Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden long last...

I worked outside this past much as my body would tolerate. I came in every time, looking like I had just run through a rain shower... The Heat Index everywhere seems to be almost intolerable. BUT, I have work in the yard that HAS to get done. I WANT THAT FOR SALE SIGN IN MY YARD!!!!

End of story!!!

This past week, I have been working on a side "sanity" project that has been on the back burner for a YEAR!!! That's right. The windows for this project I have actually had for I'm guessing at least 8-10 years. A neighbor gal and I grabbed them off the curb when another neighbor changed out his windows. And they have been stored upstairs in Kurt's garage ever since. I have used 2 or 3 for indoor projects, but my dream was to use them in a small greenhouse structure that I hoped would get built. Didn't happen, and here I am moving halfway across the country. What to do with those windows!!!????

Last summer in June, I saw a post on "Maison Decor" blog and saved it. Below is a photo of her project that inspired me to copy.

And this is the rest of the story... **my story

Full View of My Garden Conservatory.

The little table I used for the base came from my paternal Grandparents' farmhouse. It was also upstairs in Kurt's workshop. The cherub statue below it was from Goodwill.

I painted it the same color as this piece on the other end of the deck. (I posted about earlier.)

This is the body of the conservatory - Four identical windows. Three are screwed together. The Front Window is the Door, and is hinged to easily change out what is displayed. Attached over the top four panes is a picture frame to better accent whatever is inside.

side view of the top. The roof is made of two smaller two paned windows screwed together with a squared dowel between the two. Kam came up with that idea. (my faithful assistant) The two smaller windows tongue and groove ends actually set down in the grooves of the tall windows...making a nice fit.

front view- There is a wrought iron scrolly piece screwed into the back window. The chandy hanging down from the middle was part of a lamp I had in the Moving Sale boxes and I took it apart and discarded the base.(gonna paint the silver part white.) The front embellishment was also in the Yard Sale boxes..-sprayed it the same color blue as the table base-allowing a little of the original black to show through.

And for now, I have this cherub pedestal that I love, supporting a pretty begonia plant. Adds a bright pop of pink to the deck.

I am posting this on Sun. afternoon, before my computer gets reworked and gets it innards blown out!..There are now multiple threat warnings popping up so I must have some virus attached. If anybody can fix it, my gal hopefully I will be in working order again this coming week. I pray I will be able to comment, my feeds will update, and I will be able to search...Here's hoping! **Gonna get everything Backed up too, which I wanted to do before I totally shut down to load this beast for a long distance move.

Hope that some of you are inspired to find some old windows and build a garden conservatory!

I hope that mine will soon sit in a garden spot in Iowa, surrounded by boocoodles of flowers...

Hugs to all. Stay cool however you can. Think of our military and thanks for praying...

To my Marine, and to my beloved Man...

God Bless you !

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Blooming.....

I am posting short and sweet today...The blooms below were cut 11 days ago right before the Realtor was to come..... and they are still beautiful and wilting...I followed the tip to cut early, lightly crush the ends of the stems with a hammer, and plunge into a vase of ice water. It REALLY works for longevity of your bouquet...The flowers give testimony.

sigh....I love Blue. I love hydrangeas. Everytime I enter my bathroom, I smile.

Dontcha Love those old blue bottles, too????

My computer is ~this close~ to getting tossed!!! I am having so many problems...

My feeds no longer work. I have tried every tip including deleting every single one and renewing the go.

My commenter ability is flaky.
Some posts I can comment ( on some days) other posts I can't get a comment on at all...not even as anonymous...

my ability to search on Explorer is shot
...some malicious URL has invaded the secret parts, and I am going to have the innards wiped this weekend. It is hiding...Full Scan has shown NO threats...

I don't know if it is my computer, my server, or Blogger, or.. all three ganging up against me, but right now it is a wretched time stealer attempting to do ANYthing - so if it appears I am not visiting, or I am not commenting, I'm just sayin....Hopefully my gal will get things fixed this weekend.

Closing with some previous photos of my favorite flowers...

And even at CHRISTMASTIME...yes! can still be using these flowers (dried blooms) in your home feathering!!

I LOVE HYDRANGEAS!!!! With 8 bushes in the yard, I was blessed to feel free to cut as many blooms as I wanted to bring INSIDE, and still have many left to grace my yard....
Will I be able to have these favored flowers in IOWA???? Oh!!! I do hope so!!!!

Grace and Hugs and Blessings to all who may drop by this Friday...Hoping my compy gets healed this weekend...

God bless our military HEROES!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

W is for Whew!... Wow!...White... and Winds of Change

We got through our two Realtor meetings! WHEW!!!! Now it is a waiting game for the realtors to get all of the information turned in to the Relocation Company and then wait for their packages/response to come back. If the two assessments are more than 5% off, I have been told we shall have to go through it all over again with a 3rd Realtor....oh please, oh please!!!! I hope not!

