Wednesday, November 25, 2009

White Wednesday

Joining Kathleen again over at Faded Charm for White Wednesdays. Hop over and see some more inspiring and fun whites!

Just a couple of things to post this week as it is busy busy!

My daughter and son both work at the BJ's Club here (like Sam's and Costco) and she quickly let me know that they had gotten in this beautiful set for $4.99!!!!! Yes, that's correct!! I got over there the next day and grabbed one. Just a tip in case you have a BJ's near you and you want one of these sets before they are snatched and gone! That's a 16" platter. I love the beading around the edges.

pretty magazine/book holder from my favorite ....Goodwill ...good for pillows, or linens, or bathroom accessories, or decor...think outside the box.

beautiful stocking made from my MIL's wedding dress. Each daughter and daughter-in-law got one!

Sometimes its' okay to give yourself permission to snazz up the white with a little color...even stairsteps! :-)

That's all for today! Just a little bit of white...
Happy Thanksgiving to all who are visiting!


6 comments: said...

Great post. What a nice idea to make the stockings out of MIL wedding dress. How sweet to have a pretty piece of a family history every Christmas.
Happy Thanksgiving
The capers of the vintage vixens

Ginger said...

What a cute idea to put the stars on the stairs. I don't have stairs but the idea is cute.
Thank-you for stopping by.

Connie said...

What a joy to meet another Marine mom, chickee!! Now, and you listen carefully to what I'm going to say, you give that Marine man a huge hug, kiss and a pat on the back from this USMC family. We're a military family before anything other than a Christ centered family and you'd better believe it. We'll pray your son is kept safe. And tell him he is definitely a hero to this woman!!! Hooorah, sugar!! I'm so glad you visited today and especially left a comment so I could find you.


Mary said...

What pretty whites! We don't have a BJ's, but we do have Sam's club...maybe they have those lovely white table items! Oh, and I love the stocking made from a wedding dress!

Praying for your son! I pray for our military constantly...they are always on my heart and mind, and I am asking the Lord to bring them home safely, and soon! We support the Blue Star Moms in our county...they are very active in making people aware of the needs of our men and women away from home. We must keep them covered in prayer...God will hear us and keep them safe.

Sending many blessings and hugs your way!


Donna said...

What pretty things you have and great ideas! THANKS! Appreciate your talents so much. I lack so much in the area of creativity. I try but it's not easy for me like it seems for you. :O)
God bless!

Tracey said...

Hi Julie! The stocking made from your MIL's wedding dress is such a unique and pretty idea!!! Love your white items :)

:) T