Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just For Fun..

Today I am just doing a post that is all fun.. Tete has passed an award my way that one must tell 7 things about herself that others may not know in order to receive...

Well ...I try to stay an award-free blog, even though I SOOO feel the happiness when another sister from Blogland would choose to send one my way... THANKS Tete!!!

Now, like I said, just for fun, I am going to try and tell 7 things about myself that are unknown...(to some of you, anyhow.) * okay, I did TEN!!

1. I was born in South Carolina, and raised in North Carolina, and attended college in Columbia, SC. I have lived in the South all of my life...(thus my slight trepidation to know I may be in Iowa in the next year...wowzers...) The state motto of my birth state is:

Dum Spiro Spero - while I breathe...I hope. *I like that because it's true. When I no longer am breathing...My need for hope is unnecessary...I shall be where ALL my hopes were resting.

2. I was raised in a Christian home, and my dad was a pastor, so I was "preacher's kid" in school and got called that more times than I care to remember....

3. I met and married a man from the Midwest...Michigan. I told him when we got married to promise me he would never move me North of the Mason Dixon line...oh my...what kind of a wicked wife was I??? I think if I had known about this quote, I probably would have handed it to da man when he married me....doh!! glad I didn't!...vanity vanity)

4. I am afraid of going over bridges that stretch out across water and you can not see the other side connected to land.... Somebody tell me when we are OFF!!!!!!!!

5. I was involved in Canine Rescue for 3 years. I helped found a new Rescue here in our county and sat on the board for a year. Our family was an approved Foster home and fell in love with many many wonderful furry creatures who deserved way better than the hand they had been dealt in life, and we made SURE that the home they got would be their forever one. The adopting families STILL keep in touch with me and send photos...It's awesome...and a stretching and valuable experience for myself as well as my kids.

6. I am in love. The man I married is THE man I was created to complete. And I am so thankful for him. He's not perfect, and he knows that I know it, but heaven knows, neither am I, and God gave him an Enormous amount of patience to deal with the woman who was to be his helper...

7. I love kids, and more than anything MY 4 KIDS...I wish I had been wise enough to have at least 4 more... They are the best blessings ever to come to me and da man.

8. I love God so much. ..for letting me know about Jesus. me a way to bridge the gap between us because I was a dirty rotten undeserving sinner....when I was born, (and didn't know it)...but God gave me Christian parents , and grandparents, and greats.....I have a rich heritage of people who made sure that their faith got passed to the next generation.

9. I LOVE Jimmy Stewart movies. My favorites!!!!

10. I love Duncan Donuts coffee, and M & M's candies!

So, there ya have it Tete!...a fun post...and some "stuff" maybe you didn't know.

Hugs to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Thursday..


Mari said...

What fun is that? Ha. Thanks for sharing...if I'm still snowed in tomorrow I may do this too. :)

Love ya lady!

Theresa said...

Good to know and lots of it I already knew:) I don't like long bridges either or REALLY steep mountains! Southern Women are the SA-WEETEST:) Enjoy your evening dear friend! HUGS!

billypandnikkysmom said...

What a fun post!!!!

Dianna said...

That was fun! But, I had to chuckle when I came to the picture of you and Kurt. I honestly believe we all knew you love your man! :-)

CACHANILLA73 said...

L O V E it!! these kind of posts are so much fun. Yikes! I don't like bridges *at all*... I get so anxious around them. I enjoyed so much living in the South I would happily go back there if it wasn't for my Boricua's health =(. But oh well, I have wonderful memories. What a great blessing to have your Ancestors as followers of Our Lord. I'm trying to break past chains, I want a NEW generation, starting with me, to follow Our Lord, to love Him.
Thanks for your prayers Julie, here I am asking for another prayer for a 'this' thing that is causing me several hours of insomnia, God knows what it is, I really can't even explain it to Him but He knows my fear =\.
I like Jimmy's movies too, "Rear Window" is my favorite.

Sandy said...

Awww...I learned some new things about you!
Now I love you even more!!!!

Debbie said...

This was a fun post! So glad to learn more about you Julie.
You bless my heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I feel like I know you a bit better now.(o:

Privet and Holly said...

The most important
things about you
shine from your words,
but it WAS fun to
fill in the some of
the other things.
MMM coffee and m&ms..
we could have quite
the gab fest over both!!
xx Suzanne

Lili said...

Oh Julie this was so much fun to read and learn more about you! The bridge thing I can relate to. Anytime Henri and I cross a big scary bridge we roll down the windows...just in that would really help. LOL! And then when we make it to the other side we always laugh and high 5 each other. M&Ms and coffee, now that sounds good to me. I love that you are a preacher's kid, how cool! Hugs, ~Lili