Friday, February 1, 2013

Hospitality and Hostessing....

This is the post following up on the one about "Homemaking...Nesting"...

If ever there was a woman who exhibited the PERFECT hostessing skills and hospitality gifts, it was my own mother. She always had an open door for anyone to come to her house and stay over. Visitors and guests were welcomed as if it was there own home.

"seek to show hospitality"  ~ Romans 12:13

OPEN ARMS. Mom felt that her home was a gift from God and she willingly wanted to share it. "Make yourself at HOME" were always her words. She went out of her way to assure that they did. I grew up with it. much as I admired it, I have keenly felt a LACKING of her warm and friendly Hostess gifts and talents. I am so much more of a private person. My mom was so much more "social" than me. Being a minister's wife, God had providentially gifted her with that "habit".

"do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares"  ~ Hebrews 13:2

What do I remember about a "GUEST ROOM" from my mom's home??

A pretty and well made bed. Clean linens. Comfy pillows.

**a note...this embellishment is simply for ME, because I love it. When guests come, it gets put aside, because it will make little clangy noises on the brass headboard... (wouldn't want that!)

A bedside table that is the right height! Also, in the corner is an air machine for "white noise," in case they are light sleepers.

An easy to reach reading lamp, an alarm clock, a box of tissues, some interesting reading material.

Right now that would be, Saint Maybe, The Secret Life of Bees, and a small testament.

A soft nubby rug by the bed for feet to hit when arising.

a chair for purses, jackets, what-nots....a mirror for inspecting themselves. ;-p and a clock hanging on the wall!

a little vanity with a bit of space for keys, watches, jewelry, etc.

And in the cups on the serving tray are some candies. If I had some lemon sours and Werthers toffee, they would be in the other two cups!) Covers all four bases I think. ;-p

another bedside table for a 2nd person

additional reading material. currently the Mitford series by Jan Karon. sometimes a new copy of a magazine.

another blanket and pillow choices, and an iron and ironing board in closet, and of course, empty hangers with space to hang clothes.

Interesting piece of furniture, (optional!) but more quilts on top for COLD winters in IOWA!!!!

*(This room also has a ceiling fan, which many people can't sleep without, especially in the HOT summertime. If there isn't one, maybe a floor or tabletop fan would be accessible in the closet.)

Perhaps a unique piece of art. :-)

One other item that is of my own making. Just because. The mirrored tray on the bed holds a pretty Toiletries Rescue Box with extra supplies in case the guest is missing something.

Many people forget toothbrushes!! :-) Do you see something missing that you would add?? I had fun putting it together.

**The only other thing I am looking for is one of keep folded in a corner. I like this choice from The Rusted Cottage.

I know they are offered Retail, but you know me...this whole room was done with THRIFT shopping, and I'm NOT about to stop now. I'm way too cheap. I do see these from time to time, but have never gotten one. But I will! Watch and Wait.

Now, if I can just muster up even half the gifts and skills of my dear sweet mama. She taught me by example, most of all, but also by words and wisdom. I say...Get with it Julie!!

"show hospitality to one another without grumbling."  ~ I Peter 4:9

Hugs to all my bloggy sisters and visitors. Again, this was a longer than usual blogpost, but I got my motor running and kept going! Mama said there would be days like that!

**This Post served a double purpose for my Archives, to record GUEST ROOM #1 in photos. Shut the door on this one. :-)

Blessings!! Thanks so much for continued and gracious prayers for all of our military heroes serving all around this BIG globe. We can be blessings to others because of the freedom that is ours to do so. Protection. Security. Peace. RAH!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so pretty and welcoming! Hope you have a guest or two soon so they can take advantage of this special room. I don't think you left out a single thing needed to make one feel like they were at their home away from home.
Have a lovely weekend, Julie! It's snowing here today (barely)but the sun is shining so brightly that I have little hope it will continue. :0(

Theresa said...

All of it looks perfect to rest and relax, feeling welcome from the moment I walked in the door:). Your Mama would be EVER so proud of you!!! Hugs to you my friend.

Beth said...

Hi Julie, Your guest room is not just welcoming; it is BEAUTIFULLY decorated. You have a real artistic talent, my friend!
Blessings, Beth

Tete said...

Great guest room. The only thing I would add is Qtips, a small box of crackers, bottled water and maybe some tums or rolaids.
I do not have a guest room anymore. Its a stack it in there until Craig moves out room.
I am more of a private person, too. My mom was. Your mom sounds like a very sweet soul.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Such a pretty room! I love the idea of a white noise machine. I have one in my bedroom. Sometimes the neighbors let their dogs out way too early :)