Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Quick Glance Back...

I awoke this morning to see 2011 dawning with a very very foggy blanket. Covered with a grey shroud as if not willing to show what the New Year would bring with it.

In the moments, days, and sometimes even seasons that make up the journey of our lives, all that claims our time, energies, and efforts sometimes makes us forget the everyday small miracles and changes that God is working. When "Life Comes At You Fast", the urgent has a way of stealing us away from what is so much more important.

Reflecting is a good thing. It makes us view the entire timeline of our year and how it all was woven together. To see the Hand of God in every moment, not just the ones of obvious blessing and joy and mercy.

God is present and working in every minute of our lives. Nothing can touch a child of God that has not passed through HIS hands first. To know this gives a confidence and peace that one can not get from any other source.

When the storms come, the trials blow in, and we are feeling like things are falling apart or coming our hearts we can turn to Him and believe that HE IS THERE.

Through the many events we experienced in our lives in 2010 here at this little cottage on Woodberry, God has shown His faithfulness and mercies... truly they are new every morning.

From deployment of a son to Afghanistan to new employment for a husband in Iowa.... From bringing our Marine safely home to America from a violent war, alive and well, to taking my mama home to Heaven, eternally healed and secure.... From seeing God protect and provide for us for our needs and our health (we had NO insurance) to blessing with greater salary and full health coverage and benefits....and SO MUCH MORE, too many to list in a blog post....

God works and weaves, and directs from Heaven...supernaturally charting the course for our lives. And when we look to Him and simply trust and believe that He will work ALL things....

~~~~ALL THINGS~~~~

for our good... it will make the journey a whole lot easier.

Life is made up of hard times, and the moments between the hard times..

It was never intended to be easy. Those who think it should be will be sorely disappointed in their walks. And the ones who know that the HARD times actually strengthen them and make them tougher and more battle-ready for the things ahead...they will grow and be valuable to others. Ready to reach out and help others keep going and keep the faith, and shout out "this too shall pass!"

God is good, my bloggy sisters...through it all, GOD IS GOOD! He will never forsake us. How do I ask??

Because He promised.

And His Word is good enough. :-)

Hugs to you all. This is just an e-journal entry to state that God has walked with my family...with me...and seen us through another year of joys and sorrows, ups and downs, trials and immense surprises!!

He is our anchor and our resting place. I hope HE is yours too! Amen.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

God bless you my friend for sharing. There have been many tough times this past year ... God continues to hold us close.
Your cottage is lovely ... so is your heart.

Anonymous said...

Amen Julie, what an inspiring post!

Wishing you and yours and Happy and Blessed New Year!

Sandy said...

Very encouraging and inspiring, dear Julie.
Yes, He sure is my anchor and resting place.
I'd never make it without Him to hold on to.
Looking forward to walking through this new
year with Him--and you.
Your cottage is just as beautiful as I
imagined it would be.

Theresa said...

Oh my dear friend! I believe this is one of my favorites:) "Life is made up of hard times, and the moments between the hard times.." So true! It was a year of ups and downs and downs and ups! I am happy that your Justin made it home safely and that Kurt found a job that satisfies your financial and healthcare needs! I know it isn't easy for him to be out of town but you all are making the most of it with God's guidance! I know that losing your Mother was painful, I have been there with both Parents! I pray that your Dad will find peace for taking such great care of your Mom, much happiness and great health! I pray God's richest blessings on you and your family in the coming year! BIG HUGS my dear bloggy Sister! Love you!

GardenofDaisies said...

I'm so glad that God carried you through this year. Hoping that your 2011 will be filled with extra loads of happiness!!

Rebecca said...

Julie~ Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your precious comments. I can't even begin to tell you how they touched me and I so appreciate your well wishes and the heartfelt sentiments regarding your love for our Lord.

The wonderful thing about life and all those hard times we experience is that God is with us every step of the way. He's willing to travel along side of us, even carry us if necessary, if only we will allow Him to do so.

Blessings to you for a beautiful New Year~

Love, Rebecca