Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Is for Vintage and Inspiration....

Red Front Doors always inspire me, and my door this morning hit by the dappled sunlight reminded me of the upcoming Christmas season. An image to remember from my nest if I move to Iowa, as anticipated.

Today I want to record an outstanding find on my e-line journal. A way to remember things when I look back later...

Since it is a Vintage find, to add to the fun, I am joining Debra in her fairly new Friday Posts of sharing Vintage Inspiration.

This post is highlighting one of my favorite thrift stores. Salvation Army Family Store. The particular store I shop is fantastic. The manager is wonderful and will always work a deal with you....(if you ask!)

NOTE *** the following is simply a quick side recording a steal of a deal***
This past week they were in the midst of a huge 3-Day Storewide Sale Clearance.
Here is the "inspiration" part of my post. I found these two pair of clogs there.
They were $3.99 a pair. Now I am VERY picky about buying shoes at a resale shop.
They either have to be New with tag, or look like they were worn once...maybe.

This is a pair of brick red CLARK'S leather clogs. They look brand new, but had a couple of scuff marks on the bottom, so I know they were worn at some point. I LOVE THEM. so comfortable. If you know Clark's, then you know they are very well made and an expensive shoe. (wiped the inside out with clorox wipes and sprayed them with Lysol and let them dry outside! ) done.

The second pair is M. PATRICK. They are wonderful soft smooth leather uppers with stitching and the insides are like eggcrate foam. My feet feel like they have died and gone to heaven! OH how I love these. These too, are pricey shoes. They have never been worn. The soles are brand new. WHO could give these up??? A sample from a shoe salesman???... my gain!

Okay...on to the vintage part. I'll quit droning on about shoe comfort. (this becomes very important to a girl at 50!)

Found 3 of these beautiful little ornaments in an old yellowed Christmas box buried under garlands of tinsel in a Rubbermaid bin. If I hadn't squatted down to dig, I would never have found them. They are BEAUTIFUL! The box was .50.
The glass balls have white snow etched trees on the outside and the bird itself is painted on the inside of the ornament...How????

Those who know my love of all things aviary-related know I was tickled to find these little treasures...

Here is my Vintage Find. I love this piece. I have wanted a "green" piece for a while, but just never found one that I could afford. Thank you Salvation Army.

I know it is probably worldly to get excited over material things...but when I saw this piece that had just come in (I was told) and saw the tag and figured the sale price out...I got butterflies in my stomach...just saying! You can't take it with you...but to find something "for a song" to enjoy while on this earth...I do get the pitter-patters when I can pay with cash from my little skinny wallet.

Be Inspired to go Treasure Hunting in the Thrift shops and stores. You never know what you will find on a special day. The items inside are thrifted too...

I want to highlight this VERY SPECIAL TREASURE. It is a herringbone quilt lovingly handmade by an Aunt on my hubby's side of the family. THANK YOU AUNT CAROL! What a talented lady! I have wanted to display it but have no bed to put it on right now..(where it would not be abused!)
This piece provided the perfect spot for now.

One last look at my Vintage Treasure find and Inspiring you to keep your eyes open and keep on thrifting. One day that exciting piece will pop up and you will get butterflies too!!!! In closing.... the icing on the cake today in my little cottage????..... A warm furry white body gracing my nest. For us...a house is not a home without a dog...or two....or three!!!

***p.s edit I forgot to share this part...
This was tacked to the inside back of the cabinet at some point.... (looks like 70's to me) I took the back off and pulled it off to reveal the green wood. If I ever alter that, I would probably add a toile pattern of paper or fabric. For now I am blissfully leaving it in its original state.
Hugs to all my bloggy sisters. Have a wonderful Autumn Crisp weekend. Thank you for popping in to visit my online journal of life here.

God Bless You!


Theresa said...

WOW, beautiful green gorgeous find! I can't believe some of the great pieces people get rid of! I love comfortable shoes and it looks like you found some steals! I have a pair of Clark's and they are NOT cheap!

Enjoy your weekend and I want you to be with your Fella, even it means moving so far away:(


Cindy said...

oh my gosh, what a great find. did it come that color or did you repaint it? i love all of your finds. lucky girl!!!..

billypandnikkysmom said...

I love Clark's I haev several pairs of them, I get them at the Clark's outlet in comfy!!!!! I love those, my UGGs & my Dansko clogs, with bad feet it's all about comfort these days!

I loved that vinatge glass ball, so beautiful & your green beauty, oh my! I hope all is well, I have been thinking about you a lot lately! God Bless & many many hugs to you!!! RAH!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, Julie! Isn't the Lord
good?! How He loves to bless us with
wonderful things! I just love all these
gorgeous finds. The cabinet is beyond
beautiful. I really love it. I have
a couple pairs of Clarks and I know
how comfy they are. To find them for
that price is God, just God! The other
clogs are great too. I am so very
happy for you!!

Julie Harward said...

I love your vintage find...very beautiful! Love your red door..I have one too! ;D

CACHANILLA73 said...

Oh Julie, those little ( or big and green ;-) gifts from above ). Our Lord is amazing. He knows our heart desires and He knows the exact moment to send them to Us.
Those shoes are a great find. I have several pairs from the SA. Love, love the red door and the green cabinet Amazing.
You too know I am praying for you and you beautiful family, for a smooth move when the moment comes.
Huggs and blessings my bloggy sis.

Carolyne said...

Hello Julie~ You had me at your red door! I have one also and love them.

As I read through your post my heart just swelled (along with my eyes) as you captured the essence of these little tangible blessings as from the hand of God~ to you.
This loving way of showering us Women-Who-Love-To-Fluff-Our-Nests with things like.......... the clogs! (sigh)......can only be from a interested, personal Creator.

I am *so glad* I Just happened to find your blog today!

{{hug}} ~Carolyne

Anonymous said...

What a great find! And I love red front doors too. (o: