Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Musings for Labor Day 2010

Busy ..... Busy......

Well, here is a post for my last week of doings. Just for my personal online e-journal. There are more than a few times I have looked back to the previous year's post on that day to see what what was happening in our lives.

Sunday morning between 3 and 4 am we got a call from our Marine. He sounded good. It wasn't a long call, but it was simply outstanding to hear his voice again. I turned it over to his dad after I got my 54 questions in.

Not Long....Not Long....Not Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday, September 3, this blogger woman turned a half a century in years. My oh My... I somehow thought when I turned 50 that it would be a trial and hardship to think of it and a resignation of mid-life coming up to smack me upside the head, handing me a sign saying "on my way to the Senior Prom..."

ha ha...Actually I have been saying I was 50 for the past year now, so when it actually came, it was just another day. NO big deal. My hubby was out of town ...far away, so I will celebrate this week sometime! :-)

I read blogposts that ask the cheerful question "what is your most favorite summer that you can remember?" For the future...if anyone were to be a bit reflective in a sad way, and ask "what has been your most difficult summer that you can remember?"...well, it would be summer of 2010.

Many things going on here at the homefront....with my mom and her battle with cancer coming to an end, My firstborn son being deployed in this violent war-on-terror in Afghanistan, and vigilantly waiting and hoping every day for my hubby's job to take a turn for the better as I watch him endure... and of course last but certainly not least...all the change that goes with the territory of being a woman who is in mid-life...(need I say more on that one?)

August brought on a whole new set of concerns and events that rattled our world here in this corner. We are praying much about it. There will come a post where I will be able to tell, but not for now.

As the weather begins to cool down, and beautiful Autumn approaches, I welcome it with relief and a smile. Change is good. Sometimes it is hard. But in this life, we are often faced with hard things to do, and if we choose the easy path, we will never, ever grow. Never stretch those muscles that we don't use because we don't have to. So many times, most people will choose the comfortable choice. WE don't like to step out of our Comfort Zone. All that is familiar....

"Don't Rock My Boat!!!!!!" we yell, raising our fist at that invisible circumstance that is cramping our lifestyle and making us HAVE to adapt and change.

Well, I know and hopefully you know...that is how God works. He simply uses events in our lives as tools to work on us, sharpen us, make us stronger...more to face even harder things next time we go around the bend...

So when there are days ....oh heck...weeks or months in your lives, where the pressure or stress level seems too still...take a breath...yes...inhale...exhale....BREATHE...see?...yes! you are still alive, still functioning, still moving. You are taking one day at a time, and that is the best thing to do. Watch, Wait, PRAY, LEAN IN CLOSE TO GOD, the one who is orchestrating all the events, choreographing all the steps for you to take....

Remain Calm and Carry On.

There is ONE who knows your beginning and your END. He is with You. HE will see you through it....ahhhhhh....exhale.....Do the next thing in front of you to do.

This too....shall pass.

Life is Good.



Theresa said...

Well, Happy Birthday first of all! The BIG 50! Wow, you are just a young chick:) I was 56 on my Birthday and I feel WAY younger than that!

Now, you are in big trouble with me for not letting me know it was your Birthday:) Time out for you Sista!

I was just talking about you last night at dinner! My husband "listens intently" hehe when I talk about my Blog friends! I was telling him about Church yesterday and about your Justin! I also told him that your Mom has cancer and that I know it is breaking your heart! I prayed for all of you as you try to get through each day with worry about Justin and your Mom!

Love you dear Julie and if you need to talk, I am here for you!

Cindy Lou said...

WHAT!!! You had a birthday and did not tell us? You are in BIG trouble!!! But, I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your birthday even with everything going on around you!

I think about you often and pray for you constantly! I know that God hears all our prayers and answers them in his time and in his own way!! HE DOES KNOW WHAT WE NEED!!!!

Enjoy your day and love you dearly!!

billypandnikkysmom said...

Happy Birthday to you! I know that this past year has been difficult for you. I pray for you often & for Justins safe return...

I hope that this new year brings many new things for you!

Joyce said...

I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!! I am so sorry but I think it is your fault. lol! And since you are celebrating this week maybe I am not so late! Wish all of us could come and help you celebrate! That would rock!
I am praying for your needs. You've had a lot come at you! God is still here. Love you! xoxo

GardenofDaisies said...

Happy birthday Julie! And so sorry that this has been such a rough year for you and your family. I'm praying for all of you. Hang in there friend.

Privet and Holly said...

Happy, happy, birthday,
dear friend. My 93 year-
old grandma used to say
{when she was 60} "I'd LOVE
to be 50 again!" Then at
70, the same thing about 60,
and at 80, the same about
70! You get the picture.
What can we do BUT celebrate
something we have absolutely
NO control over?? I'm 18 mos.
away from the same milestone : )
so I'm pumping myself up, too.
I'm sooo sorry that you have
a great deal of BIG things on
your plate. You are a brave,
strong and wonderful woman and
I will continue to send prayers
your way! In the graph that is life,
when we are at the lowest, there is
only one direction to go: UP. I
sure hope that is where you are
headed, sweet sweet friend.
xx Suzanne

Janean said...

julie, first happy birthday, you young pup! *wink*

secondly, my dear blog friend, God certainly used you again today (tonight) to confirm what's He's been doing in our life. thank you!!!!

big hugs.

glad your marine called you.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Feliz CumpleaƱos Julie!!! Many, many blessings for you and your family. I have been praying for you and your loved ones. Your post again hit 'the spot', there have been many, many changes in our lives and YES, I don't like change, I like to be in my zone. At this moment we are facing a BIG change, one that I waited years for it and now that is imminent I am afraid, I ask many questions, how will it be? is this the best choice? should we stay or should we go?
Thanks for this post and your wise words. I am sorry this year has been less kind to you, but I know Our Lord is with You every second and His Mercy and Love are ENORMOUS....

Take care my dear friend....



Julie Harward said...

WELL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A CUTE 50 YEAR OLD! From a 60 year old..not so cute but still kickin! It has been a tough time for you..I so hope Fall will bring with it blessing for your heart and home :D

GardenofDaisies said...

The batchelors button and light colored violas were at my moms. I do grow pansies, geraniums and asters here at my house as well as a few other violet colored flowers that I did not include a photo of: Russian sage, verbena, petunias, lilacs, and some of the hosta varieties show up at different times of the year. I have a few plants with yellow and orange blooms, but not too many of those. Of course the garden changes a bit from year to year, depending on which annuals I plant.

GardenofDaisies said...

Hi Julie, I'm having a little giveaway over at my blog, so stop by sometime!