Tuesday, July 10, 2012

T is for Tuesday... Trivia... Table Runners... and Target Trials...

It is Tuesday! July is here and the temperatures are giving us a BREAK!!! Here in Cedar Rapids the highs and lows will be upper 80's and low 60's... ZippaDeeDooDah!!! Hurray!

Here is a Trivia question for you Today...What controversial but HIGHLY loved Disney movie does this picture represent???

The character above is Uncle Remus and his little bluebird friends were always hovering around him. What a singing voice he had!! and WHAT a storyteller he was. I LOVED this movie. :-)

**If you guessed SONG OF THE SOUTH, You are RIGHT!

I especially loved the little bluebirds happily chirping and singing with him. Those of you who have visited my blog know that I love all things "bird" and "nesting", and have seen one of my favorite prints over my nook of sweet Bluebell Cow and her little friend perched on her ear!

Speaking of little birds...I found a sweet hand-made Table Runner in a Good Will and was tickled pink! I put it with other hand stitched and embroidered works I have gotten over the years from thrifting moments.

It has the sweetest pair of blue birds on each end.

Someone worked hard making a lot of little stitches in this treasure, even the tatted lace edging is hand stitched on...

It now accompanies the runner with the BIG HOOPED "Belle of the South", and I love it!

Again, I wonder why this beautiful work of talent and love landed in a bin, balled up and wrinkled in a Thrift Shop for ALL of $1.38!!...maybe it was there for me??? :-)

About a week or so ago....my stomach was all balled up...as I watched another driver coming out of a parking space right towards my Marine Mom Van!!! YIKES!!

A BIG ol Suburban backed into my tiny little Grand Caravan...(lol...she said she didn't see me or hear my LOUD horn blaring) ...

**maybe she was listening to Willie Nelson...oh no..that's another story!!!

ANYWAY...a long scratch and one dent is estimated by the adjuster to cost $1484.95 to repair!! OH MY!!


I will just say I am GLAD GLAD that I am not the one at fault!!! What a huge price for such a small looking Boo Boo!!! Can we say OUCH!!!??? Poor lady....Just to set your hearts at ease...she was super friendly and didn't seem to be upset at all, and said she told her husband that was why she had insurance...(that made MY hubby comment that she may be used to these incidents???!!!) lol

Okay...let me end this unravelling blogpost with a pretty that has a BIG message behind it for this blog posting sister...

These are some of the flowers trampled down by the fence because of the visitors next door, and YES...they are still here...week THREE... sigh... I decided to go out and make lemonade from my lemons... cut the flowers - bring them inside - enjoy their beauty, (if only for one day!) and pledge to QUIT complaining and whining about the challenges of dealing with the current circumstances. FOR THE SAKE OF MY HUSBAND AND SON!!!


nuff said.

Hugs to all my bloggy sisters. Hoping you have a Terrific Tuesday wherever you are nesting...

Stand Out in a crowd...Smile Big in this heat and surprise those around you!!! **this lilly just makes me think of a 4th of July Firework! :-)

We LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!! We Miss you...God BLESS you...Stay Strong in those sand storms! xoxo


Tete said...

Love the little birds and all your linens. Love those little lamps! Sorry you got dented, and hope you get it fixed soon. Glad you were in that big van. If she couldn't see it, she would have never seen you walking!
Well, the lilies are lovely, even if they were trampled down. Hoping the beasts next door go home soon.

Sandy said...

Wow! That looks so much like a scarf I remember my mom having on her dresser when I was a kid. I always loved it.
I drive a Grand Caravan too.See,we are so much alike. Hope it all works out with fixing the dent.
As always, I love all of your beautiful decor and visiting with you in your pretty and welcoming nest.

Theresa said...

Beautiful birdies on that runner, I think I have one similar;). I will look for it! Don't cha just live digging around at Goodwill?

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day, trampled flowers are gorgeous. Hugs;)

Theresa said...

... Love digging around at Goodwill, that was supposed to say LOVE:)

Julie Harward said...

I love that movie and song too...so much! Sorry about the accident but it sounds like it will turn out OK. I used to have pillowcases with blue birds on it just like those! I love the cow picture too. I am gone for sometimes 2 weeks at a time and am not blogging much, hence 3 posts at once, thanks for your visit, you always make me smile! :)

Beth said...

Hi Julie, Love the table runner, and your stargazer lilies. They smell so good, and that's a great reason to have them in the house. Sorry about your minivan!
xo Beth

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of the sign I saw on Pinterest: If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic.
In Jesus, Paula