Monday, October 26, 2009

Musings on a Fall Monday

This past week I have been busy helping my daughter, "Kat", paint her room in its up and coming Metamorphosis. She is glad to see it getting close to finished!

I do not have a "before" pic of the Dove Grey colored carpeting that was in her room, but going on 18 years you can imagine it was more of a dingy grey by this time.

Her dad worked like a maniac, and got all of the old stuff out and all of the new hardwood oak in before I could say "You Da Man!". (It's for his girl, so of course he worked fast for her) She's been living in her brother's room, Our Marine man,who is now living in Jacksonville at Camp Lejeune...sigh.,..we miss him!
Below is a pic of the new and improved flooring. It fits in well with our "cottagey" Cape Cod. She loves it. She loves her Dad!!

I love the character in this flooring! It's the real deal...went in piece by piece, and then coated 3 times with polyurethane.

Then came the time to prep the walls, spackle the holes and get ready to paint.

As you can see, Kat likes dark blue (blueberry shade). And the cat border around the walls is a stencil she picked out years ago and I painted around the entire room. Time for the kitties to go...

She picked blue again, just a tad different in shade, and chose a pretty shade of brown for her accent wall. The trim is in a bright white... I like it. When it is all put back together, I will do a final "finished" photo. She is supposed to get moved back in by the end of this week.

Justin will be coming in for some leave over the holidays, and he will want HIS ROOM to be empty of all her stuff!!! :-)

Now we are getting ready to tackle her bathroom with a new paint color. Here we go again! :-)

Thought I would join up with all the other re-do's over at Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's. Lots of cute ideas and neat creativity by a lot of women.

And here is the girl we love very much. She is beautiful, smart, and a treasure to us. Studying Criminal Justice and working her way through college, we are very proud of her, and it is a pleasure to help her with her room.

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dee dee said...

Beautiful new floor! Love that deeper color blue on the walls, very elegant! thanks for sharing... Dee Dee