Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Wednesday

Well, Before I start anything, I just want to shout YAY!! because it was time to renew my license, and I dreaded going over there to the DMV. I got in and out in 30 minutes flat, the shortest visit in the history of my experiences with that division of the government. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Okay, I feel good. :-)

Now ...I am doing a quick little "white" post and joining Kathleen for her usual Wednesday gatherings of White Collectors....or maybe it's not a collection, it just happens to be a white treasure you found. Here's her link if you want to jump over there from here.

This is my latest "playtime" addition. A trio of thrifted finds from different places. Glass pedestal, cloche, and my little adorable baby in a bunny suit.
She was from Salvation Army...and I saw her on the shelf and went bananas. I think it she is just precious. I nestled her in a dried hydrangea. Her face is so sweet.

A little bit closer, so that maybe you can see her features. :-)

Another little sweet thrift find, a cottagey rose frame surrounding my four treasures on this earth.

And a very unusual??....unique??...candle holder. It caught my eye because I had never seen another one like it. This will be another "one day screened porch" item. For now, I will not burn candles, but display it here... (also was in the Salvation Army store). That store seems to get some really neat things donated to it.

Thanks for dropping by my blogpost if you are here today. I hope that your day is bright and you have a smile in your heart....and that cooler temperatures are coming your way. Just for fun, closing with a "white" to get you in an Autumn frame of mind.

God Bless America and all her Troops....


clustres said...

That is a sweet little doll and looks great in the hydrangea!

Julie Harward said...

Love that sweet little face...and oh my, Fall is here, I felt it this morning on my early morning walk! :D

Rebecca said...

The baby in the bunny suit is such a great find-cute!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pretties! I love the unusual candle holder and those little white pumpkins are precious! Enjoy your day my sweet friend and thanks for your always sweet and encouraging comments:) I love you bunches!

Sandy said...

You find the most darling things! Our
thrift shops just don't seem to have
such cute items. I did find TWO lovely
rockers in the span of three weeks time
though! Both are in very good shape and
we're in the process of refinishing.
Some day you should just show us photos
of your entire house, Julie. I know it
is filled with treasures.
Love & Hugs,

Virginia said...

Lovely whites.....

billypandnikkysmom said...

Pretty white treasures! Loved the pumpkins :) fall is my favorite season & I just love fall/winter clothes!!! Have a great day...praying for Justin, hope he is well & strong & HOME VERY SOON!!! RAH!