Out of the two ladies, I have definitely made my choice. One came in with all of her homework done already and the other did not. She was uber- prepared to sit and talk over everything and what, when, and how the Company and SHE would work for us... (all of this AHEAD of time even though she knew I had not made my choice)...It was awesome...

**Something else maybe you didn't know about me.....**

When we were doing the walk-through/tour for her to take photos to send to the Relocation people, she stopped in the Living Room, and said "WOW...can we just stop here for a minute??? I want to look at this...". SURE! :-)

Some of my COSTUME Jewelry collection...( I emphasize the Costume part!!!!!) MUCH of it was my maternal Grandmother's and also some my mother's and some just pieces I have collected over the years as I have found it in Thrifts...

Some Favorites...

Do any of you remember seeing these Kitty pins?

Some more Feline pins...not all are vintage...

Some Canine pins...The Twin swivel head gold Terrier pin is my Favorite, but I love the Pewter blackbowed Scottie too.

Some of the Lovely bracelets..

A few of the pins..These type make up the bulk of the collection..evidently my Grandmama loved to wear these with scarves! of course she had earbobs to match! **(which I CAN NOT WEAR!! THEY PINCH THE #*@ out of your ear mom DID wear them, but I'll stick to Pierced thank you!!! *you can convert them if you want...)

All of these pieces remind me of the bond of love I share with my Grandmother and Mother...I like to walk by and see them every day...VERY sentimental...These will be packed up by MOI!!!

Other pieces/necklaces/faux pearls I have in glass decanters here and there...again, just so that I can see them..

Evidently that gal loves this kind of stuff too, so we interrupted our tour and talked a bit.

***When she asked me later how I felt about Open House events, I said I DEFINITELY do NOT desire to have one if we don't have to...Gives me the willy-nillies to think of just any Joe, Moe, or Sally walking through my house without a realtor representative... and only my realtor sitting thanks...!!!!! Not a good idea in these times...NOT Safe...She feels the same way...

I am so private anyway and just putting my house on the market and opening it up to strangers is sSsSsSsSOoOoOoOo HARD for me...but I know...MUST be done...

In clearing and cleaning out and making more "room and space" to the floor clock in the Living Room went out...

but.. I have saved the hanging clock and just sprayed the stand white and put it to use on the deck with the chandy, (as I DON'T want to get rid of it)...One day it may go back to its original a new home!

It is Wednesday once again, which always sends me over to Kathleen's before I go to bed, for White Wednesday to see lots of pretty whites... I am not joining in today, but have a changeover to "white" to record/post...This bentwood cane stool got a coat of white and is out of the garage and in the Guest Room. I love cane and wicker.

This vintage little wall clock got a facelift from worn wood to a weathered blue/white look. It hangs in the back hall beside the thermostat. The small clock/thermometer attached to it was made by my dad.

I can sense the Winds of Change blowing once again...I believe the sign will be in the yard SOON! I am cleaning~cleaning~cleaning out and getting ready for a Moving Sale this Saturday. Praying for NO RAIN!!!

The Marine called and said he would be here this weekend! RAH!!!!! So HAPPY that HOME is still close enough for him to just hop on that highway and GET HERE!

Everything going on here is "bathed in prayer", and committed to the Lord's will and perfect plans for us. Praying very much for a quick sale...ALL things are POSSIBLE with God. It is a wonderful wonderful thing to talk to my hubby every night 800 miles away and to pray strengthens the bond, builds Hope, and makes our Faith HANG IN THERE....What a journey....a LOOOONG time coming, but we believe and HOPE for the end to be very near...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
Do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek His will in all you do,
and He will show you which path to take." (Proverbs 3:5-6)

To My Iowa Man:

Grateful for all those bloggy sisters who are following along, checking in from time to time, and encouraging, inspiring, praying, and cheering...You are awesome...
Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reminiscing

Today I am simply reminiscing about our FOWL past...(Poultry) days...back when the kids were younger...I miss having chickens...and would love to have them again...Just not sure how I will arrange it with KOBE - CRAZY Renegade dawg...but I'm sure gonna TRY! Loved being able to gather a basket of eggs just like this one!

Below are some of our pretty ladies we had then...

Sawyer - Silkie

Dusty - Silver Laced Wyandotte

Buffy - Buff Orpington

M&M - "Emmy"

Marigold - our Americauna that laid beautiful blue/green eggs...our favorite!

Tiny - our mean-spirited hen - always trying to peck your toes!!!

Angel - a sweet one...She died of some sort of complication later on..

One of our Barred Plymouth Rock Big Roosters that we did not keep long..raised from a baby chick...Crowed a LOT!

Many nice days we let them free-range as long as someone was out watching...and you KNOW this was our PRE-Kobe days..or they would be goners!!!

Here is Red one of our Rhode Island Reds I think, and the Silkie pair..

Here are three of the ladies on a lovely Fall day, just sitting on their perch.

How about a FUNNY-HA-HA before you leave?....

In closing...a message to all who pass by our place...

We PROUDLY support the CORPS....America, They got your back...

Thanks for popping in today. Have a wonderful Sunday!