Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...

"Great is his faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning." Lamentations 3:23

Uhhhhhhhh..Kobe...ppsssttt...she's pointing the little box at us again....

Soft as a baby bunny...sweet little Woobie...snoozing...soon to turn 7, when else?...Valentines Day!

Hey ma...are these edible????

They don't smell good...I'll get Kobe to try one first....

Beautiful, irresistable reminders that Spring will come....just...not....yet!

The simplest of beauty is sometimes the most charming...Clear glass milk bottles from my Grandfather's gracing my cottage house as vases for lovely flowers...**repurpose! Thanks to my sis Debbie for the 3rd one.

A few of my favorite things....sparkleys....wrought iron....chippy whites....and FLOWERS!

This is my latest and Greatest treasure find. For 18 years I have waited for this..a really well built Island that was SMALL enough to fit in my kitchen -(18x36), and inexpensive enough to fit my wallet contents. It is a solid wood base and a thicker true butcher block top. (HEAVY!) Because I serviced some wonderful and generous clients over Christmas and New Year's...I used my TIP money to get this deal off of Craig's List from a young couple moving to D.C. She was quite sad to see it go. I searched on line and found that I paid below 25% of the retail price. I love Craig's list!!!

Of course...yeah...I embellished ...with GW finds...

All of us are enjoying the extra surface space and drawers...

On a separate front brakes have been making a grinding sound, and my dad had asked me to let him check them out. So this week I took my van over, and while he was checking out the brakes, I was upstairs going through my mom's cd's and all of her jewelry once more. The first time was too hard to really concentrate...cried again...thankful my dad was oblivious in the garage...I picked out some more pieces just because..and then I went in her bath...looking for ......THIS.

Found it! My mom made this (she dabbled in ceramics when we were little!) in 1967. I consider it vintage. :-) I was seven, so, not even gonna think of what that makes me!
She had painted the date 11/11/67 and her name~Zoie...on the bottom. I love this. Anybody else remember these??

I thought of this little treasure one night when I was laying in bed thinking of mama...remembering all the little things she said...and of course you have heard me say, She always stated, JUST wear a little lipstick and you'll look JUST fine. :-) I wanted to find this delicate little handmade pretty. She is more than just a memento. She touches my memory and my heart. If my sis reads this...I hope she didn't want it.
And of KNOW how I love blue and white.

I will close my lengthy returning post with this...

Moving objects around like a bird rearranging twigs and feathers in her nest. This sweet feathered friend and her pedestal were pulled from other locations and placed on my dresser. I added a pin made out of thin metal, with white paint and mini pearls. It was one of my mom's. I wanted it out to look at. I thought it pleased the little bird and it surely pleased me. :-)

I am learning...learning...God is pushing my buttons...teaching me many things through circumstances, sometimes hard moments, as a mom and a lonely wife... missing my hubby ...TERRIBLY...(okay enough of blog is not here for whining and snuffling....) A fellow bloggy sis, Dianna, and I have shared about God using tough times, trials, and hard paths to strengthen us and grow our faith. He is, so to speak, "PUSHING OUR BUTTONS" spiritually. (We push buttons to activate a mechanism...well when someone pushes our buttons emotionally, we usually get angry...) When God pushes our buttons, spiritually... HE is activating our test and forge us...if we are soft and pliable and not stubborn or resistant. Dianna and I came up with our own button! Okay, we came up with the idea, but Kat my daughter created and put it together for us. RAH FOR MY KAT! *you see this on my sidebar, so I am explaining it to all of you. :-)
PS EDIT *****Mari you asked, and OF COURSE! Anybody can use the button... :-)

That's all my bloggy sisters...Thanks so much for stopping in today to visit, and I will have a cup of tea for you if you wish...

To my wonderful Dad...I am so grateful for his love and support and helpful hands to my family. I appreciate his abilities and gifts to be a Mr. Fix-It for just about ANYTHING, and always the hard-working Honey-Do man, for all his girls...Love you dad. Thanks so much for fixing the brakes on my van!!!

And to my dear husband, the missing other half of me, STILL......

