Friday, June 3, 2011

Craig's List Rocks...

I wanted to record this in my E-journal...

I saw an ad stating "Vintage Marble topped sewing machine table" listed on Craig's List last week... I clicked on it just to see the photo because I love the old Singer Iron bases...This is what I saw.

But it was the AD that CAUGHT MY EYE!!!! It described the piece, and then in capital letters said FREE.

I emailed the gal, but didn't hear back and thought it was gone. Then out of the blue several days later, she emailed back and asked if I still wanted it...ummm...YES!!!

**It reminds me of the one my grandmother had. (the base)

I went last Tuesday and met her "Uncle Melvin" to pick it up...*(now that is a name that comes from my parents' generation.) He was in his seventies and OH SO NICE! I enjoyed meeting him, chatting with him and it was ALL good. I told him that I would give his mother's transformed machine a VERY GOOD HOME! so...yes..this piece is over 100 years old!

The marble slab on top is beautiful...a polished, (but not shiny) smooth piece of grey, black, and white marble. Goes with the new Grey, Blue, and White colors in the master.

I sprayed the base white, scrubbed and cleaned the marble, and same for the wood top....and it is now my hubby's bedside table. :-) Here is the metamorphosis.

Love this little bullseye drawer... *{it had fallen apart, and I just got the Elmer's Wood glue, and brushed it between all the dovetailed cuts and pressed it back together. :-) I'm glad there is a little drawer to hold a few items like reading glasses, pens and clippers... Kurt will appreciate that.

I love kind pieces... and I LOVE this table. After I got it in place, I stood back, admired it's beauty, and pondered all the history wrapped up in it, and said... "Thank you Lord." What a nice surprising gift. :-)

And so today...once again, I say....Craig's List Rocks!


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness Julie, it is gorgeous! Great find and your vision for where it fit was perfect:) Kurt will appreciate you thinking of him while painting and cleaning and glueing!

Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!

Joyce said...

I am amazed at the things you find. You are so good at that! Maybe I need to go on Craigs List once in awhile. lol! Have a great day and weekend! xoxo Enjoy being with Justin!

Julie Harward said...

What a fun find and you did it up right too, looks great! :D

Lili said...

Oh Julie I just love that you turned it into a bedside table, it's perfect! That marble is so awesome with the wood details and I absolutely love the iron base in it's new coat of white! You did that piece proud and what a sweet gift that you found it free! xo ~Lili

billypandnikkysmom said...

OH WOW!!!! so pretty!!!! you certainly find a lot on that Craig's list!!!!

Have a great day, I'm going on to read your other posts...just love all of your treasures!!!!

Hugs M.M.S.!!

Dianna said...

LOVE it! ;)