Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days of August...

These are the "Dog Days" of summer. The long, hot end-of-summer days...
Where Summer winds down as it sees Fall days looming as September begins it's approach. It's hot...all the time. The mornings are sultry. The days are hot with little breeze at all. The evenings are humid. The leaves are starting to fall already. The ones that could not stand the endless heat and little relief...

These are the days where my very very fluffy canines go out and then come right back in. They don't want to linger in this heat. They want to come lie next to an air vent and feel the nice cold air flowing right into their fur coat. I laugh because it's almost like an IV..

Gideon is the one who needs that the most. He is double-coated. He has his long white fur on top, but underneath is his "sheeps-wool" coat. He loves to lie on the tile in the bathroom. Here he is...in a regular spot...where you will find him if he's not by the kitchen vent.

I think I woke him to take this picture....see that look??? like, "WHY do I always have to look at that little box she points at me???" Maybe he was dreaming of this!!!

A nice crisp, cool Autumn day to stay outside... Soon!

Everybody try to stay cool through this next month. Think cool September nights.

Thanks for praying for our heroes over in the ~~ MELTING HOT~~ weather of Afthanistan. Wish I could send a HUGE POOL over there for them...

Blessings. Thanks for dropping in. Bloggy Hugs to all.


Theresa said...

I am not a fan of these dog days, it is just too hot to stick your nose out. Those pups are pretty smart to want to stay inside where it is cool!

I am looking forward to a little cooler weather here soon! Enjoy your day my friend, hope you hear from Justin soon! Either by phone or by mail. I am anxious to hear how he is doing! Hugs my friend and many blessings!

GardenofDaisies said...

Julie, I wish I could send some relief from the heat too. Those service men and women deserve it more than anyone!

Privet and Holly said...

I got my dose of that
muggy, HOT weather when
my daughter and I were
in Savannah. We are
having a day like yours
here in Minnesota, today;
I don't mind it because
I know it won't last! And
because I'll be heading
home to my parents, where
the days begin and end with
a polar fleece jacket! I
left you a comment about your
mama and I want you to know
that I SO admire you and
how you handle what life
throws you with such grace
and aplomb. Have a wonderful
day, despite the heat!
xx Suzanne

Sandy said...

I know you all are always a little
warmer there in Charlotte than we
are in Asheville. We've had a few
days of 70's and it really spoiled
us. Today it's back in the muggy
80's with high humidity.
Always remembering dear Justin...

Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

It is so HOT it's miserable! ugh....

Anyway, thank you for your very sweet comment. Yes, you're right. We do know how it feels don't we and it's so hard for others to understand. I pray your baby comes home safely. God Bless him for serving and Bless you for letting him.


Dianna said...

Hahaha! I don't know which picture makes me laugh the most...the first one or the last one! You and your sense of humor to give us all a chuckle when you, my friend, have so much on your plate. That's what makes you so special, Julie.

It is a cool 78 degrees here...OUTSIDE...any one want to come for a visit? ~wink~ You'd better drive fast because the temps are to be back in the 90's tomorrow. But you are always welcome.

Love and cool hugs to you,

GardenofDaisies said...

To answer your question, I am in Kansas. We roast here in the summer. Wichita is supposed to reach 108 today and Kansas City 101. We have high humidity too, it all gets pushed straight up from the Gulf of Mexico. Our summers are probably very similar to yours. Your husband was probably thinking of Wisconsin or Michigan... some of those more northern midwest states.

Mari said...

I actually like the heat and sun. But only if I'm not dressed for work and in black. ha.

Love the pics of the dogs!

Do you really get a break in the heat where you live? We won't see any relief until Nov probably.

billypandnikkysmom said...

My pooch feels the same way, if she can't jump into the water she doesn't want to go outside! Smart dogs...I like the warm weather, but when it gets to humid and there is no air at all I have a hard time. My bones ache, yes more so when it's hot & humid & my meds don't like the sun! I sit for a bit in the sun at the beach and then I have to cover up...can't stand the sun on my head :/
I hope that you hear from justin soon, I will say a prayer for him! Keep us posted, prayers & hugs to you!!!! RAHHHH!

Fearless Nester said...

That is so funny thinking about what our pets must think when we point the camera on them! Your doggies are so sweet. ~Lili