Friday, October 30, 2009

Show and Tell Friday...

I am joining in on a Friday post with Cindy over at her blog: My Romantic Home.

It is a Show and Tell about something in your home or garden you want to share with others.

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Today I am so very excited about what I found yesterday that I just have to share with other gals who will appreciate the waiting for just the right deal, the thrill of the hunt, and the awesome finds when you thrift shop.

I have been looking for a rug to place in my dining room for over 2 years after my last one was put at the street for garbage pickup! It has been a long wait, patiently hoping for a rug I loved AND the right price.

I was in Salvation Army store yesterday and saw the black and white checkerboard edge of a rolled up rug in the corner, all taped together ....wrong side out , of course. I tried and tried to pull enough corner out to see the design, but couldn't. Finally took my little fold-up scissors out of my purse, cut all the tape off and unrolled the rug. GASP! This is it! I took the ticket to the counter, was told it was marked down that day, and happily paid $21.00 for this beautiful Country French Rooster rug. I couldn't believe it myself!!

I looked up the manufacturer's name on line when I got home (label on back) and saw that the 8x10 size retailed for $200.00! (10% I paid.) Below are the pics I had to unload for you to see. I vacuumed and steam-cleaned it and left it out to dry before I moved it into the Dining Room.

It is beautiful and shows no wear.
Of course, it will shortly be sporting white hair from my dogs, but that's okay. I have a vacuum cleaner. :-)

Thanks for visiting. Just had to share my outstanding find. It took a while to find it, but PATIENCE paid off!

Sun is shining through the trees in spots.

And here waits ONE of my white furry sweeties to get in on the black rug and officially make it a part of our home with a few...okay a lot of white hairs. :-)
Love em anyway...just goes with the territory here.

And you know what the best part of this deal is? I referred my son to Wachovia Bank for his checking account set-up, and they gave me a VISA cash card worth $25. for the referral of a new customer. That little card paid for the rug! :-)

Thanks for visiting. Hope you eventually find what you are looking for, and that you enjoy the thrill of hunting as you wait.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thrifty Thursday...

Just a few things I found while out and about... since my last post 2 weeks ago.

All of these purchases came from either a Salvation Army, a little thrift store/help center down the road, Habitat for Humanity, or a Goodwill. I will list how inexpensive they were if I remember the cost.

First of all I just want to show the Key I posted with Leigh last time, that I mentioned I would probably spray paint black. (it was antique gold) Here it is with its new look.(again, found at GW for .99)

Remember that black and white bath I am planning on doing upstairs? Found a few more things - they ranged from .49 to 1.99 in price

This poultry pic fits in with the black and red changes in the kitchen. Another lucky find.

This photo is showing the plate that the Rabbit cloche rests on inside the floor terrarium I posted about previously. (.49 Goodwill) I love the detail around the rim.

This was posted in a White Wednesday earlier. It was an orangey brown wreath at Goodwill. It had foam ghosts and bats hotglued to it. I picked it up and then put it back down, then went back and picked it up again. I envisioned it a distressed white WITHOUT the ghosts and bats! It was $1.99 which I thought was TOO much,... thus my wavering. But now, after the redo, I am glad I got it.

This little puddle of a Scottie I got as I was walking to check out at Goodwill. (.99)
He was hidden behind a lot of country wooden shelves and whatnots. Really in the wrong location. I caught a glance of his tail as I walked past. I was SOOO glad. I love Scottie Dogs.

This heavy brass desktop stamp box I found at the little thrift store for $1.00.
It was tarnished, but I thought I could clean it up. It reminded me of my paternal Grandfather for some reason. He kept things neat and organized in special boxes and holders.

This also came from the thrift shop. They brought it out in the cart to be shelved while I was there. ($2.00)
I knew exactly where it would go as soon as I saw it!!

My Goodwill has gotten a number of 3-D relief turn-ins from some retail store lately.
(.99 for this one)

Here's another -this was also in my White Wednesday post. (GW $1.99)

One finial end of a curtain rod I found at Habitat for Humanity. Love the white and the design.

Shower Curtain rings. (.50 -thrift shop)

Blue costume jewlery - Goodwill jewelry case (.99) I placed it underneath the window on my coffee table....among other pretties. :-)

The green apple came in a bag filled with different jeweled fruits. (thrift shop $1.99) The artichoke votive-holder came from a Going-out-of-business consignment store I passed while out driving. *I stopped just to look.* Prices were WAY too high, even marked down...for my thrift-price taste. But she came down to $1.50, so I did purchase this one. :-)

These pretty vintage spoons were at the thrift shop. They will be in a cloche most likely. (.25) I left the one fork and some knives.

Both of these pieces of fabric were 1.00 each. (Goodwill) I am hoping they will cover a rolling parsons chair that sits at my computer. It needs a makeover.

Well..I had fun sharing. Hope you had fun looking. It's always fun to see what others have found in their treasure hunts. Without Goodwill, this girl would not have this fun. I am grateful for thrift stores. They fit my change-purse.

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Have fun on your treasure hunts...Until next time.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen again over at Faded Charm for White Wednesdays. Hop over and see some more inspiring and fun whites!

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Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Rug from Mother!

Joining in on Three or More Tuesday with Tam over at:

Well, my post today is about three or more - a LOT MORE! And what does that have to do with a New Rug from Mother, you ask????

Three or more leaves that have fallen,... are falling,.. and will CONTINUE to fall until next March.

Mother Nature has given me a new rug made out of Autumn's colorful leaves to cover the natural area out in my front yard.
Cool weathers acoming!

The dogs LOVE this weather and romping around in the rustling leaves. Speaking of three or more today...

Silly Kobe boy...dragged his blankie OUTSIDE to have a fresh-aire nap!..yawn!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Musings on a Fall Monday

This past week I have been busy helping my daughter, "Kat", paint her room in its up and coming Metamorphosis. She is glad to see it getting close to finished!

I do not have a "before" pic of the Dove Grey colored carpeting that was in her room, but going on 18 years you can imagine it was more of a dingy grey by this time.

Her dad worked like a maniac, and got all of the old stuff out and all of the new hardwood oak in before I could say "You Da Man!". (It's for his girl, so of course he worked fast for her) She's been living in her brother's room, Our Marine man,who is now living in Jacksonville at Camp Lejeune...sigh.,..we miss him!
Below is a pic of the new and improved flooring. It fits in well with our "cottagey" Cape Cod. She loves it. She loves her Dad!!

I love the character in this flooring! It's the real deal...went in piece by piece, and then coated 3 times with polyurethane.

Then came the time to prep the walls, spackle the holes and get ready to paint.

As you can see, Kat likes dark blue (blueberry shade). And the cat border around the walls is a stencil she picked out years ago and I painted around the entire room. Time for the kitties to go...

She picked blue again, just a tad different in shade, and chose a pretty shade of brown for her accent wall. The trim is in a bright white... I like it. When it is all put back together, I will do a final "finished" photo. She is supposed to get moved back in by the end of this week.

Justin will be coming in for some leave over the holidays, and he will want HIS ROOM to be empty of all her stuff!!! :-)

Now we are getting ready to tackle her bathroom with a new paint color. Here we go again! :-)

Thought I would join up with all the other re-do's over at Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's. Lots of cute ideas and neat creativity by a lot of women.

And here is the girl we love very much. She is beautiful, smart, and a treasure to us. Studying Criminal Justice and working her way through college, we are very proud of her, and it is a pleasure to help her with her room.