Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wee Ones on a White Wednesday...

When I posted about my recent PIN board treasure find, I shared that it had a shelf with a plate groove. I am very pleased to have that ledge.

Today's post is simply to share about two little cutie-pies who have moved in to reside there!

They are "wee" vintage figurines. I am happy to have them join me in my little computer nook. *Such sweet company.

Now little pup is the WISE one. He gives out advice and answers to questions that I may have...

He lives in his little shoe with the sweet rose on it. If he hears me talking to myself about something totally baffling me with this machine...he pops up with his cute face and I can just see those wheels turning in his head to help me figure it out! ;-)

He is so matter of fact, like WHY couldn't you think this through? is so simple, really! What a sweet terrier filled with sage words.

Now, little lamb ...on the other hand, is very innocent and can get worried when she thinks I am frustrated with this computer. Her eyes get big, and she says...It will be okay. Don't be upset!!

She is the SWEETEST! And she wears a little rose on her neck.

Little Lamb and Little Pup are the best of friends and stay close together. They always give me a smile.

Do YOU have a little friend that shares your special space or kitchen window ledge, or back porch with you? :-)

Wee White Treasures
on this Wednesday....the Fourth of July!

Thank you to any popping in to visit today...Have a wonderful day celebrating this special day for our home, America...and please whisper a prayer for all of those whose feet will not be on homeland soil today, as they continue to do their duty and carry out their calling to protect and defend our Freedoms back home in these United States...

**At 5:30 this morning Kam was out with another Senior from the Class of 2013 setting up FLAGS in CR residents' yards. The Optimist Club organizes and sponsors the activity that allows flags to be displayed in your yard for all the Major Flag-Flying Holidays. (They are pulled up at dusk.) It is a fundraising project for the Senior Trip @ Cedar Valley Christian. **RAH KAM!!

We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you!! And THANK YOU!! Stay Strong 1/2.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

They are both as cute as can be but I do love that puppy!

I had to smile at the comment you left on my blog because that's what I was thinking of too! Big maps are still bigger than the biggest piece of scrapbook paper and even most wallpaper still would have to be pieced together for width depending on the pattern. My other thought was to stencil the back. I have a couple of geometric stencils that I could use. Then I thought material also because of the length and I can always find cute cheap cotton on sale at HL or Joann.

Have a lovely day today and prayers said for all our service men and women.

Theresa said...

Way to go Kam! I always enjoying seeing flags all over the place! Enjoy your day my friend! We are having a quiet day around our house:) Hugs and prayers sent across the miles to you!

Thank you Justin for your service, you are always in my prayers!

Theresa said...

Ooops, forgot to say how cute your little friends are:) Love them sitting on your shelf!!! Age truly is mind over matter:) HUGS!

Joyce said...

Those are cute little knick knacks. You are the queen. :D Enjoy your 4th of July! Praying for Justin! xoxo

Tete said...

Love your little friends, and I have tons of them. They are the best little smiles placed all around.
Hope you are having a fun and safe 4th.

Beth said...

So cute, Julie! Happy Independence Day. Prayers for Justin and others serving.
xo Beth