Friday, June 10, 2011

Cleaning out, Project Closure, Rearranging, and Love for Vintage

E-Journal....Dear Diary... (photo entry ~ changes)

Every day that passes in this current season involves change, it necessity and sometimes by inspiration...

In preparing for a move, and a long distance one at kicks me in the rear to get long dormant stuff.....DONE....or let it go....choices...

As I have painted one room after the other, rearranged furniture, moved stuff from one location to another, (including to the Garage or the Street Curb!)..., I find that in the serious business of preparing for a house sale, this girl can NOT let go of the light-hearted and whimsical side of fluffing a literally helps me to stay sane...if anybody out there reading this today can relate,....thank you. I have sold things on Craig's List and found a few things to replace and exchange..

When I finished the Guest Room, I stated "The Door is Closed, I AM FINISHED HERE." What a hoot, evidently. My daughter rolled her eyes and said "Oh yeah...sure mom." sigh...they know me TOO well. So glad my family loves me.

The QUEEN size contemporary wicker headboard (freebie from a gal in Rescue) was matched to a FULL size mattress set. I ended up selling it on Craig's, when I found this vintage and awesome Full-size true brass headboard with glass knobs at Habitat... (it matches the glass knobs on the old re-done dresser)

The little brass/glass lamp was on my den mantle, and it was a perfect match- so it got relocated to here.

The wrought iron decor on the wall got changed out to a pretty and large wall clock.

The wicker bedside table was changed out to this vintage child's roll-top desk. This piece was my dad's when he was a little boy. When the grandparents moved from the old farmhouse, I got it! My kids then in turn, sat and colored and drew at this little desk. After we moved here, and Kam outgrew it, it got placed in his closet and there it sat...and sat....
When redoing his room and cleaning out, he wanted it GONE! It went to the garage, while I figured out what to do with it. One day Inspiration hit and I decided to use it as a bedside table. unique...I do love it. It is sentimental and means a lot to me...I have visions of future grands sitting at it coloring and drawing. :-)


This settee didn't change, just got an addition that I can't believe I found at a Goodwill for only 1.99. It is a lovely yellow and blue toile throw. It matches the roll pillow on the bed...rah.

And this was simply a dormant Closet project. This old but beautifully carved dark wood foot stool (Goodwill) has remained in the walk-in since last summer...again on the back burner because of "life." Forced to clean out...I grabbed it late last night, took it out to the garage, sanded it, cleaned it, and painted it with coats of white and blue and sanded again. Perfectly sits here under the slanted Dormer roof of the room...with the cute doggie. *another little re-do inbetween the painting of walls....sanity saver...

When I look back on this portion of the journey, what will I remember??? What will be forgotten because of too much busy-ness and daily overload? I don't know, but I hope that the one prevailing thought will be that I did my best as much of the time as I could to walk the path "well" keep on keeping Hold what I remember to live in the present and not Look to the past, or scan the horizon ahead trying to focus on what was not there not gaze so much at the window closing ...that I didn't focus on the door opening...

"Whenever we exit one place, we are ALWAYS crossing the threshold to enter another..." (unknown)

Closing this entry for today...Life is Hard - some days are harder than others, but with God... all things can be accomplished...our source for strength is unending...we just have to intentionally tap into it.

Remember this today...

"Tough times don't last...Tough people do!" (Robert Schuller)

God bless all who may stop by this blog post today. May you have a wonderful weekend with family and friends. Wishing special moments for you in the everyday routines of life.

God BLESS our military heroes...


Joyce said...

It's amazing what you've done and all you have accomplished by yourself. When the move happens is anyone moving with you besides the dogs? What about Cam? I know Kat bought a house... she isn't following. That will be hard for you. But you need to be with your hubby. Can't wait to continue following your life story.... you amaze me! I love you!

Tete said...

May God walk with you through every step that you have to take. Bless your heart, Julie. It will all pass soon enough. Keep praying, keep busy and keep blogging, so you can look back and see your progress on the not so good days.
You redo is wonderful and your house will sell quick. It will be worth it.
Love the new bed you found and that little desk is the sweetest thing. Your grandkids are going to love it.
Hugs- Tete

Sandy said...

Love all you do in decorating. We sure do
have the same tastes. Hope you continue
to have lots of energy and get every last
little thing taken care of. I just know
you're going to get a quick sale on your