Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random ~ Bucket Lists....An Artist....Dreams and Goals

Some of you may have seen this movie...a comedy/drama starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Though Jack Nicholson is an acclaimed actor, he is not one of my favorites, but I definitely like to view Morgan Freeman in his Hollywood element. The movie is course in some of it's comedic moments, the dramatic ones definitely touch the emotions and give reason to ponder.

It gives us all a push to consider what things we might include on our own "Bucket List"...a personal list of wishes or dreams. Any goals or experiences you may have always had sitting on that back burner inside your head. The kicker though, is that it is done in the context of "BEFORE YOU DIE." * as in kick the bucket. (which is what the movie is about, since both men have been told they are going to die.)

Now...before I get too far into this bucket list idea, let me switch gears to say >It may not be too far-fetched to have your own short-term Bucket List that does not necessarily contemplate death in the picture. Just a list of personal goals...turned into plans...concrete plans. Getting real with yourself that life is going faster and faster and you seem to always be caught up in a stirred up, swirling tumbleweed of busy-ness!

Maybe ALL of us should give this a little twist and instead of thinking about what we want to do before a physician tells us we don't have much longer to live....make an I'M STILL KICKIN' Bucket List! ;-)

Maybe a seasonal Bucket List: My Winter Bucket List...My Summer Bucket List...

For my purposes today, this post would suggest something on My Iowa Bucket List. ONE of those items is definitely to visit THE SANCTUARY in Zionsville, Indiana before we ever leave this Midwestern part of the States. That would be the HOME of this artist, Nancy Noel.

The Sanctuary is a Victorian church originally built in the 1800's on Main Street in the quaint Indiana town of Zionsville. This unique historic landmark is home to the remarkable collection of Nancy Noel. Housing a museum shop, framing gallery and delightful luncheon café, The Sanctuary is perfect for a quick visit to escape from reality or for a leisurely day spent browsing the original artwork, discovering the quality of the many available giclees and prints, and relaxing over lunch or afternoon tea in our restaurant.

I am sure that one of these days, Kurt and I will get on the road and head towards this "quaint" spot not too far from here in Cedar Rapids.

How about you? Do you have a place you want to visit, an experience you want to feel... a goal you want to accomplish? this year? before you turn 50? before you leave a place you are residing? before you have kids?...Write it down. They say until you actually write something down, it isn't really a goal.

 Mine is in front of me on my Inspiration Board....Where will yours be? :-)

I leave you with my inspirations here in My Nest, that keeps me motivated to fulfill this wish on my "Before I leave Iowa" bucket list...

Ian and the Frog

Fine and Fancy




My Calf



For those of you who have seen a previous post on Walls: Blank Canvases, or My Favorite Artists, where some of these pictures are used...apologies for repeats.

Maybe you will be inspired to go and visit THE SANCTUARY.


But better than that, hopefully you will write something down that you are dreaming about. Make it a goal. Give it a deadline. Make a LIVING bucket list. :-)

Hugs to all my bloggy sisters and thanks to any visitors popping in to this little corner of the world in Iowa.

Many thanks again for prayers lifted for Justin's battalion!

God bless our Military Heroes everywhere....We LOVE YOU Justin...Godspeed 1/2...



Dianna said...

Oh, Julie, I pray periodically for you to be able to make this trip! I know how much it means to you and how much her art speaks to both our hearts.

I also like your idea about making Bucket Lists that aren't made because we are soon to be facing death. I don't have a Bucket List...yet. But the way you broke it down here for like Seasonal or short term lists makes it more appealing to me. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful insights.

(((hugs))) xo

Tete said...

My bucket list has definitely changed over the years. At 50, I know there are things I will never, ever do again this side of Heaven, so that makes the list a little bit shorter- LOL.
But things to do before I go, now that's really a hard question, because I know that I can plan all I want to, but God has a better one. And He rules- and changes my direction before I can even think about what's going on, so, for me, here on out, I want to do His work, his plan. My goal is to see Heaven.
You need to live like you are leaving tomorrow. Nothing left unsaid and get all the hugs in you can. That's what matters most. The most important thing is how you make others feel.
Have a fun day there- hope you are getting this warm weather, too.

Beth said...

Hi Julie, Good post! We all need goals. Life is much better when we have something to work toward, rather than just taking life as it comes. You asked about our puppy. We'll be getting her after Christmas, and there will definitely be photos on my blog thereafter!
Blessings, Beth

Theresa said...

I have not seen that movie but I have heard about it:) We all need goals, don't we? Life is sure flying right on by and I am doing everything possible to enjoy it! I would like to visit that Sanctuary, perhaps we could go together... there, I wrote it down:) HUGS to you dear friend! Prayers and lots of love!

Lisa notes... said...

I've never made an official bucket list, but I do have things I keep in my head. I suppose I should get them on paper so I won't forget to do them before I forget all about them! ha. Your post inspires me.

Praying for your Marine and his buddies all over the world! May they come home sooner rather than later. Love you!

Julie Harward said...

I have not seen the movie, and I don't really make lists of goals but I love your idea for seasonal lists, that I might like and do! The sanctuary sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas month to you and yours, I can't wait to hear about the mother/daughter time coming up!!! :)

Privet and Holly said...

Thinking of you
today as I went
through my card
you for the lovely
one that you sent
to me in the REAL
mail! It really meant
a lot to receive it.

I have not written
a bucket list, but
your post has got
me thinking about

I hope that you are
up to your elbows
in baking and wrapping
and hugging and
loving on your sweet
family. Merry Christmas
and many, many
blessings for 2013!

xo Suzanne