Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Our God is an Awesome God.
He reigns from Heaven above,
With wisdom, power, and love,
Our God is an AWESOME God.

My hero Marine is out of the War Zone and at Camp Leatherneck!!! I found out via Facebook....(unbelievable!)... technology today..... sometimes anti-climatic.... But I am praising the Lord!!!!

Our hearts are happy today. We thank God for keeping and protecting our treasure in a very violent war zone. In Justin's last letter, he made the comment that his Guardian Angel had been very vigilant. I know what that means.... It is Justin's cloaked way of telling me things without telling me things...

Thank you Lord.

Thank you ALL for YOUR VIGILANT prayers lifted up for Justin and for all of our military heroes.... We have now picked up the USMC 1/8 who have taken the place of the 1/2 as our specific warriors to cover, but let us all pray for the entire forces of military warriors who are continuing to battle and sacrifice for our freedom and another people's justice in another land. God Bless and Protect them and bring them home to the families that love them.

Master Justin....COME HOME!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings to all today!


Anonymous said...

oh Julie I am so happy for you. I know the relief must be overwhelming at this point. You are so right we must continue to pray to protect our wonderful,brave fighting men who are replacing our "boys". Hoping our Jeff and Col. Manning are back at Camp Leatherneck very soon also which will mean all of the guys from 1/2 will be out of harms way.Now lets get them back on good old American soil safe and sound. Again so happy for you. nancy settel

Theresa said...

OH JULIE! I am praising God for this wonderful news! Now we will pray for the ones who took his place! I know you are crying tears of joy this morning!

Happy and thankful this morning! Love you!

Dianna said...

God truly is an AWESOME GOD, my sweet friend! Just as you asked for the news to come came...just not in the form of a call! SO SO relieved to know that Justin is back at Camp Leatherneck! NOT MUCH LONGER NOW! WOOOOHOOO! And I seriously hope that someone takes a picture of Woobie when he sees Justin come home! Every time I go out to spend time with our Border Collie, Wilma, watching her tail wagging with excitement at seeing me, I think of Justin's dog and how its heart will one day be rejoicing at the sight of the Master.

Have a wonderful day, my friend.

Julie Harward said...

What a relief for mom! I have been praying for him and you and he come into my mind often. I am so thankful that he is aware of those guardian angels, I too am sure they have been with him. That pic with the dog is awesome! :D

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh Julie, I so happy for Justin and your whole family!!!! He's going to be coming home soon!! So glad he is out of the war zone!! So glad his guardian angel was watching out for him every day!!
It will all be starting soon for us. We're having the family send off for my nephew this weekend, before he heads to Marine basic training in San Diego. And who knows where they will decide to send him after that. (His training date was originally slated for summer, then got pushed back to November and then moved up again to Sept. This one is official as he leaves next week.)
My son and other nephew are driving home from college this weekend to be here for their cousin. The three boys (all nearly the same age) are like brothers to each other and this send off will be tough on all of them.

billypandnikkysmom said...

OOHRAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't see to type as the Happy Marine Momma tears are flowing!!!
Thank you Lord, Thank you!!!
So happy for you Julie!

Joyce said...

As soon as I saw your title in my blog I clicked on it with a HUGE SMILE AND TEARS!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family... even the doggies!!!! What a day of rejoicing! We will be even happier when he is on American soil and thrilled when he is in your house! One step at a time, Lord... we'll gratefully take this! xoxo

Cindy Lou said...

Oh thank you Jesus!! Thank you for bringing Justin out of that war zone and to a place of safety!! I am so happy for you...I know your exact feelings!!! Enjoy my friend, ENJOY!!!

Dianna said...

Hello again,
Just wanted to come back over and thank you for stopping by to visit today...and to thank you for all of those prayers!


KK said...

I got a notification on my phone that night when he was on Facebook. Was able to shoot a couple messages back and forth with him in real time. :) Tried to chat, but he had either gotten off already, or didn't know how to do it, LOL.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Praise The Lord, Julie!!! He is indeed an AWESOME GOD!!! I am so happy for your and your family. I'll be praying for our military and of course your Justin and your beautiful Familia.
Blessings and hugs, I'll post later, we made it safe and sound to The West, so happy to hug my mother once more ( well, many many times ;) ) new challenges with our kids starting new schools. I ask you to please pray for them, so Our Amazing God will give them new good friends, Godly relations and the confidence they need in their news schools.
Julie, thank you for your beautiful comment at my last post. Once I get settled I will post this amazing adventure.
God Bless You my dear Sister in Christ.


Sandy said...

Just getting back to reading some blogs and
saw this fabulous news about your boy!!!
Praise God! Yes, He is an awesome God!