Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Winter's Tale...of a Table.

Today, I am posting a story about the Travels of  "Little Table." Hopefully this will fall within the category of "Short Stories". ;-) My posts can run a little long sometime... but one day, when looking back, and reading through them, I shall probably not regret it.

This particular little table started off it's life in a Pier One store...somewhere in Iowa, I presume. It got adopted into a home, and was most likely loved by a family for a while, but then ended up in the garage with it's accompanying chairs...(the wicker torn and worn on those...) And then it was put up for adoption through Craig'sList Adoption Services. Another lady came along and took the little table home.

Little Table got a nice new home on a screened porch. All seemed well! Alas...some of the people sitting around this little table kept knocking and jostling it with their long legs, and exclaiming about it!!!!

And then...Little Table, got replaced!!! It was banished to the outdoors on the Patio, and ALSO got a WHITE coating... It didn't seem so bad after all. Warm, flowers, birds singing...Nobody sat and ate around it any more, but coffee mugs got to rest on it when the people came outside.

And THEN....WINTER CAME. Little Table got pushed up under the eaves and the glass top got taken in to be stored on the porch. SNOW came and piled up and froze on the Wicker surface.

One day, when Adopter Mom was inside her burrow, and glanced out at Little Table, sitting there covered with snow, she felt sad. Little Table never got used or noticed much anymore. Having cabin fever herself, and going stir crazy ...feeling creative, Adopter Mom went out and got Little Table and shook it and swept all the snow off with a broom, wiped it down, and brought it inside. Then she got the glass top and brought it inside...cleaned it up, and set it back on top of Little Table. THEN....she added something else different.

Remember this???

That big piece of "art??" on that window??

Or maybe you saw it here....

INSPIRATION!! She couldn't believe how perfectly the two went together. And she really had decided she didn't like the "art" blocking part of the view of the Picture Window. Being stuck inside on a wicked chilly day can make the juices start flowing...sometimes.

And so moving pieces around in the room, and exchanging/trading twigs and feathers in the nest all led to Little Table getting a new spot.

Not in a garage. Not on a cold porch...

Not in the frigid snow...But in a warm Living room.

And Little Table felt pretty special, getting more attention and prettied up...

Why, even a little bird named George was allowed out of his cage on the porch and got to come inside and perch on Little Table.

It is a Happy ending for this Winter's Tale of a Little Table...

I think we ALL know the question is...Will Little Table STAY in his new arrangement, or go back out...once Warm Springtime comes??? sigh...

Only TIME will tell.

Another post journalled here in the ongoing blog of this gal....staying inside the Nest until Old Man Winter gets DONE with his fun here in Cedar Rapids.

Whilst looking through some Pic Files to illustrate this little Tale, I came across this pic dated March 4th last year, SNOW OUT THERE!!! and boy did it make my day a little gloomy...well, Buck UP Girl.... Stay Strong...Remain Calm and Carry On....Adapt and Overcome.

This TOO, shall PASS!! It did last year. It will this year.

Thanks to all visitors who dropped by this day. Have a safe and warm and happy Wednesday! God bloggy sisters!


Theresa said...

Oh what a happy ending or should I say beginning for that sweet table:) I do remember the knees hitting underneath! If you could just come to my house and move stuff around... I know you could find much better uses for my stuff too! Hugs to you my faraway Sister, stay warm!

Sandy said...

What a sweet little tale about your sweet little table. ;0) I hope it gets to stay right there in the living room. It looks so pretty.
You still haven't sent any of that beautiful snow my way!
Hugs ~

Tete said...

I love that table and what you did with it. I have been looking at my things out there, too, but I DO NOT have room for them in here or they would all come in! I love how you pull your world together out there. I am slow getting around in blogland. Not doing so good, so stuck here sitting down. Gives me a chance to catch up.