Friday, June 3, 2011

Eye Hath NOT seen...

Today is Friday June 3. I am looking back.....It has been 8 months.....

Eight short months...that have flown away....

Eight LONG months...that have seemed an eternity...on some days.

That Sunday, October 3rd, 2010, Kurt flew out of Charlotte...headed towards Iowa City, Iowa.

Suitcase....BIG carryon...and his laptop.

It was my mom's 72nd birthday...and her last.

And So It Began...

From that point...

my mother's surrender to the beast of Cancer began...I truly think she was holding on for Justin to get back. These were some of the darkest days of this new journey.. Not having Kurt here was extremely hard....and yet I know it freed me up to spend more time over at their house to help my over-worked and strained Dad.

On Thanksgiving Eve, Kurt finally made it back home, flying in close to midnight. We got back home and made it to bed close to 2 am... At 5:30 am Thanksgiving morning, the phone rang. It was my dad telling me my mom was with the Lord. I jumped up and threw on some clothes and left to go be with him til Hospice came...It was a surreal moment and I will NEVER forget seeing my mom lying on the bed, fixed so nicely with her hands folded on her chest. The moment I walked to the open doorway. was obvious my mom was not there. SO obvious. Only her earthly shell...The spirit was gone out of her. The spirit that made her who she was and lit up her face, even in suffering at the end... I will NEVER forget the impact of what I saw. My mom was absent from her body. It was a truth revealed.

We will all die. What we are...a SOUL with a body wrapped around it, will exit this earth, and will go SOMEWHERE! The body perishes and is limited. Ashes to ashes - Dust to dust.

HOWEVER....the part of us - the inner being in every single living person - made in the image of God....EVERYONE.... will simply leave the body, and step across the threshold into one destination or another. There are only two. One place is reunion with the Creator who actually made you...where HE resides - in Heaven

Paradise....Jesus called HE hung on the Cross and promised the thief next to HIM..."TODAY, you shall be with Me , in Paradise." The Lord Jesus Christ Himself confirmed it....TODAY...When the thief died, he would that day....cross over into eternity...WITH Christ.

I know that there are people who believe that there is no Hell. That a loving God would not allow such a thing...that we live our Hell here depending on our own choices and consequences and what we do to ourselves bringing misery to life.

That is NOT what God says...and I tend to always go with the words of the ONE who created me....

HELL, simply put, will be full separation from God.

You see - even HERE, we are not separated from God. His presence and will are still overseeing and directing and controlling the events and history here on Earth. There is sin, and bad things happen, but God is VERY much HERE....still. It's just that life without sin, and its consequences, sadness, sickness, tears, death, all things that occur by breaking the 10 Commandments issued by not possible THIS side of Heaven. Yet we who know the Lord as our Saviour are asked to endure, to be light, to reflect the love of God in the darkness of this broken live for Him and not for self.

There is a verse in the bible in Corinthians that states..." Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

I believe with ALL my heart that this works the OPPOSITE direction too!. None of us can imagine the things that await the one who has denied that there is one God, the Creator of all mankind and the universe; who refuses to admit his need to be reconciled to this Heavenly Father, refuses to admit he is a hopeless and lost sinner without the sacrifice provided by Christ, the only way to the Father.

Hell is described as a place where there will be "weeping and gnashing of teeth"...To say it will be an unpleasant place a gross understatement... Think GOD-less...

All of us, Christians, and unChristians alike, benefit and live in the common graces of God here on this earth. His presence over the sunrise-to-sunset activities on this busy little planet are what hold it together. One day - when you breathe your last, and your spirit leaves your shell that houses it, where will you be going? Do you know? Are you SURE?

Jesus Christ said, "I am the WAY...the TRUTH...and the LIFE...NO MAN cometh unto the Father - BUT BY ME..".

People get upset at Christians for saying their way is the only way. WE did not write these words. WE did not make them truth. IT is from the very mouth of God. HE spoke it. We only accept - believe - and by FAITH know in our hearts that there IS A HEAVEN...No words of after-life experience in a book is a for sure confirmation that there is a FAITH...believing what you cannot see, but yet knowing, because of the restlessness in the soul for HOME...a place that is NOT here...a longing to go where the soul wants to be....THAT IS WHAT LIFE-BY-FAITH IS ALL ABOUT... and so we share with others, wanting to be sure they know too!

Thank you Mom, (and Dad) for teaching it to me....for living it out loud, and now your faith is MY faith. I have claimed it for my own. I know it is true. I have in turn, passed it on to MY children... I know where mom is. I know where I am going. BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT. Amen and Amen...

If you are NOT sure, please get with someone who can help you to KNOW that you are saved.

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and You Shall Be Saved...." It is a free gift... stretched out to you, offered by the very Hand of God, the One who made you, and wants to bring you back to Himself.

YOU just have to deny yourself, and one day at a time...follow after for HIM.

God bless you...and may you be OH SO SURE of your eternity - there is only one lifetime to get it right.

There may be second chances here...but there are none across that threshold... BE VERY SURE....Today. No man knows the measure of his days or life....and No Woman.... If you died tomorrow, and your spirit left your body...WHERE would "YOU" go?

If you are still alive and breathing and kicking....then God's Hand is still stretched out to you...


I'm not sure why all of these words just came out, or why they started spilling over into my blog. Honestly, I just intended to post a beautiful picture of my hydrangeas this morning, and I sat down, and something just hit me right in the face that made this post get typed. but here she is....and so I shall post. It is really and truly what defines this girl. MY FAITH...and I will defend it to my last breath...for I know - not just "in my heart"...I know to the core of my being - IN MY SOUL...that it IS truth. And I don't need someone who states they have been to the gate of Heaven and back to confirm it for me. My Spirit LONGS to be with God. AMEN.

Blessings to any who happen to pass through here today... This .... ME.

Hugs and a Beautiful Day wished your way... and oh yes.....


Theresa said...

Get thee behind me SATAN! I just typed a long comment and it was ditched...

So, I will type it again:)

You sat down and God spoke thru you to some lost soul out there! I will pray that they will read your post! I BELIEVE there is a Hell and I will not be there! I am going to see my Mama and Daddy and walk the streets of gold!

I know that there is a sweet reunion awaiting on the other side! Love you bunches dear Julie, thanks for sharing the words that God spoke to you! HUGS from my heart to yours!

Joyce said...

I smiled as I read your post! Praise God! Thank you Holy Spirit! You are indeed being used! I agree with Teresa that the person is reached and a seed is planted and more! Perfect post! It makes me smile that someday we will all meet on the other side... our real home! Love you tons!!!!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Such a tender post ... we remove self and God takes over.
I am praying someone that does not know the Lord as their Saviour will find this today.

Dianna said...

I slip in here quietly, Julie dear, to say, "Amen" and bless you for your obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit to share TRUTH...not just what some would call any old thing truth, but THE TRUTH.

Tears being shed as I pray...


Tete said...

Julie- God works through you and bless your heart for listening to Him this morning. Some of my posts happen the same way. In faith I type.
I am sure and so glad you are, too.
Truth is God. God is truth. Praying for those who deny it.
knowing this message was meant for someone and that it will make a difference in their life.
Just thought you would like to know that my youngest son was born on October 3rd.
Hugs- Tete

Anonymous said...

thank you Julie I think I needed that!!! nancy settel

Lili said...

Julie, I had never heard Hell explained like that before, that makes perfect sense to me as living in separation from God would be Hell. I had to chuckle at the mention of your original intention was to simply post a picture of hydrangeas! God had other plans for you though! Love it! xoxo ~Lili