Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reminiscing

Today I am simply reminiscing about our FOWL past...(Poultry) days...back when the kids were younger...I miss having chickens...and would love to have them again...Just not sure how I will arrange it with KOBE - CRAZY Renegade dawg...but I'm sure gonna TRY! Loved being able to gather a basket of eggs just like this one!

Below are some of our pretty ladies we had then...

Sawyer - Silkie

Dusty - Silver Laced Wyandotte

Buffy - Buff Orpington

M&M - "Emmy"

Marigold - our Americauna that laid beautiful blue/green eggs...our favorite!

Tiny - our mean-spirited hen - always trying to peck your toes!!!

Angel - a sweet one...She died of some sort of complication later on..

One of our Barred Plymouth Rock Big Roosters that we did not keep long..raised from a baby chick...Crowed a LOT!

Many nice days we let them free-range as long as someone was out watching...and you KNOW this was our PRE-Kobe days..or they would be goners!!!

Here is Red one of our Rhode Island Reds I think, and the Silkie pair..

Here are three of the ladies on a lovely Fall day, just sitting on their perch.

How about a FUNNY-HA-HA before you leave?....

In closing...a message to all who pass by our place...

We PROUDLY support the CORPS....America, They got your back...

Thanks for popping in today. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Lili said...

Wow Julie you had chickens! The eggs are so GORGEOUS. Where did you live then? Oh and Kobe, yep that would not be good to have them with him around. You really surprised me with this one, I love it!! Just now getting caught up with you over here. xoxo ~Lili

Theresa said...

Chickens are just pretty to me:) I was raised with chickens roaming the yard, fresh eggs for cakes and breakfast, and fresh vegetables from the garden! Love looking back at those simpler days:)

Have a blessed day dear Julie! Love the mailbox:) HUGS!

Dianna said...

A woman after my own heart, Girlfriend. Your chickens were beautiful...and the eggs are gorgeous. Praying the Lord will bless you with space to be able to do it again.

Joyce said...

I loved those pictures!!! You surprised me, too! We keep learning more things about you! Love you!!!

Julie Harward said...

Oh boy..that Dusty, he captured my heart from first glance, what a handsome one! Good for you, 2 showings..none here. This is a different kind of one here could afford to buy it, so it will need to come from outside the community...hard to explain! Good luck Julie, hope it goes quickly for you and I bet it will. :D