Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011....Going...Going....Almost Out of here...

And so another 365 days has been rounded up in our lives...Much has been packed into this one year.

MUCH to be grateful for. Thanking the ONE who made it all happen and brought us through it victoriously.

Looking forward to 2012.

These three have it all figured out...

The family guardians know secrets they would share...

Life Is What You Make Of It...

Be intentional. Live what you believe. Pursue what you desire....

Well Done is better than Well Said.

Do not rush through your days. Take time to be still.

The quieter you are the more you can hear.

Be satisfied with what has been given to you.

He who has enough... is rich.

As you see 2011 to the door, and welcome 2012 in to your life, I say a prayer that you will have a heart filled with peace, that God is with you...always. Nothing escapes His eye or His plans. All sifts through the Divine Hands of the Creator who made it all.

God Bless.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Monday! and a Mix of Musings....

You know what to do...Mondays are the starting point for the rest of the week. Make it a Good One for yourself and ask God to make you a blessing to someone while you're at it! :-)

This weekend we were to take a road trip to Ohio to visit with Kurt's family, but it was not meant to be...* I'm not sure why??, and wonder about it all, but we rose at 4:15 on Saturday morning and got ready, got some coffee fuel in ourselves and took off. It was 5 degrees outside here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After 35 minutes down the road, the van was still cold as an icebox, and the needle had not moved from the big C for COLD...not one smidgen.

*don't know what happened... had not had ANY trouble with it up to that day! Kurt's legs and feet were frozen. Bless his heart,he had given his coat to me to put over my legs...(*sigh..he's my hero...Chivalry is still alive and well, ladies) He all of a sudden said, "We are turning around...we are not going to take a 7 hour trip that will end up in Misery and sickness and have it haunt me.") and so we did... When we got back home, we both got back in bed under covers to try and get warm.

Yesterday evening I padiddled around with a bag of Christmas garlands I had recently gotten thrifting. There were 5 strands ~9 feet long. So...for $3.25 I got 45 feet of pearls-and-crystals garland. Instead of going on a tree however, they were hung in the Dining Room with a newly inspired purpose for year-round display.

You will remember me telling you about the metal chandelier in the Dining Room before we bought the house. (barely seen here, but visible in the upper right corner)

And how I changed it out pretty soon after we moved in to a much prettier white light with a medallion. My white candlabra chandy got left behind in the Woodberry Cottage. (This was one I spotted at a Goodwill for 9.99 and stored away when I knew we were moving.)

It still wasn't quite up to snuff and when I sighted this garland, I knew it was about to finish the job on the chandy. ** spy the difference?

After moving from chair to chair and standing on the table, I got all of those strands draped and swagged and wrapped around that light.

Look for unique and different ways to use things that have nothing to do with their original purpose. :-) RE-purpose.


Another change-up from the Woodberry Cottage...This was my FAVORITE little glass cabinet in the Master Bath. Since we have been here in IA, I have NOT had it hung. There was NOT enough area in the master bath to hang it, because a window takes up much wall space.

This weekend it was bugging me, and I searched until I found and MADE a place for this little piece.

***this was the wall in our small breakfast nook corner of the kitchen. Now....

BY JINGO..that cabinet is hanging in this house. :-) things always get rotated around the house til all is settled and in its place.

Our little nook...conversation corner...a 5.5 x 5.5 foot "eating cozy". Works for the three of us! The kitchen is by no means tiny, but with the Hoosier cupboard and the small island there is not a lot of spacious footage to dance around in.

For now, the cupboard has a few Christmas pieces in it...How do you like that dreadlock bearded Santa I found at a thrift!??? Too whimisical to leave behind.

update. The status of Kam's new wheels is in Limbo at the moment. He took "Little Red" out (officially named) and had an oil change and a few things done, and got some questionable and disturbing news about the condition of the engine. Some meetings to be had with the dealership...the saga continues...we are of course praying about the whole thing, as ALWAYS. God is in control. Of course my young man is disappointed, but handling it very well as we wait and see what is to be....

Hugs to all of you. Hoping you have a very Merry Monday.

