Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another "Changes" Post for a Red Wednesday...

Today..another entry of a change that just gives me a cheerful smile on my face and in my heart...

This transformation involves an old chair...very useful in it's purpose. It has been dubbed the "Hair-Cut" chair. It sat in our garage, and every time a masculine haircut was needed was pulled out and became the Barber Chair on Woodberry.

This is the only photo in files I could find to show the old "before" condition and color... "CUT THE PHOTOS, MOM" face on Kam!!! lol

AND this photo is just because!!! It has the Marine giving his little brother a high and tight cut... RAH! MISS THAT GUY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

This chair came from the outdoor workshop of my I'm not sure how old it is, but I'm guessing it is from the 60's at least. It was the tealish-blue color and covered with a layer of rust. I love these chairs. They can fold out to become a step up to higher things out of reach, and then fold back in to take up little space. Very utilitarian!

And my DAD took this chair over to his fantastic metamorphosis workshop/garage and gave her surgery and a beautiful new look! I LOVE the Cherry RED!!! Gives a pop of cheer to the kitchen where she now resides!!!


I also wanted it RED! to go with this trash can I acquired over a year ago. LOVE IT!! It came from The Salvation Army store ....marked 4.99, but it was half price day, so I got this beauty for 2.50. I know how much these sell for Retail, so I was very very happy on that day!

And so another transformation enters the e-journal for my memories. And a grateful heart says RAH! for my Dad and his wonderful skills and talents, and his loving heart to help out over here while I am missing my man and his helping hands...Big hugs to him!!!

Hugs handed out to everyone passing through my bloggy world today. May you have pops of cheer in your day today, any color it comes in...

Thanks for saying a prayer for all our fighting men and women far away from home, sacrificing and dealing with hard days of protecting our freedoms and our wonderful homeland and way of life... God bless them and God bless you!!!

And ONE Last Dose of RED filled up to overflowing with bushels of LOVE for my soulmate...the other half of what makes me whole and complete...AND my Marine, both whom I am missing very very very very much...Long Distance relationships are wickedly hard....


Julie Harward said...

Hi Julie, we have a hair cutting chair too. I used to have one just like yours, I finally gave it away because the kids all fought over it, now I wish I had it back! ;D

Sandy said...

I used to give all my guys haircuts too.
Now only my hubby because he's too cheap
to go to the barber! Love your red chair.
Hugs back to you!

Joyce said...

That is a cool stool. We have a green one papa sits on every morning to have his coffee at the kitchen counter. The top lifts to make a step stool with two steps under it! Love it! Have a great day and so good to hear from you!!! xoxo

Lisa notes... said...

We have a stool just for barbering too. :-) I don't know why my husband keeps wanting me to cut his hair - I have no clue what I'm doing! But like Sandy said, I know it's because he's too cheap to spend money on a haircut elsewhere. ha.

I LOVE the red. Just the pop of color I needed today.

Praying for you as you miss your fellas. I appreciate the sacrifice that YOU mamas make to let your boys keep us all safe.

Love you!

billypandnikkysmom said...

loved the pictures...hope that Justin is doing well, praying for him always!
great stool, love the pop of color!
Hope you're doing well & keeping busy!
love & hugs to you!

CACHANILLA73 said...

Julie!!! I didn't know you were back I didn't have internet until today yuupiii!!!! Some many new things have been happening here, we got a home!!! a very nice present from Our Beloved Fahter, just when we needed it the most ;). I am not ready yet to come back to the blog world, hope to be back soon. I have been praying for you and your beautiful familia. Hugs and more hugs sis.


Curtis said...

My wife's grandparents had a stool/ chair like that in thier kitchen. It was yellow and we all took turns sitting on it, as did the grandchildren and great grandchildren, there are pictures of all of the kids at one time or another sitting on that chair. Every time I see a picture of a chair like this I smile and remember the wonderful times spent at Grandma's kitchen, drinking coffee that was black as ink, or drinking ice tea. Thanks for taking me back to wonderful times spent with wonderful people.
Blessings to you and yours
Curtis & Sherrie

Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet stool! Memories are made thru the years! Love your picture of the "high and tight"! Sweet brothers!

Have a blessed Sunday! Praying:) HUGS!