Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

POTTERY BARN - $250.00 Bathroom Wall Storage - Glass doors

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY RESTORE - LESS THAN 10% of the above price. Glass doors AND SIDES. **larger with more storage space.

....'s about the HUNT!...but all in good time, I got the storage cabinet I had been watching and waiting for!!! :-)

Got tiny pursestrings in these economically tight days??? Be watchful, Be patient, Don't Give Up! Save your pennies.

Thrifting, it does a budget good.

Nuff said...

Have a wonderful Thursday...Off to swing the paintbrush and roll those walls.

Last one...Last one...Last one...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Realtors are being rescheduled for early next week to view the Nest.

Praying it all works out. Hugs to ALL who drop by this blog...


Dianna said...

SO...guess you know where I'm stopping tomorrow, FOR SURE! Maybe I'll find that piece of kitchen furniture I want, after all! ;)

Beautiful cabinet, Julie!

Tete said...

Love your find! Boy, do we all need to watch the pennies these days! Hope things go well and the painting arm is still swinging.
Hugs- Tete

Theresa said...

I am praying it all works out too! I hope that it will be an easy transition and you and your Sweetheart will once again be under ONE roof! Whoever moves into your sweet home will be LUCKY! It is SOOOO precious and I would love to live there!

Your thrify treasure is perfect and nobody would ever know it was thrifted:)

Have a blessed day my sweet friend, BIG HUGS! HEY, get some rest... you are making me tired:)

Julie Harward said...

Love it..very cool! Good luck with too! :D

Lili said...

Surely you are taking your new find with you though!! You have been working so hard Julie and everything looks so beautiful. Only 1 more left to paint??? Fantastic! xoxo ~Lili