not a techie. The computer is a tool to me. This one works with fits and starts, and hesitations, and sometimes won't even let me enter other blogs, or leave comments. Sometimes it won't even SHUT DOWN....seriously...then I get a little uncomfortable. I can't even press the power down button and get it to turn off! Scary???? yeah... lol. I'm going to check my Email and Face Book to see if any of my peeps might have posted. Then I'm going to walk away from this machine. rah. Have a great day. We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Porch that THRIFT built...

I am cleaning out closets this week. Yes. But this time - AFTER the move. It is a GOOD thing. A number of items came over on the moving van simply because I wasn't sure what this house looked like and how it was laid out and didn't know what I would need, or might wish I had kept.

Now that I am pretty well finished "putting the house together" is TIME to declutter the closets...

Gleaning, Picking and Choosing can be downright hard.

I am working on the "outside" room lately. (screened porch) So in the process of trying to sort and glean, I am also still having fun with it. This one corner of the porch is done. (I think....) ;-)

** WELL...except for the paint color. We will be painting the Redwood siding this Spring/Summer. Right now it is a dull and very unappealing brown (with just the slightest tint of (mauve or purple?) in it. Kurt and I both are not happy with it. That is at the top of the list of DO-able tasks for us that will have a huge impact on the house. (NO offense to the previous owner intended. Everybody has different taste.)

the "mini" wooden interior shutters got a coat of Spring Green and were added to give a pop to the windows.

this sweet little message got added just because I wanted it there! :-)

MORE conchs has been getting rid of a lot of shells and Goodwill has been my supplier for the porch.

Since I got the coffee table for the porch I moved Kurt's old college wicker basket under this corner set-up. I had this Cane framed mirror that I had brought with me from Charlotte that I decided NOT to use in the guest room. I thought it would make a neat "Swan Lake" display. The swan WAS in my living room. I simply poured scads of little bags of shells (YES again...from GW) all around the mirror and covered the cane. You know the saying that a body of water looks like a "sheet of glass" on a still calm day... that's what gave me the idea for using a mirror.

but then when a water-fowl glides across they stir up the water and leave little swirls and ripples behind I used beach glass I already had (yes this came out of the declutter box)and made a little stream around the swan.

*So that was my fun project in this corner!!

This "marsh" looking bird was also a thrift find and graces the coffee table.

The Clippership painting looks like a painted canvas but is actually on a board. I found it at the Salvation Army store. It was marked $3.00 but was half price that day so for a buck-fifty I was thrilled. It still has the Kirkland's price tag on the back for 29.99!

This post is getting long. I will close today with a smile and a {{hug}} for any dropping by in my little corner of the world here in Iowa, and hope that you have a smile in your heart today.

Thanks for prayers for our military and for especially those of you who lift a prayer for Justin. I just read that they have finished in Spain. Once again I do not know where they will be headed next. No word from the Marine. We sure miss hearing from him.

We Love you Justin! God BLESS you!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Merry Monday Canine Style

Good Morning...Gideon here..

I have to hurry 'cause I heard mom say she hadn't done her Merry Monday post yet - so while she was making lunches for the guys...I snuck in here and clicked in to write...

I think it's time some Canines got some Merry Monday fame... so here's a special post of us DAWGS out there showing you Two-Leggers how to Flash the Teeth...friendly style....of course.

Ya never know when giving your best doggie grin and wagging the tail will score you a great big Doggie bone...Either way it always seems to make a human's day. Didn't you get a smile from seeing those photos???

So get out there and fulfill your mission. Make somebody's day better. Flash your teeth. Wag your tail...Dance around...wiggle your whole body. Somebody will feel really really special...Hey, it's all in a Dog's day...

Better run. Here come's Mom!!!!

Oh - and thanks for saying a prayer for our favorite Marine around here. We miss Justin too.

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Political Commentary not Necessary.

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." ~ George Washington.

Will You Join Me?

There is HOPE. No matter what. GOD is STILL in control. Always has been. Always will be. That is why I can say with full assurance ....


We LOVE you Justin. We THANK you Justin. God BLESS you. God PROTECT you.

Have a blessed weekend...

Friday, April 13, 2012


Do you have "Littles"? The small details in your nest that reveal something about you?

If someone came inside your home, and were to take the time to walk around and SEE all of the tiny feathers and twigs and bits of fluff tucked here and there amongst the larger elements ...what would they find out about you?

Many times we run across a large piece and do a Happy Dance because it is what we have been pursuing for so many years, but were just waiting for the "right price".

But the "littles" are just those mini treasures that reach out and grab you, speak to some secret little joy or happy spot in your soul. They represent a time past, or a memory, or a dream, or they are simply adorable and appeal to your heart. If I could tell you what each of the selected items below mean to would take too long. Each one evokes a thought when I glance at it any given day. Some even bring to mind a blogger sister who sent me a little treasure through the mail...

I love the "littles" of nesting. They are my featured Friday Favorites for today.

If you are visiting here, I wish you the best of weekends, and send hugs to all of my sweet bloggy sisters scattered across these wonderful United States. Thank you for remembering our military heroes. Please..would you say a prayer for the families of two Marines who were killed and two Marines who were severely injured in a helicopter crash this past Wednesday in Morocco? This is where my cherished Marine is currently deployed as part of a floating patrol with the Navy in those waters across the globe.

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you and PROTECT you.