Friday, July 13, 2012

F is for Friday and Flowerbox Failure...Fiddlesticks

This is the front porch flowerbox, in October of 2011, right after we moved in.... pretty and cheerful, yes???

Do you see that Sunshine hitting the box...and can you see the shadow of the BARE branches on the cherry tree in the front yard? *(also reflected in the window in the first picture!)

This is my window box today... :-( I waited until after Mother's Day to plant as was advised by many here...("the cold will KILL what you put out" they said...)

Do you see a bloom?? Not ONE!...NADA...I have STOPPED watering and feeding them. They are probably feeling waterlogged!! With the Cherry tree in FULL foliage, the sun just doesn't seem to be getting through enough! And so...I am learning...The window box is under the roof of the porch. I will have to remember this in my planting NEXT year... (they are actually protected from the cold and frost.)

**I need to put them out BEFORE the tree gets dressed in it's canopy of shady leaves.** the meantime, I took my lemons and made lemonade...I placed FAUX flowers in my little pitiful box.


She was so pretty and dressed up when I arrived, and I so wanted to make her that way again...and I FAILED!!! Epic Fail...Kam would say... I had to do something for her!!!

So - now we wait for Autumn and will see if the leaves dropping will bring out any blooms...

Any Suggestions my bloggy sisters who may be popping in???

Have a FABULOUS Friday and those who need sun for your outdoor plans, may you have LOTS of sunbeams on your nest....For those of you desperately needing rain clouds to dump bucketloads on your yards and gardens and flowers...I pray it will rain like crazy!

Justin - We LOVE you. God BLESS you. Prayers for Safety! Can't Wait for you to get back to Iowa for a visit once again... xoxo


Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, you have planted impatiens. They do not like sun - they are a shade-loving plant. You might try something like begonias or petunias which like the sun. Marigolds are good for sun, too.
In Jesus, Paula

Theresa said...

Love the iron gate behind the flower box:). Hope you figure out what to plant that will give you loads of blooms:). Love that picture is your fellas!!! Have a blessed evening! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Julie don't be discouraged you planted impatience just what is needed there if it is shady. WE have them on back deck at our beach house and boy this year they are the fullest they have ever been in the shade. Maybe you "loved' them a little to much and to much water. Next time just add the flowering osmocote to them (pink lided jar) sprinkle it good on the soil and maybe don't water quiet as much let them dry out in between waterings a bit. You can never go wrong with impatience. Just try try try again. They will amaze you. Around here they always say after Mothers Day well I don't have that kind of patience good thing I have impatience!!! I usually start sneaking them in by the end of April first of May and then I can worry about the cold weather hurting worrying is something I am so good at. haha. The house just looks adorable. nancy settel

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Well they were right about not planting until Mother's Day or thereabouts -- it's not unheard of to get a killer frost in early May. Sounds like impatiens or begonias would be your best bet since this box is shaded by the tree. However, in this heat . . . even my faithful begonias and impatiens have given up the ghost.