Tuesday, December 6, 2011

T is for Transportation, and TOTALLY Terrific Tuesday

Those of you who have followed along with my blog know that this was my youngest son, Kam's first car. His baby...a shiny black Honda Civic sporty coupe....bought with his own hard-earned money.

He has worked and saved since before he was 11 years old. At that point he took over his sister's petsitting business and also did yard work.

When he had to leave Charlotte and come to Iowa ahead of me...to start school, he was flying out to stay with dad... !and had to sell his car! It all happened in the 11th hour as God would have it, sold the night before he flew out. God worked everything out beautifully and with no doubt left as to WHO was working the circumstances and people involved.... That was August.

Kam immediately opened up an account here in Iowa, and tucked his money safely away to wait for the time it would be needed. Until now, Kam has had to "vehicle-share" his dad's car and my van.

This past weekend, after many, many weeks of searching and shopping and checking out countless cars and trucks...Kam found his new baby ~ a shiny red convertible Toyota Celica sporty GT. He is one happy dude. I am a happy mama. Dad is liking the fact that it has the same motor in it that his first truck did (also a Toyota)...and it put out well over 200,000 miles. Rah. :-)

This afternoon Kam went to the bank to withdraw his money...I believe he said he needed to go get "lettuce"...a LOT of lettuce ...WHAT???

Moolah, mom...Moolah. ahhh.

In he went...

and out he came...with an envelope full of green.

We drove to the Auto place and he proceeded to buy his car. I watched him count the money out in stacks for the man. yes....it's all there. then he signed many dotted lines.

And then...he got the keys and out we went.

she's got that blasted camera.

Checking in with Dad to make sure the new wheels are on the insurance policy!

Good to go...

A guy and his car...I LOVE that smile!!

It was a long time coming babe...glad it's here!

I'm PROUD of you. I LOVE you to the moon and back!

and now docked in Home Bay.

~Thank you Lord for answers to prayers. Thank you for your Goodness. May the car be a blessing to Kam. Keep him safe on the roads.~

E-journalling a totally Terrific Tuesday post for December 2011. Thanks for sharing a moment with me.

Hugs to all. Thanks for dropping by.

God is good....ALL the time...God is good.

Tacking this on just a leeeeetle bit late to Suzanne's Monday Moments

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Dianna said...

I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face, Julie. I am SO VERY happy for Kam. If anyone deserves such a blessing it would be him. I love that smile! I believe it was yesterday that you included a picture of him in your post and I could hardly believe it was him...his dependence on God is showing in his countenance. Thank you for sharing such a precious blessing with us!

Theresa said...

What a handsome Son and his shiny new car! I just love it! He sold the other one and waited until the right one and the right time to get another one... great job!

Enjoy your day dear Julie! BIG HUGS!

Sandy said...

What great news! And it's a great looking car! He looks very handsome behind that wheel! In fact he looks more like you in these photos than in any I've seen so far.
God's timing is always perfect.

Lili said...

Handsome son, eye-catching ride! You must be so proud of him, and yes safe travels for him always! xoxo ~Lili

Joyce said...

That is a sweet car!!!! Wow! God is good all the time!!!! I love to read about His blessings! Thanks for sharing and thank your son for allowing us to be a part of his transactions!!! Love you!

Privet and Holly said...

LOVE this!!!
You must be so proud
of his ability to save and
to be patient; I am!

xx Suzanne

PS: Check out my Friday
post for a surprise.