Friday, October 30, 2009

Show and Tell Friday...

I am joining in on a Friday post with Cindy over at her blog: My Romantic Home.

It is a Show and Tell about something in your home or garden you want to share with others.

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Today I am so very excited about what I found yesterday that I just have to share with other gals who will appreciate the waiting for just the right deal, the thrill of the hunt, and the awesome finds when you thrift shop.

I have been looking for a rug to place in my dining room for over 2 years after my last one was put at the street for garbage pickup! It has been a long wait, patiently hoping for a rug I loved AND the right price.

I was in Salvation Army store yesterday and saw the black and white checkerboard edge of a rolled up rug in the corner, all taped together ....wrong side out , of course. I tried and tried to pull enough corner out to see the design, but couldn't. Finally took my little fold-up scissors out of my purse, cut all the tape off and unrolled the rug. GASP! This is it! I took the ticket to the counter, was told it was marked down that day, and happily paid $21.00 for this beautiful Country French Rooster rug. I couldn't believe it myself!!

I looked up the manufacturer's name on line when I got home (label on back) and saw that the 8x10 size retailed for $200.00! (10% I paid.) Below are the pics I had to unload for you to see. I vacuumed and steam-cleaned it and left it out to dry before I moved it into the Dining Room.

It is beautiful and shows no wear.
Of course, it will shortly be sporting white hair from my dogs, but that's okay. I have a vacuum cleaner. :-)

Thanks for visiting. Just had to share my outstanding find. It took a while to find it, but PATIENCE paid off!

Sun is shining through the trees in spots.

And here waits ONE of my white furry sweeties to get in on the black rug and officially make it a part of our home with a few...okay a lot of white hairs. :-)
Love em anyway...just goes with the territory here.

And you know what the best part of this deal is? I referred my son to Wachovia Bank for his checking account set-up, and they gave me a VISA cash card worth $25. for the referral of a new customer. That little card paid for the rug! :-)

Thanks for visiting. Hope you eventually find what you are looking for, and that you enjoy the thrill of hunting as you wait.



Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow - You got a great deal and then it ended up free. You did good.:)

Cindy said...

Ok, I want whatever it is that you have to help me find a rug for my dining room :O) Yours is just stunning! And for the price of opening an account? SCORE!

Lou Cinda said...

SHUT UP!!! I LOVE this rug!!!! LOVE IT!! You got a STEAL!

Our Salvation Army or Salmart as I call it, is not so great!

You did good!!

Lou Cinda :)

Queen B. said...

love your post.........such a lovley home !

Leann said...

What a great bargain. Love the French Country look. Can't wait to see it in your Dining Room

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness - what a beautiful find!!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Wow! That was some find! I'd love to have that rug! I love it when you find the perfect thing after searching and searching. AND it was techinially free since you got that referral VISA card!!! Can't beat that! It just gorgeous!


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a deal!!! It's beautiful! My mom would love that! She loves roosters!

I always see rugs rolled up like that at the Salvation Army...I never even look at them because I just assumed they would be dirty and gross! I'm going to take a closer look from now on. I wonder why they roll them up like that! How do they expect people to buy them if they can't see them!!!

Thanks for sharing! Seeing deals like that just make my day!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

GET outta town!!! That's a wowzer if I ever saw one!! Congratulations on your find. ~ Lynn