Say goodbye Gidgy.... "Goodbye Gidgy"


Julie Harward said...

Julie, my friend, I loved everything about this post. From the darling sweet dogs, to the tulips, to that love nice! To the good thoughts. I am so glad I know you! :D

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Lovely my friend. Lovely ... sorry you are missing your hubby. God is faithful my friend.
Blessings and hugs,

Sandy said...

Warm welcome back, Julie. Loved your post.
Your doggies are so sweet and beautiful.
Only 10 more days until I get my little
I love your island and do so wish I could
fit one into my small kitchen. Yours is
just perfect.
And your mom's little lipstick holder is
so dear. I do remember those because my
mom had a similar one.

Tete said...

Julie, I love your dogs. They are so fluffy and pretty. I just adore your island and you have it all fixed up so nice! What a find and good for you!
I love the little girl lipstick holder your mom made. It's the little things that hold the most precious memories. I am so glad you took her home with you. You are going to have so many of those moments where you miss her so bad, but with time, the pain of loss will turn into a warmth of knowing it's not over.
Everything we go through is God making us a better person and worthy to walk those streets. It's totally all about HOW we go through trials.
Hugs and hand in there- Tete

Mari said...

Love the button...can I have it too? Ha. I've been there. Love you bunches. You will make it girl--you are MY hero!!

Theresa said...

Sweet button, great job Kat:) Love your tulips and that oh so gorgeous island! You really found a treasure when you found the lipstick holder:) I know that you will smile when you look at it and have sweet memories of your Mama! I pray that you and Kurt will be together soon, I know you miss him terribly AND he misses you! Love you my friend, have a restful evening! HUGS!

Privet and Holly said...

Beautiful post
in every regard,
as I just e-mailed
you. You have the
greatest attitude
and are able to see
the positive in just
about everything!
Big hugs to you,
xx Suzanne

Dianna said...

SO SO good to have you back on the blogging side of life. :-) Always miss you. I love those tulips in the milk bottles, Julie. And I loved the way you did your pics from different angles!

Most of all, I love you!

Joyce said...

Love that island! So cute! What a find! But I have to tell you I love your doggies more. They are so precious and soft looking! Love doggies! I am thinking about getting another one.
I am stealing your button too. Love it! So true! Have a great day, sistah blogger!!! xoxo Praying for you!

Lisa notes... said...

What a beautiful decorating touch you have! I need you to come do my house. ha. I am missing that gene altogether.

Oh, your mom and my mom thought alike. My mother always told us to wear just a little lipstick too. :-) Fond memories. So glad you found the "girl". Precious.

Hang in there with missing your hubby. It's hard when you miss him, but at least you DO miss him! That's a good thing.

Dianna said...

Just coming by to say I love you, Julie.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Hola!! good to have you back Julie. I know, I know, God is pushing my buttons too. It's hard, actually VERY hard. I have ALWAYS been a 'scary cat' you know, so any change even a tiny one, can bring me completely down. I would love to be adventurous, fearless... I am praying, FINALLY praying to conquer my fear for everything. =(
I pray for you my dear friend, everyday, for any need in your life, Our Lord is amazing, faithful, loving, caring, and more and more ♥.
Love the pottery lipstick holder (?) your dear Mama made, just GORGEOUS and that island wow!! love it, I believe is every girl dream ;).
Hugs hugs and hugs my dear friend.


Tete said...

Hey girlie, you have won an award! Come on over to my place to pick it up!
Hugs- Tete

Janean said...

adore the post!

your island is fab! just yesterday i preposted about kitchen islands...great minds...

yes, spring will soon be here; we just have to WAIT.

hugs, lovely lady.

Lili said...

WOW, I love your new kitchen island and those milk bottles from your Grandfather's farm with those gorgeous tulips. Your doggies are just the sweetest. And I'm so happy that you found the little lipstick holder and that you told us all about that precious memory of your Mother with her fun saying! So bummed for you to be so far apart physically from your Kurt. But you have just the most positive and upbeat attitude, I really admire that about you Julie. xoxo ~Lili