Blessed be the name of the Lord...."for unto us a Child is born...unto us a SON is given...and HE shall be called Wonderful"

**** I am tickled to be the winner of Suzanne's (Privet and Holly) MyMemories.comGiveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rated the number one, best-selling scrapbook software on Hurray, I shall use it to begin FINALLY - Justin's journey through the Marine Corps... ooo-RAH!!! Thank you Suzanne!!!! HUGS to you. I'm grateful.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T is for Transportation, and TOTALLY Terrific Tuesday

Those of you who have followed along with my blog know that this was my youngest son, Kam's first car. His baby...a shiny black Honda Civic sporty coupe....bought with his own hard-earned money.

He has worked and saved since before he was 11 years old. At that point he took over his sister's petsitting business and also did yard work.

When he had to leave Charlotte and come to Iowa ahead of start school, he was flying out to stay with dad... !and had to sell his car! It all happened in the 11th hour as God would have it, sold the night before he flew out. God worked everything out beautifully and with no doubt left as to WHO was working the circumstances and people involved.... That was August.

Kam immediately opened up an account here in Iowa, and tucked his money safely away to wait for the time it would be needed. Until now, Kam has had to "vehicle-share" his dad's car and my van.

This past weekend, after many, many weeks of searching and shopping and checking out countless cars and trucks...Kam found his new baby ~ a shiny red convertible Toyota Celica sporty GT. He is one happy dude. I am a happy mama. Dad is liking the fact that it has the same motor in it that his first truck did (also a Toyota)...and it put out well over 200,000 miles. Rah. :-)

This afternoon Kam went to the bank to withdraw his money...I believe he said he needed to go get "lettuce"...a LOT of lettuce ...WHAT???

Moolah, mom...Moolah. ahhh.

In he went...

and out he came...with an envelope full of green.

We drove to the Auto place and he proceeded to buy his car. I watched him count the money out in stacks for the man.'s all there. then he signed many dotted lines.

And then...he got the keys and out we went.

she's got that blasted camera.

Checking in with Dad to make sure the new wheels are on the insurance policy!

Good to go...

A guy and his car...I LOVE that smile!!

It was a long time coming babe...glad it's here!

I'm PROUD of you. I LOVE you to the moon and back!

and now docked in Home Bay.

~Thank you Lord for answers to prayers. Thank you for your Goodness. May the car be a blessing to Kam. Keep him safe on the roads.~

E-journalling a totally Terrific Tuesday post for December 2011. Thanks for sharing a moment with me.

Hugs to all. Thanks for dropping by.

God is good....ALL the time...God is good.

Tacking this on just a leeeeetle bit late to Suzanne's Monday Moments

Go here to read about her wonderful moment with her daughter.

Monday, December 5, 2011

MERRY MONDAY - Mattress Toppers - and Mirror Surrender

Today is that first day following the weekend. Up and At 'Em! Go out and be a blessing to someone today...really all you have to do is hand out smiles. Give your facial muscles a WORKOUT!

Makes me smile just thinking about it. :-)

I am trying something new. I purchased a Memory Foam Mattress Topper instead of getting a whole new mattress set. In one of our guest rooms there is a full size bed. I did NOT want to spend money on a new Double mattress, as it will be slept on very little. (they are Expensive!!!) I just wanted something a little more comfortable for guests. Kurt suggested one of these Toppers and I found one at Sam's Club.

With Kurt being sick recently, I had ventured into the guest room for sleep one night and.... ARGH!!! NO WAY! The NON pillow-top mattress was a Beast! *That was what prompted me to do something for the comfort of any visitor.

I lay down on this topper and it was oh-so-nice...Now, the real test will be when Justin comes to visit, and how it feels to him...even though I know a Marine can sleep anywhere...(He slept on the back seat of a HumVee last time they were out in the field training and a monsoon hit Jacksonville one night.)

I'll let you know....if any of you are thinking about a Topper as opposed to a HEFTY investment into a new mattress set.


I have to 'fess up that age is creeping in on me, and my eyesight is going, going...sigh...
I finally got FED UP!...sick and tired of trying to tweeze my brows and instead of getting the brow hair I was grabbing SKIN! shriek!! I broke down and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchased one of these.

