Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Musings

Sometimes Life seems pretty tough, Linus.... Thinking about borrowing that blanket of yours....

What does a woman do who can't be with her man? Cut and Paste an enlarged photo and put it right in front of her at eye level, so that she can have those wonderful steely blue eyes looking straight into hers whenever she needs it.

How does a gal let her man know she is missing him?? Insert a little photo-note in her blogpost which he is known to frequent, telling him so.

What does a girl do who is down in the doldrums for a weekend and feeling blue? Clean, put away, shop the closets and attic, get a piece out of storage, paint and repurpose a mirror, and create a new corner in her room.

What does a bloggy sis do who would LOVE~LOVE to have a pair of peach faced lovebirds, or doves, but CAN'T, because there would be a HUGE EPIC FAIL when the cowboy renegade KOBE dawg ate them all.
She settles for faux feathered friends....

How does a woman soothe her spirit? Play quiet lovely and spiritual music from Pandora, which a bloggy sister urged her to click on. (thanks Sandy) Loving Enya and Fernando Ortega, etc.

How does a girl get recharged and energized and prepared to face another tough week out in the world? Go fellowship with her family at church, engage in worship with her Father, and be inspired to go be light in the darkness...

How does a person find joy? Get out and get involved in a service or ministry to help others. Giving of oneself is TRULY so much more rewarding than receiving...the funny thing about life is...when you go to give, you actually feel like the one who is being blessed in your heart...

How does a bloggy sis reach out to all of the beautiful women who have connected with her and become kindred spirits, touching her heart and her life??? have a virtual cup of tea waiting for them when they pop in and knock to ask what's going on.

Love to all of you. So grateful for the sisters in my present physical world and my virtual blogger world who truly encourage and give hope and joy and laughter to me. May God bless you and encourage your soul where HE resides.


Dianna said...

A great post, Julie! I had to shed a few tears when I saw the picture of Kurt on your computer monitor. It brought home once again what it is like to be without a beloved husband around.

The piece you redid for in your bedroom is absolutely beautiful, Julie! A safe haven for the birdies...even if they are stuffed...that brings you much joy.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about your post today...and thank you for the cup of tea!

Hugs to you,

Joyce said...

ah... what a sweet post. That really touched my heart. I wish we lived closer rather than across the whole stinking country! We are pretty far from each other.... but thankfully have the internet! Love you and know you are in my prayers!!!!

Theresa said...

Love it that you are doing whatever you can to make it 'til you see Kurt again! Hey, do you guys skype? I don't, but I know lots who do! Good way to chat and see each other while chatting:)

Your birdcage and fake birdies are beautiful! You really have a talent for making pretties! I have been shopping my home and moving things around! Funny what all I have that I can use to make things look new and different! Like buying new stuff but NOT:)

Sweet picture of you and your friends!

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Big Hugs from your Georgia Sister!

Sandy said...

Awww. Next best thing to a real visit is to
get a peek at something pretty you've done
in your home. Love those birdies!
And I'm so glad you found Fernando on
Pandora and are enjoying listening.
What a great picture of your hubby there
on the screen! Has to help a little bit
just being able to look at that.
Hope you get to see each other soon.

Lili said...

My dear Julie you DO know how to stay joyful and productive while your dear Kurt is away! I love that you have his picture tucked on your screen. And I have to tell you I thought those birdies were real. What a sweet little corner you created. Love that idea for the mirror as a table top! And thanks for that cup of tea, it really hit the spot on this frigid of nights up here in Maine! xoxo ~Lili

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Awwww, what a nice post!

Lisa notes... said...

This post really touched my heart, too, Julie. I know you miss your hubbie. But what a sweet way to keep him "in front" of you and to let him know that you're thinking about him. He should feel quite honored!

Sheila said...

what a lovely post, i love the way you think. You are very brave.

Dianna said...

Hey there, Just popping over here to answer your question about the pizzelles. They are actually an Italian cookie made on a special baker/iron that locks tightly - similar to a waffle iron. They are very thin...and crispy. If you've ever had a waffle cone you have an idea. The traditional Italian pizzelle is Anise flavored, but you can substitute any flavoring you like.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the cherries out to thaw with the sugar early enough to make Carroll his fried pies. So...once he gets these pizzelles eaten up, I'll make him the fried pies. The fried pies I make are very similar to McDonald's hot apple or cherry pies. :)

Julie Harward said...

I am grateful for you too. Looks like you are doing all the right things and staying busy...make sure to keep looking into those blue eyes, that will help a bunch! ;D

billypandnikkysmom said...

Skype girl, Skype or that new thing oovoo or something??? I don't know, but Skype works really well we used to Skype with the Marine when he was in Oki!!!

Loved how your projects turned out & how busy you are keeping!

Hope you get to be with your sweetie soon!

Hugs bloggy MMS!!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Beautiful and sweet post Julie. You made my heart melt. Love the idea with the birds, I want to own a pair but with my cat "Machete" and my dog "Pepe" I don't think that's a good idea... for now ;)... Love that you are keeping yourself busy as a bee, it really helps to do some elbow grease to keep you sanity, I have experienced that myself. Funny thing, sometimes my Boricua left the house one way only to return to a new rearranged living o bedroom. On my worst time the wall colors changed from a peaceful beige to a sunny yellow or to a bright red LOL... but that therapy helped me some much.
P.S. Love the previous post about the dogs.
Hugs!! praying and praying ').


Privet and Holly said...

DEAR Julie,
You truly have
the recipe for
keeping your spirit
strong and your
heart full, despite
the distance that
you and Kurt have
between you. I
would be exactly the
same ~ cleaning every
closet in sight! Keep
your chin up, sister;
this time cannot last
forever and will soon
be a distant memory.
Sending you big hugs
and prayers!!
xx Suzanne