Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogland Blessings

Who Knew???

I once didn't know what a Blog was....I had to have it explained to me that the name was short for a Web Log. Then I had to have a Web Log explained to me. THEN I had to get enough gumption and motivation to begin one myself, being computer illiterate.

How in the world would I ever have guessed that I would meet and make so many wonderful acquaintances and beautiful friends via the world wide web?

Yes, face to face friendships are still the gold friends...always there for you. You know who they are.

But the Bloggy Sisterhood is alive and well and thriving. There are so many girls out there who I have connected with and who have reached out and touched my life and my heart across the miles and through my computer screen...indeed...who knew?

You all know I love you muchly! I love to visit with you whenever I get a moment to pop in! It is fun to see what's happening out there with you.

We have shared our smiles, our embarrassments, our griefs, our heartbreaks, our hilarious moments, our unbelievable circumstances, our tears, our fears, and asked for support and prayer and encouragement. And we have done it! Rah!
We have reached out with our typed words and our heart's messages and touched one another and joined hands in sisterhood. We keep each other strong and motivated.
Yay for the Bloggy Sisterhood!!! And I Love my Military and Marine Moms circle of support out there!!

Today I just want to highlight this very special lady who is one of my dear Bloggy Sisters Some of you also count her as one of your own, too. Dear treasure of a friend, Dianna. She has been such an encouragement to me through Justin's deployment, along with many others. She would email me with her cheering upbeat words, and comments on my posts, and send me sweet messages via my snail mail. I would find them in my mailbox exactly on a day when I needed them!!! What a dear prayer warrior sister.
Recently she sent me a "secret" sister gift in the Mail. It is just so precious.

So sweetly wrapped. I pinned the adorable cherry card to my board in my kitchen.

It is a beautiful mini china dish Christmas ornament with a snowy bunny scene. Do you think I put this away til Christmas? Not on your life! I love it too much. It is displayed at the top of my floor easel that holds a print in my Dining Room.

Love this gal! Pop over and visit her here!

Dianna is on the right, with her grandson in this pic.

Loving all the support and love coming across the miles from all of my bloggy sisters. HUGS to all of you.

Life is full of hard times, hard paths, and hard choices. When the bad comes your way, reach in there, and find some good in it and pull it out and carry it with you as you walk your way out of that hard time! You are Strong Women!!

I would like to thank Suzanne from Privet and Holly for her beautiful written words about Warriors today. It touched my heart, and my tears flowed freely. Truly all of us have some Warrior strength and potential in us. We sometimes don't know how strong we are until we are faced with some of life's ultimate challenges and we feel the power to rise up and face the foe even in our weakest moments. My Warrior son has this quote on his Facebook page.
"God doesn't test those who don't have potential."
I love it.
I love Suzanne. Please pop over and read her inspirational post. And thank you my bloggy sister for your amazing gift to reach out and touch others through this blogland world. Hugs to you.

To all my sisters....May God be your anchor to hold on to when the winds start to blow.

Have yourselves an outstanding, beautiful day.

IN MEMORY...My favorite Autumn picture of my much missed sweet little girl, Annie Grace...


Mari said...

Dianna is very precious to us all, isn't she? She is an awesome godly lady, as you are! Blog land has truly opened our hearts to many new and dear friendships.

Praying for you today too.

Dianna said...

Julie, dear Julie, all I know to say is that I humbly accept your kind words with His grace for Him. John 15:4-5 He has used you greatly in my life to teach me about looking ahead with anticipation for answered prayers...the victory truly is in Him. I love you, Sister.

Sandy said...

Lovely words, Julie. How honored we all
are to know YOU! Going to check your
friends' blogs.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Dianna is fabulous, isn't she? So are you Julie! You both have blessed me beyond belief, with all of your wonderful comments and support. I appreciate you so much! Blogville has been good to me.

Theresa said...

I love blogging and have met SOOOOOOOOOO many precious friends, like YOU! I can't imagine life without all of you in it! Enjoy your day my sweet friend! Big hugs and many blessings!

***Love your background***

Privet and Holly said...

Tears are pricking
my eyes....You inspire
me so much with your
big, kind heart and
your strength. I got
home late last night
after a long day and
it was so uplifting
to read your sweet comment
and then to pop over
here with my coffee today
and read more of them!
Thanks for being you!
xx Suzanne

GardenofDaisies said...

I couldn't agree more with your words. Dianna is one special lady! And so are you Julie.

Joyce said...

That was an awesome post.... so well written! love you! xoxo