Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I think "DUH" would be appropriate here....

So I started blogging way back to try and become a little more transparent and open about me...Not so private...


I have been extremely non-stop busy in the last two weeks since my honey flew away...
Every time I kept checking my "feeds" when I got a chance in the morning, or late at night...there was NO bold type to show a new post...

Hmmmm. I guess everybody else is busy or away from their compys...like me, and does not have time to blog this week.

I have been having problems with my server too. Finally I did a reboot yesterday evening... When I checked my feeds last night...."""!!!!"""", EVERYBODY was BOLD!. It did occur to me that it was ironic that every bloggy sister I follow was on a blog-break at the same time, but I was so busy, I didn't question it.

Can I just say....(and get this over with) DUH!!!!!

Okay, I am going to catch up slowly but surely. So now I know...Life did not suddenly stop COLD for everybody in the bloggy world...my computer was pulling the big one on me....

I have just confessed to a brain blip moment. But Life has been so busy, I hope everyone will understand. I didn't check out of your lives...I just fell behind.

Hope everyone has a GREAT TUESDAY, and I will begin catching up today...

HUGS to everybody!!!

Two weeks down....Many to go....Missing my man...


Privet and Holly said...

Awww....love the
little cartoon ~
such TRUE words!
I did check in on
you a few times
but figured with
all that you have
on your plate, you
needed a little bloggy
break : ) Hope all
is well and that it's
not been too rough
holding down the
fort on your own.
Happy Tuesday!
xx Suzanne

Sandy said...

Oh, your little cartoon makes me want to
cry for you. :o( I can't stand to be away
from my honey long at all. I'm praying for
you though. :0)

Joyce said...

Did you get my link yet???? I want to make sure you are following me! You can put it on your page too if you want!


Dianna said...

Hello there, my sweet friend,
It was good to see a new post from you today. I know that you have a great deal that asks of your time, so I was trying not to worry. :)

I've not been very good about blogging these last couple of weeks either. A bit of it is health related but the most of it is trying to keep up with my goals I've set to have some things done around here be the middle of November.

Take care and hope that you have a chance to rest a bit here and there.

Theresa said...

Girl, a reboot is all you needed:) We all need a reboot sometime! Have a blessed day and I am happy to see you on here again! HUGS!

Julie Harward said...

I have been on vacation for a week..back to catch up with you my sweet friend! Missed you..and I can always hear your heart beating! ;D

billypandnikkysmom said...

HAAA!!!! You made me laugh! I guess we're all confessing to something silly this week! I was missing you & was going ot be sending you an e-mail had I not found a post by you this evening!

Hope all is well, hope that Justin is adjusting to life back in the Fleet! Hope that your honey-pie is good & has settled into his new job!

Go get caught up & we'll see ya later on!!

Hugs to you!!

CACHANILLA73 said...

AAaawww!! so sweet. I know what it is like to be apart from your other half. My Boricua will be back to the East for The Final Battle with the VA. He will be there for 3 days on the beginning of next month. It breaks my heart to know He will be alone ( well, not exactly Our Lord is always with Him ) facing doctors, examiners, who will have the last word about his retirement, medical, college and other benefits ( well... not really, I know God IS in control ).
It is good to take a break from the blog world. I Hope you'll see your Man soon, as the saying goes: " Absence diminishes little passions and increases great ones "
Take care. Many, many blessings and hugs.

P.D. I liked the verse about the wife and husband, I'll paste it in my blog. So true and so inspiring. ')

Mari said...

You and I will be missing our men together. Mine leaves in a few weeks...and I will follow sometime?????? Not sure yet.

I will update soon, just haven't had the freedom or the time.

Praying for you.