Sunday, February 10, 2013

It Is Easy.....Think about it.

I am just following my heart today, thinking about our country and all it has been through in the last couple of decades.
Thinking of all of our troops and all that has been asked of them in as many years.
I am thankful for every single one of them. They are brave. They are strong. They are true to their calling.
They defend and die for what they believe in.

I love all of my children. God has blessed me abundantly. I am grateful that each one knows God and will know the calling HE has given to them when the time comes.

Each of them has a purpose in this life that only he or she can fulfill, because God designed that task specifically for them. All four of them. My sons and my daughter.

Today, this post, and the video below is dedicated to my sons. It also includes all the young men and women who have sacrificed, are sacrificing, and will do so in the future, in order to serve this country. They deserve all of the respect and honor and gratitude we can give them.


Because we DISlike or DISagree with war, let us be careful not to DIShonor, DISrespect, DISregard, DISdain, DISapprove, DISconnect, DIScourage, DIScriminate, or DISgrace these honorable heroes.

DO NOT "DIS" the very ones that protect and watch out for you.

They need to know that America backs them and supports them 150%. Don't let the media tell them otherwise.

Pray for them. Thank them. Shake their hands. SHOW THEM....

Kam has just returned from another weekend of training and drill with the National Guard.

I am keenly aware that Jonny is entering Marine Corps boot camp in about 3 months.

Justin has received his orders into another USMC battalion on the West Coast and will very soon be transferring there...informing us that they will shortly begin the work-up for another tour to Afghanistan.

In honor of Justin, and Jonny, and Kam .... and the so many others who have served their time and are now home, who are currently serving in a conflict far from home, and who will serve in the coming years.

God bless them.

God bring them home.

May our government give them all of the support and budget back-up and working equipment that they need to do what they are given orders to do.


God Bless the USA.


Tete said...

Wonderful post! Thank all your sons for me and my family. They are awesome men. Praying they all return to the nest when their call is answered. Praying for you while they serve.

Theresa said...

My heart goes out to all of these BRAVE members of our Military! I know how much prayers help US and THEM! I will be praying for all of your Sons as they go different ways for the same goal, keeping us safe! I recently watched the Marjah movie and it was a real eye-opener as to what my Justin lived thru... by the Grace of God! I promise you that I will pray for your Sons like you prayed for my Justin! BIG HUGS to you dear Julie! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

So easy to pick out your guy in the group shot! God bless and protect our Rough Men.
In Jesus, Paula

Sandy said...

Coming from a military family I have the utmost respect for all the branches. You and your husband have much to be proud of in your wonderful and braves sons.
God Bless America and our brave men and women.

Beth said...

I'm proud of the men and women who are serving, and those who have served in the past. Thanks for the reminder to keep them all in our prayers! You raised fantastic children with servants' hearts. You should be very proud, not only of them, but of you and your hubby as well.

Joyce said...

An amazing post. Really touched my heart! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Every single Revolutionary War & War of 1812 Veteran I meet and a few of the vets from the Mexican-American War get a firm handshake.