Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Day Out...

Katie and I had a Girl's Day Out. It is ALWAYS FUN! I am so glad she is still around for me to be able to do this with her.

So, this post is just a personal entry for my online e-journal ...recording events in life.

First thing, we both went and got our hair cut.

Then out for a bite to eat.

Little Bit of shopping. Got some different goodies for Justin's box this week.

Then... to the theater! Katie had "Movie-Bucks" so she got a big discount on the ticket prices. (WOW - sticker shock!! $13.25 for a 3-D movie...I had NO idea!!!)
Glad she had those discounts!!!!!!!

YES. we saw Toy Story 3, and yes there was a scene that just about had me sobbing.
I really had to hold back and was snuffing so much!!! If any of you see it, you can take a guess which scene that was!!!!!! bwah.... (actually two scenes...but the first impacted me way more.)

To any passing through here today, thanks for visiting. Hope your day is awesome!
Thanks for perseverence in praying for our military heros and for Justin!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Lost Verse .....FOUND! the Home of the Brave

I can't add much to this. Proud to know that my son is a part of the branch that this veteran represents.

God Bless America! Truly we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
We are still One Nation Under God!

Keep praying for all the brave and courageous heros who are over there putting it out every day for this reason.

Listen to the Lost Verse

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Met Monday - birds and cherry reds...

Monday Nights....Garbage goes out. Also Curbside pickup items.
Walking the dogs around the neighborhood, one never knows what will be waiting to be snatched up!

Today I am joining up with Susan with a very simple makeover, a Metamorphosis
created from one of those "finds."

You'll find the party here:

Last Winter, I found two black iron planter baskets sitting amongst a lot of throwaways . Hmmm... Surely I could do something with those. They were perfectly good.

I finally got around to creating with one of them!

Take one planter.

Turn it over.
Super glue or gorilla glue one lone little birdie sitting around the house to the bottom (now turned into the top)!

Spray Paint a very cheerful cherry RED!

Take one wooden pedestal....

Add one yellow plate.

Find a favorite item to display under your "new and unique" cloche! Another pop of red in a yellow kitchen!

Stand back...Smile...Feel the wheels turning...uh-oh...change is coming again!
Yes, I do believe I will add chicken wire to this one for the finishing touch. Change is fun. Especially if it is in your nest...

Thanks to all who dropped by. Flit over to Susan's and see lots more Met Monday makeovers...

Blessings to all.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Hooray for all DADS today. Where would this world be without them?
God Bless Them.

I love my dad and am so thankful to still have him around, and quite close. I live in the same neighborhood as my parents!!

He is such a servant, having been a pastor for so many many years, now retired, and now caring with a servant's heart for my mother who is suffering with cancer.
God bless him and strengthen him for the task at hand. He is a great role model, always extending a hand to help others, and knows how to do ANYTHING!!! He is an amazing man, and I am privileged and honored and joyful to call him MY DAD!!!

Happy Father's Day DAD!!!

Mom, Justin, and Dad.

and now for fun, a little humor for your day. God bless you all.

ha ha my guys would say, "Now that's what I'm talkin' bout...."

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yes...that's me... I missed a phone call from my Marine yesterday morning!
I was out doing my service for a ministry I am involved with in my church, and .....
Yep, that happened to be the exact time he called this time. It will happen...
I know. His dad has missed a number of calls. But I am comforted that he got to talk to his two brothers! As long as he connects with SOMEBODY every time he calls, I will be okay. (snuff snuff)

And just so you know,

And well, I KNOW Justin would tell me:

So, snuff snuff,...I'll dry my tears and remember the famous words of Scarlett O'Hara:

Hugs to EVERYBODY for a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, I don't go down to the mailbox 6 times per morning, but sometimes I do go and check before the mailman has come, just in case I missed hearing his little mail truck!!

It's a Marine Mom thing!!

The letters seem to be coming a little more frequently now. It is AWESOME!!!

It is so good to read what's going on. Of course some of the things break my heart and make fear rise up, but it just makes me pray harder...

The latest was dated May 29th at the top. It's getting better! The convoys carrying all these treasures get pounded a lot. It can be too dangerous, so, HOW oh HOW can I complain???? I will learn more and more patience this summer!!

Thankful for all you prayer warriors out there!! Hugs to all!
God protect and bless those heroes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Blues....

No... not that kind of blues. I refuse to give in and let THOSE blues take over...
When I am down or "feeling blue"... as the old saying goes, I remember this!:

God is my rock and my source to BEAT those old blues!

Today I was just thinking about all the blue colors I have in and around my house. It is truly a color I love. SO many shades too! I do love red. It is so cheerful and bold. And yellow. It is bright and sunny...And serene and clean..
But BLUE! calm and relaxing... Ahhhhhhh

Specially Blue and White combos...

But my all time FAVORITE blues???!!!!

Dawgs on blue

My gal in blue! pst...**tip from my mom...always wear lipstick and you'll look fine! guys...all in blue jeans! lovin' that...

And of course these blues... they appear in just about every room in this house. Here is a small one right in front of me as I sit at my computer each day always reminding me to pray....

What is a favorite color of yours?

When you walk around your nest, it just seems to pop up in almost every room, without you even thinking about it when you put it there????

Thanks for visiting! Some of these pics are repeats from past posts on other subjects. They just fit in with my "blues" today. Hope it wasn't too redundant!! I had fun doing it.
Hugs to you all...Thanks so much for being prayer warriors for our Military!
So grateful...
Billy from Mass. and Justin from Ga. are almost there....just about to return home to the US of A!!!!! OOO-RAH!!!!! and if you don't think their families are just about to float away, think again! Cloud Nine....people!

and oh yeah...if it's cloud NUMBER 9, it's surrounded by BLUE skies! :-)

Hugs to all dropping by here today!

Can't Leave without posting this pic... one of my favorites, you just know (you see it a lot!!) Loving the blue in this sight. It's FLAG DAY! Fly them high!!!!!

late Edit*** ooo-rah I got another letter in my mailbox today dated 5-12-10. He was saying Happy Mother's Day and requesting Pop Tarts and a certain protein shake drink, and making sure I was sending out the pkgs to the other 3 Marines! They will be on their way this Friday!!!! Love that Marine!