Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Monday! and a Mix of Musings....

You know what to do...Mondays are the starting point for the rest of the week. Make it a Good One for yourself and ask God to make you a blessing to someone while you're at it! :-)

This weekend we were to take a road trip to Ohio to visit with Kurt's family, but it was not meant to be...* I'm not sure why??, and wonder about it all, but we rose at 4:15 on Saturday morning and got ready, got some coffee fuel in ourselves and took off. It was 5 degrees outside here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. After 35 minutes down the road, the van was still cold as an icebox, and the needle had not moved from the big C for COLD...not one smidgen.

*don't know what happened... had not had ANY trouble with it up to that day! Kurt's legs and feet were frozen. Bless his heart,he had given his coat to me to put over my legs...(*sigh..he's my hero...Chivalry is still alive and well, ladies) He all of a sudden said, "We are turning around...we are not going to take a 7 hour trip that will end up in Misery and sickness and have it haunt me.") and so we did... When we got back home, we both got back in bed under covers to try and get warm.

Yesterday evening I padiddled around with a bag of Christmas garlands I had recently gotten thrifting. There were 5 strands ~9 feet long. So...for $3.25 I got 45 feet of pearls-and-crystals garland. Instead of going on a tree however, they were hung in the Dining Room with a newly inspired purpose for year-round display.

You will remember me telling you about the metal chandelier in the Dining Room before we bought the house. (barely seen here, but visible in the upper right corner)

And how I changed it out pretty soon after we moved in to a much prettier white light with a medallion. My white candlabra chandy got left behind in the Woodberry Cottage. (This was one I spotted at a Goodwill for 9.99 and stored away when I knew we were moving.)

It still wasn't quite up to snuff and when I sighted this garland, I knew it was about to finish the job on the chandy. ** spy the difference?

After moving from chair to chair and standing on the table, I got all of those strands draped and swagged and wrapped around that light.

Look for unique and different ways to use things that have nothing to do with their original purpose. :-) RE-purpose.


Another change-up from the Woodberry Cottage...This was my FAVORITE little glass cabinet in the Master Bath. Since we have been here in IA, I have NOT had it hung. There was NOT enough area in the master bath to hang it, because a window takes up much wall space.

This weekend it was bugging me, and I searched until I found and MADE a place for this little piece.

***this was the wall in our small breakfast nook corner of the kitchen. Now....

BY JINGO..that cabinet is hanging in this house. :-) things always get rotated around the house til all is settled and in its place.

Our little nook...conversation corner...a 5.5 x 5.5 foot "eating cozy". Works for the three of us! The kitchen is by no means tiny, but with the Hoosier cupboard and the small island there is not a lot of spacious footage to dance around in.

For now, the cupboard has a few Christmas pieces in it...How do you like that dreadlock bearded Santa I found at a thrift!??? Too whimisical to leave behind.

update. The status of Kam's new wheels is in Limbo at the moment. He took "Little Red" out (officially named) and had an oil change and a few things done, and got some questionable and disturbing news about the condition of the engine. Some meetings to be had with the dealership...the saga continues...we are of course praying about the whole thing, as ALWAYS. God is in control. Of course my young man is disappointed, but handling it very well as we wait and see what is to be....

Hugs to all of you. Hoping you have a very Merry Monday.

Blessed be the name of the Lord...."for unto us a Child is born...unto us a SON is given...and HE shall be called Wonderful"

**** I am tickled to be the winner of Suzanne's (Privet and Holly) MyMemories.comGiveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (rated the number one, best-selling scrapbook software on Hurray, I shall use it to begin FINALLY - Justin's journey through the Marine Corps... ooo-RAH!!! Thank you Suzanne!!!! HUGS to you. I'm grateful.


Theresa said...

Congrats to you for winning the giveaway!!!! Yippppeeeee!!! Love the chandy all gussied up:) You certainly know how to repurpose!

Big HUGS!!!!! Have a blessed day:)

Lili said...

Oh Julie I'm so glad you won Suzanne's giveaway! Oh that is so disappointing news about your son's car, he worked so hard for it, keeping my fingers crossed that something will be worked out for him. And my goodness you certainly are taking that 5 degree temperature in hasn't even been that cold here YET. Glad your hubby turned around though, those are chilling temps to go traveling long distance in. Your Iowa nest is looking so delightful with all of your touches...stay warm! xoxo ~Lili

Sandy said...

Wow! Congratulations on winning! Hope you will share the scrapbook as you are creating it.
Everything looks prettier and prettier at your
new nest, Julie.

Mom on a mission said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Dianna said...

That chandy is absolutely gorgeous, Julie dear! I clicked on it to enlarge the picture and WOW...that is really beautiful!

Sorry to hear about problems with Kam's "Little Red". Will be praying with you. God just answered a prayer for me today ...with the person involved saying the exact words I had said to the Lord when I prayed! When it happened, I was so stunned I didn't know what to I cried! lol That is what we are supposed to do when we are humbled, is it not?

And you tell Kurt that he has my vote any time he wants to run for anything! A man who is that considerate of his beloved surely would know how to hold down any office he'd run for. ;-)

Hugs to you!

oh...and congratulations on that fabulous win from over at Suzanne's!

Julie Harward said...

Hi sweet friend...that chany job is a so beautiful, it looks like a million bucks..way to go! Love the little cabinet too...and I love that you have a little lamp on your table..looks so cozy! Have a wonderful week leading to Christmas, I hope you are so enjoying this beautiful season! Sending you a big HUG! :D

Tete said...

You know God's hand was in this. You might have missed a huge pile up on the highways by turning around and going back home. He is forever watching out for us and we just have to know when to change our plans and go with what He has in store for us.
Love the little things you are doing around your new place to make it yours. Looks so pretty and I love that little nook in the kitchen. Have a tiny place here of my own.
Praying the dealership makes it right on the car.

Alida said...

Love the look of the chandelier...and that Santa!!

A Cultivated Nest said...

Love the beautiful garland on the chandy! You know I did something similar a few Christmases ago and liked it so much I never took it down! I can't believe it's so cold where you are...brrr. I hate to tell you this but it was in the upper 60's today in Atlanta and I was wearing short sleeves and shorts!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Lili said...

Just checking up on you Julie. Hope you had a very merry merry! xoxo ~Lili

Dianna said...

I see you've been here recently...the new blog background is SO pretty! I am missing your cheerful posts though. I trust that you had a nice Christmas. xo