Thursday, October 8, 2009

Arizona or Bust...

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." (Isaiah 26:3)

Last Saturday Kurt and I took off on a trip to Jacksonville to spend some time again with Justin. What had been planned as a day trip evolved into an overnight stay on Friday, as Justin called and asked for us to stay over. He insisted on paying for the motel room and found out a place for us to stay when the Inn at LeJeune was full.

How could we say no????

It was a very good visit. We enjoyed our time with him immensely. We went to visit the larger aquarium this time out at Fort Fisher. We ate a lot of food. We shopped for him a swimsuit and a few other items. We took in a movie. (Tim Burton's "9" - definitely not a movie for the youngest children....even if it is animated) He visited with us at the hotel, played pool with his dad, relaxed in the hot tub, swam and got some Physical Training at the pool. On Sunday before we had to depart, we stopped for him to get his head "shaved" and then he treated us to a great meal at Texas Roadhouse. It was all good, and we are glad for the time with him, as he is on his way to Arizona for extended training in the work-up for First Battalion's preparation to leave for Afghanistan shortly.

We will talk to him again in about four weeks, hopefully. In the meantime, I will miss hearing from him. And Justin?....He will be doing "good stuff"! in his words. I love his positive mindset and outlook even as he is walking through negative surroundings or setbacks at any given time in his weekly circumstances.

He motivates and inspires his mom.

He left at 1:00 am this morning to fly out... with the entire battalion. The one thing I do know about their time out there is that they will be working with pack mules in moving gear up cliffs and preparing for rugged terrain and conditions. And so, we pray for him and all the Marines out there. We pray they will be trained and ready and equipped to do their job and finish the tasks placed before them...with success.

Mostly we pray God's protection over him.. physically, mentally and spiritually. We know Justin rests in the palm of God's hand, as he belongs to HIM. We know that he is doing what he felt called by God to do. We know that he has a purpose that God wants to see fulfilled in his life and that God will walk with him through that. We pray that his tasks and duties as a Marine in the fleet to preserve, protect and defend innocent people, and stand and fight for justice for all will only be the beginning of what God has planned for him. We desire that he will be used in a mighty way to bring glory to God in many ways and on many paths in his future. This Marine mom hopes that it will not always involve combat out in the field.

We pray this for all of our children, that they will become mighty warriors for God in this world and take their final commands from His word, and their daily marching orders into their heart, and out into the workplace to point others to God's Kingdom that they represent.

God bless them all. Please pray for our military men and women. They need to be covered with prayer as they protect us... They do what others will not.

A few photos for my personal E-journal of Justin's journey ( and ours) in his military walk.

Love this last one especially. Captured a little smile out of this strong Marine. - (and Dad too! love the smiles of all of my guys!!)

And in closing...just a reminder,


God's Blessings for today and Courage inspired by the life of our Savior.

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