Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day 2009

And where is that Kobe?????????????

Every photo is a b-l-u-r-rrrrrrrrr...... He does NOT want to be cute!! sigh......

Christmas Day is almost here. Hope yours is filled with joy and peace in your home, anticipating a New Year of Hope and Faith. God is good.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun Thrifty Thursdays

Haven't done this for a while so I'm joining in on the fun with Leigh's Thrift Thursday party! Jump over there if you want to see some unbelievable stuff found in thrift and second hand shops. It will inspire you to shop the same way!

I found this curly little display "tree" and grabbed it up quick. It will stay out year round with pretties, but for now it is Christmas-sy. I like it a lot!

These shiny little ceramic stars were piled in a bowl marked .25 each at a thrift shop. They are painted with golden words such as Believe, Wish, Dream, Love, etc. Grabbed a handful!

Pretty silver and white vintage miniature Christmas ornaments. Baggie full for .50!
Shop Thrift AFTER Christmas. The stores will be overflowing with tons of Christmas goodies you can get for a song... for next year!!

This sparkly little Santa head in the thrift shop was .99 and all Christmas decor is already marked down 50% off now. So here he sits gracing the top of the tiered tower.
.50 for a sweet white Saint Nick. :-)

This sweet little vintage rabbit was at GW. love the crazing and aged look.

This miniature urn was on the shelf at GW also. Couldn't pass on it, as I envisioned this little jeweled pear at home sitting on top. cheap thrills, huh?

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Joy that delivers a Smile

"The joy of the Lord is my strength." Nehemiah 8:10

THAT SMILE.... see it? I LOVE THAT SMILE. That smile makes my heart sing!

Let me put it this way. That smiling face is like sunshine on the garden of my heart. It makes me stretch and reach up to take it all of its beauty and glory and nurturing effect on my spirit. A simple smile. It's a beautiful thing. It holds a bushel of power. Whom are you affecting when you give away one of your smiles?

And what source will replenish you with the joy to keep giving and giving and giving ...a never ending supply of smiles???

Did you know you held such power?

S M I L E. It does many bodies good.

"Sometimes God gives a man wealth and possessions. He makes it possible for him to enjoy them.

He helps him accept the life he has given him. He helps him to be happy in his work.

All of those things are gifts from God. A man like that doesn't have to think about how his life is going.

That's because God fills his heart with joy." Ecclesiastes 5:19-20


Friday, December 4, 2009

In Memory

Happy Birthday Sam. Today you would have been 7, but Diabetes took you away.
Thanks for what you taught us about canine/human relationships. We learned Patience. :-) You were our guinea pig for the other puppies to follow.

Miss your big black lump of fur laying under the dining room table...and racing out to meet Dad when he came home from work...every single day.

I prettied up your resting spot in honor of your Christmas season birthday.

Though you hated posing for a Christmas photo, you did love the goodies in your stocking.... :-)

Missing you Monkey....never to be forgotten.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen again over at Faded Charm for White Wednesdays. Hop over and see some more inspiring and fun whites!

Just a couple of things to post this week as it is busy busy!

My daughter and son both work at the BJ's Club here (like Sam's and Costco) and she quickly let me know that they had gotten in this beautiful set for $4.99!!!!! Yes, that's correct!! I got over there the next day and grabbed one. Just a tip in case you have a BJ's near you and you want one of these sets before they are snatched and gone! That's a 16" platter. I love the beading around the edges.

pretty magazine/book holder from my favorite ....Goodwill ...good for pillows, or linens, or bathroom accessories, or decor...think outside the box.

beautiful stocking made from my MIL's wedding dress. Each daughter and daughter-in-law got one!

Sometimes its' okay to give yourself permission to snazz up the white with a little color...even stairsteps! :-)

That's all for today! Just a little bit of white...
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are visiting!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Gideon!!

Jumping In! Three or More....of what? Share it today. What do you have 3 or more of in your home or your life that you would be delighted to share with others today? Here's your link.

Oh, our sweet little fluffy angel! Has it really been SIX years that you have blessed our family and our lives? What a wonderful gift from God to have the creatures He created to share in our days while we walk on this earth! What would life here be without animals? They give us beauty, laughter, awe, and add another dimension to our lives.
This little boy was named Gideon, and it suits. He is an angel from above. Not a mean bone in his very fluffy body.
Today, especially as Thanksgiving approaches, and I think of all the things I am grateful for in my heart...this little canine is a big one.
I LOVE MY GIDEON BOY. He has been with me through every up and down in the last 6 years. He is precious and a steady comforter and joy giver. Every member in this family knows it. He is mommy's Velcro-Dog.

Happy Birthday Gideon. May you have many more. We Love You. That cheeseburger outing is coming up later today, buddy!!! :-)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Pretties from Nature

Mother Nature is generously providing beautiful ornaments for Holiday Decorating! Isn't she thoughtful...? A little red and green sure brings around the Christmas spirit and festive mood in the house. Just throw in a Christmas CD. :-)

Da Man saw these holly berries at work and thought of me.... He loves me.

I snipped some nandina berries and cuttings from the Japanese red maple and an Arborvitae and stuck them in the simple grapevine wreath on the front of the house.

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

And here's my little sentimental photo addition of another natural arrangement from the yard from a past Christmas. Hydrangeas, Dusty Miller, Nandinas, and Variegated Ivy, and some Christmas Tree sprigs...and best of all... my sweetest Annie Grace, whom I miss very much!

Have a great week...and look around in your yard for your own natural ornaments.