Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garden long last...

I worked outside this past much as my body would tolerate. I came in every time, looking like I had just run through a rain shower... The Heat Index everywhere seems to be almost intolerable. BUT, I have work in the yard that HAS to get done. I WANT THAT FOR SALE SIGN IN MY YARD!!!!

End of story!!!

This past week, I have been working on a side "sanity" project that has been on the back burner for a YEAR!!! That's right. The windows for this project I have actually had for I'm guessing at least 8-10 years. A neighbor gal and I grabbed them off the curb when another neighbor changed out his windows. And they have been stored upstairs in Kurt's garage ever since. I have used 2 or 3 for indoor projects, but my dream was to use them in a small greenhouse structure that I hoped would get built. Didn't happen, and here I am moving halfway across the country. What to do with those windows!!!????

Last summer in June, I saw a post on "Maison Decor" blog and saved it. Below is a photo of her project that inspired me to copy.

And this is the rest of the story... **my story

Full View of My Garden Conservatory.

The little table I used for the base came from my paternal Grandparents' farmhouse. It was also upstairs in Kurt's workshop. The cherub statue below it was from Goodwill.

I painted it the same color as this piece on the other end of the deck. (I posted about earlier.)

This is the body of the conservatory - Four identical windows. Three are screwed together. The Front Window is the Door, and is hinged to easily change out what is displayed. Attached over the top four panes is a picture frame to better accent whatever is inside.

side view of the top. The roof is made of two smaller two paned windows screwed together with a squared dowel between the two. Kam came up with that idea. (my faithful assistant) The two smaller windows tongue and groove ends actually set down in the grooves of the tall windows...making a nice fit.

front view- There is a wrought iron scrolly piece screwed into the back window. The chandy hanging down from the middle was part of a lamp I had in the Moving Sale boxes and I took it apart and discarded the base.(gonna paint the silver part white.) The front embellishment was also in the Yard Sale boxes..-sprayed it the same color blue as the table base-allowing a little of the original black to show through.

And for now, I have this cherub pedestal that I love, supporting a pretty begonia plant. Adds a bright pop of pink to the deck.

I am posting this on Sun. afternoon, before my computer gets reworked and gets it innards blown out!..There are now multiple threat warnings popping up so I must have some virus attached. If anybody can fix it, my gal hopefully I will be in working order again this coming week. I pray I will be able to comment, my feeds will update, and I will be able to search...Here's hoping! **Gonna get everything Backed up too, which I wanted to do before I totally shut down to load this beast for a long distance move.

Hope that some of you are inspired to find some old windows and build a garden conservatory!

I hope that mine will soon sit in a garden spot in Iowa, surrounded by boocoodles of flowers...

Hugs to all. Stay cool however you can. Think of our military and thanks for praying...

To my Marine, and to my beloved Man...

God Bless you !


Theresa said...

Gorgeous! This is the 2nd one I have seen THIS week! Hmmmmm, I will have to think of where the other one is so you can see! Be right back...

Whew, OK I am back... here is the other blog I was talking about

I love your beautiful new creation! Enjoy your day dear Julie! Hope you get the computer fixed! HUGS!

Deila said...

I know how much work it takes to get the for sale sign up. Truth be told, I think I worked on it for a whole year. I love your project.

Privet and Holly said...

Mmmmm, that will
look yummy in your
new garden in IOWA!
Hope you can get that
work done in the early
mornings; yikes it's
been hot! Sending you
love and hugs.
xx Suzanne

Lili said...

It's gorgeous Julie and I love that it has the sentimental items incorporated into it too. That heat really must be something there, we had a bit of it too way up here, but it didn't last that long! xoxo ~Lili

Tete said...

You haven't posted in awhile- and I have been having the worst time leaving comments, but here I am checking in on you.
Have you sold the house? Hope you are busy packing and your pc is in a box somewhere!
I have one of these little houses that needs some work and I know now it will have some extra bling added, too.
Love yours!
Hugs- Tete

CACHANILLA73 said...

Love love love that conservatory. I miss reading your blog. I have been away from the blog family for a long time. Too many things happening too fast. I want to come back but somehow I can't. I am enjoying my family every time I get a chance. My Boricua's health hasn't improved but at least his quality of life has. There is a chance we will have to move back to NY... The kids are and my Veteran are getting upset and well..... I am too. We love NY, but we were so lonely. The VA care here is not as good as the one in NY. My Boricua still has another round with the VA next year. That's why we are considering going back. We really don't want that. We will leave that to Our Lord. I have missed you my friend.
Huggs and blessings. Always praying for your Marine.

Julie Harward said...

Gorgeous things here, love them all! I hope the sale of your home goes through and that everything will fall into place for you!
Where we live...there is no mall...all this beauty has it's drawbacks. There isn't much chance for employment here all of that makes it really hard to sell even this beautiful place. I know that God is God of miracles and I go to him for a's just the slow in coming part that breaks my heart. Good luck to you and all you are doing. :D

Lili said...

Thinking of you dear Julie, hope you're safe from the path of Irene! xo ~Lili

orangery said...

Lovely conservatory. It is totally, different and beautiful.

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