Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beautiful Sunday..The Quiet before Storm Rocky...

Today in Cedar Rapids it was 34 degrees, and beautiful blue skies and very Sunny. JUST LIKE a normal Carolina Winter day...sans the snow. .. of course. It was a lovely day to get out and go to church, and then visit our favorite little Chinese place for lunch.

Ting's Red Lantern. You can tell it's Kurt's favorite place to be. :-)

Kam is looking all scholarly, playing around with his dad's Readers...

When we arrived home, the dawgs were itching to get out and play on this nice day. No gusty sub-zero winds, No snow or sleet, no grey skies, above freezing temps...Perfect. I grabbed a few pics of these furry beasts who have had some measures of Cabin Fever to deal with lately, just like MOM!!!

Gideon doing his BEST interpretation of the YETI.

I had some fun putting together a Spring Pastel colored centerpiece on the Screened Porch Dining table. It was so pretty outside, I am just yearning to go out and enjoy the porch again...Not Much Longer.

A pretty wall mirror can step in for a unique tray. Colorburst Flowers. (gerbera daisies...LOVE) pretty Mason Jars. a vintage jadite duck (my grandmama's!).Aqua pottery pitcher with pastel knitting needles. (it's on my bucket list to learn. REALLY!) Petite china floral plate with blue milkglass mini-vessels. FUN!!!!!

How about YOU?? Are you getting the ITCH to see Flowers, and Green Grass, and be able to go outside and STAY out??? I thought so! :-)

Have a beautiful Sunday. All who are awaiting the next Snowy downpour...hang in there...I'll be hanging right beside you!!


Theresa said...

Oh my sweet faraway friend:) I am always SO thankful to read your comments on my blog! You get me! I am itching to see some flowers but trying not to get too far ahead of Mr. Winter! You have brought springtime inside with that gorgeous display! Those Pups of yours are beautiful and they look like they know they are being photographed:) It was a perfect morning here, Church was awesome and the sky was bright blue on the ride to and from! Sitting on the pew with two of my Sisters is an extra special blessing! Have a blessed week dear Julie! I appreciate you, your friendship, prayers and LOVE! HUGS from your Georgia Sister:)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Kurt does look pretty happy there!

Your mirror/try display looks so pretty! Yes, I'm ready for spring. We do have green grass and the jonquils are popping up but it's still kind of chilly most days (and rainy).

Tete said...

Oh, sweetie, so glad you had a fun day there! Looks like a beautiful day and what wonder guy pals you have! Glad the boys got to play outside and not in that miserable cold, cold you have been having. Looks like spring is getting a headstart there on your won't be long. We are another day closer than we were yesterday!

Joyce said...

I am ready!!!! We didn't have much of a winter at all. Of course we have to go through windy, stormy March and then spring comes here. I love springtime so much. I think it is my favorite time of year! I love pictures of your dog. I just want to hug and pet them! Have a great week Julie!!! xoxo

Sandy said...

What fun being out with your men and eating Chinese!! All of your babies are so cute...two legged and four legged! ;0)
I guess I'll just enjoy all your snow because we sure aren't getting any!

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