Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More changes.....continued

This is just an E-journal entry for me. It's where I store and post my pics of what is being done on my nest here in Charlotte so that I will have a memory file to help me remember all of it in the years to come. Today I am simply posting finished pics of the Master bath changes....in preparation for selling the house.

So for any regulars or a new visitor...that's what this post is all about...

toilet nook

wall to the left of vanity

awesome little carved hook decor I have had stored for over a year...waiting to be my hand towel holder

three cherub soaps found at GW now hanging in a pretty bag

sign from Habitat For Humanity store. translated "Bath Salts" literally or "amenities"...


vintage "bone dish" for the dining table with a favorite silver LOVE heart and vintage key added

the vintage double chandelier light fixture I found broken down in a thrift shop. Kat and I fixed her up and added sparkle. (this one is going with me when I move....can't replace or duplicate it!!!)

Sweet silver floral clothes hook for my door. love the roses...

GW shower curtain and my grandmother's cutwork table cloth and some vintage jewelry for a shower curtain.

That's my bath. Not big, but pretty and useful. It has an entry from the Master and an entry from the back hall, so it is sometimes Grand Central Station ...unfortunately... :-)

Other updates for Tuesday April 26th...

This beast was delivered late yesterday. It is for us to "CLEAN OUT....."

These roofing supplies were delivered this morning...to start at 7 am in the morning if the weather permits....!!!! FINALLY!!!!


Touring and checking out the campus as a possible place where Jonny will continue his studies this Fall!

I am relishing every moment with my man while he is here for just this one week before he returns to Iowa...we are working hard...My dad is also doing a lot of work for us...

I love this poster print and have a framed copy hanging in my kitchen...every time I think..."we'll never get it all done..." I look at it, and get motivated, and I tell myself that with God...ALL things are possible. :-)

and especially today I want to close out this post to say...I miss my Marine...and can't wait to get him back to the USA and here at home for a well deserved visit and rest....God keep them all...

Next post.....the boys Bath upstairs...


Julie Harward said...

I think your bathroom is heavenly..you have so many pretty things in it! Sound like things are really busy there and once they get nailing up on that roof..well, all I can say is..be somewhere else..that drove me crazy! LOL

Theresa said...

Julie, Julie, Julie... SOOOOO much beauty in your home! I love it all, the shower curtain, chandeliers and the coat rack with the roses are some of my favorites! I hope all goes well with the cleaning out and that you have luck with selling it! I know you want to be with your fella and I know he misses you terribly:)

We'll be joining in praying for all things to work out and that your sweet Son will be back home SOON!

Love you bunches my friend! HUGS!

Sandy said...

I know your new home will be as lovely and
inviting as this one. Hope you will continue
to blog and let everyone see where you live
when you get there. Enjoy your time with
your family while you have them there.

Tete said...

Julie- love your bathroom and love that shower curtain so much! Looks like you are peeking under it's skirt! I imagine it's so cute with a leg sticking out when someone is getting out of the shower!
You can do it! Can't wait until you can sell and move and be together again with your hubby. It will be worth all the hard work! Hang in there!
Hugs- Tete

Joyce said...

Wow.... so pretty! I don't know how you are going to do it all... but you are right. God will make a way! I am going to start the sorting this weekend for a huge garage sale Memorial Day weekend at my house. Best get going on it! Won't have as much time with my new job!!! Enjoy your time with kurt! Praying for you and your family! Praying your marine comes home safe and soon!

Privet and Holly said...

Enjoyed the tour
and know you are
enjoying time with
all of the men in
your life!!! Continuing
to keep you all in
my prayers! Good
luck with all that is
on your plate....You
CAN do it!
xx Suzanne

billypandnikkysmom said...

Just beautiful & I know that you will miss the house that you have called a home for so many years but remember home is where your heart is & wherever you and your family are will be home....

Praying for that sweet Marine of yours and hoping that you are enjoying your time with Kurt!

RAH MMS, love & many many hugs to you!!