Girls....That shiny piece of glass magnifies so well I don't think I'll ever pinch my face with tweezers again...well - until I get the shakes..goodness....getting older isn't easy now is it???

The one down side of that mirror? It reveals a lot of stuff I didn't ever want to see...argh!

Where did all those wrinkles come from? ....SIGH...

Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful day. Remember the quote from Mark Twain:

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.


Something very exciting and a long time coming is happening for Kam today. I shall blog/journal about it tomorrow! I am so happy for him. He has been a trooper through all of the changes that have happened in his life and endured lots of tough transitions, and been on a diligent and patient search, and mama has been praying fervently...My sweet, roll-with-the-punches youngest son is getting a prayer answered.

Hugs to all my dear bloggy sisters wherever you are. I am smiling at you! :-)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I LOVE Progress!!!!

Now, comes the grout and hardware replaced and cleanup! WOOT!

Thrifty shopping saves money, AND having a Handy-Man hubby who is able to do just about anything saves COUNTLESS dollars! Thankful today for my man who works hard and is so handy!!


Everybody have a GREAT weekend...Prayers sent up for our military!!! God bless my Marine as he trains out on the sea for the next two weeks!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Beauty In Simplicity

VERY much desiring to keep it simple once again this year...

Last Christmas I had a difficult time trying to muster up some "umph" to decorate for Christmas...
I was still mourning the loss of my mama on Thanksgiving Day. The fact that she LOVED Christmastime and enjoyed decorating her entire house pretty much kicked and spurred me into putting a few things out. I knew I NEEDED to do it for my family if for no other reason...

Here is the little tree I FINALLY got put up in the Living Room last year the week of Christmas...Kam was about to go out and buy a tree himself! *found this one pre-lit at the little thrift shop there..thankful that I got something It's downstairs in the "mancave" this year. :-)

This the new nest in Iowa I am hearing a small voice inside to just "KISS" the Christmas holidays when adorning the house. **Keep It Simple Sister!** I'm not sure what our plans will be for our family gatherings...where, when, how, what.... so I am just wanting to put a small Advent and Holiday touch or feather here or there to announce the season is upon us...that's about it...

Feeling more than ever before, that Christmas is about PEOPLE. Decorating and Baking and Shopping and Wrapping are ALL GOOD! :-) But isn't "all that" really about reaching out ~ offering Love... to Loved ones - Dear friends - People who serve you throughout the year - Neighbors?

Emulating what God did...offered the ultimate LOVE gift of His son...Immanuel...GOD with on our turf. and now every year a special day to celebrate the birthday of THE ONE who was the picture of the perfect gift. Reaching out...and touching another...with love. forgiveness redemption forever amen.

a Few oh so simple additions here and there to testify that The Beloved Season of Christmas is coming... Kiss the holiday. :-) and of course HUGS to the bloggy sisters... xoxo

Just by adding some greenery or berries from your own yard...this time of SO beautiful. *missing my nandina and holly berries in the Woodberry cottage yard..
Had to use "faux" berries on the family room mantel..

OLD WORLD Santas... Saint Nicholas...SINTERKLAAS

Precious and simple Nativity scenes..

a little bling...

Not so sure about that TREE right now...waiting for final plans...

Whatever you do for Christmas...whether it's an ALL-OUT-GO-FOR-IT-PULL-OUT-ALL-THE-STOPS decorated Christmas for many to enjoy...or just a kiss Christmas...have a blessed and beautiful...peaceful and love-filled holiday SEASON. Don't get caught up in the world's giving. Get caught and tangled up in the Heavenly kind of giving...from the heart. It lasts forever. It speaks what words cannot say. It touches the soul.

My wish to you, my bloggy sisters and visitors...a blessed memorable Christmas of 2011. As the year comes to its finish line...may we all look back and be able to say..I ran the course well, I hung in there, I gave it my best shot...and when that seemed to be dwindling..I felt the touch of God guiding me to the line...carrying me.

God is Good.

God Is Love.