Friday, February 22, 2013

White...Old Man Winter's Favorite Color

Just another entry in the Winter 2013 E-journal. Snow today. The Storm dubbed STORM Q started last night before 7. Blessedly, the amounts they predicted for here have gone down a couple of inches. It's still falling, but very dry and powdery, so we'll just enjoy.

I opened the screened porch door this morning to let the dogs out. Here was as far as I got for a pic. Not going out there in slippers!! lol...

After the initial excitement of running and frolicing before draining themselves...they then ran back in covered with falling flakes, and dropping mini snowballs from their footpads and toes. Kobe just stopped right in his tracks and plopped down in the snow, to start picking some of the pieces out...~~c~~o~l~~d!!!!

There goes the hard-working snow-plow. Bless them. Been working around the clock.

Second sweep. Thank You!!!!!!!

Love this man!

You HAVE to shovel the end of your drive once the Plow has gone by. You can't get your car over the snow pile left behind. Bless his heart...

Meanwhile,'s warm and toasty. The 10 feet of window span in the Living room does provide a nice view of the falling snow.....(yes that's Kobe there looking for any sign of life out back)

I'm thinking - oh wouldn't it be divine to have a view like this out that picture window??? instead of my neighbor's dull garage...but hey...It's What We Make of It....Life! :-)

I want to SHOUT:

But they are already predicting another storm front coming in Sunday night with snow Monday, Tuesday, and lingering flurries it is STILL WINTER, no matter how we feel about it. :-)
My grandmama always said, You either gotta LAUGH about it,

or CRY...what will you choose???

Maybe a little sign out front will help this situation!!!????

It won't surprise anyone that I am the only resident here at this house that is tired of the snow...

Today, I will close with this thought...

and this little dose of cheer!

Think Spring!!! Hugs to all my Bloggy sisters and visitors popping in. Stay Warm!!!


Theresa said...

I am SO enjoying your snow:) All of the beauty without having to be SO cold or do ANY shoveling! I think it is beautiful! Have a blessed and WARM cozy day inside dear Julie! BIG HUGS from damp Georgia:)

Sandy said...

Oh, pleeezeee send some beautiful white stuff my way!!! All we are getting is predictions and then no snow!! The daffodils are coming up and I want snow!
I posted a new picture of my little Jesse on the blog, Julie! Sweet Toby, too.
Have a cozy weekend!

Beth said...

Hi Julie, It must be quite an adjustment for you, since you've grown up in the south! The dogs seem to be adjusting well, though. Josey's little belly and nose and even back got all snowy this a.m. As the day progressed, the snow was harder, had developed a hard crust and then she could walk on top. Hang in there and try to enjoy - perhaps you can have fun "nesting." Or maybe (like me in the past) you'll decide if you have to live with winter, you might as well enjoy it and get cross-country skis! lol

Privet and Holly said...

I'm actually loving
this fresh coat, as
I find dirty, icy snow
along the roads to
be kinda depressing.
And, it won't last for
that much longer!

Isn't it funny to see
dogs frolic in the snow?
Gracie acts like a pup
in fresh snow! But only
in the fresh stuff : )

Enjoy your weekend,
sweet friend!

xo Suzanne

Tete said...

LOL- I think you should have that photo enlarged and paste it on the neighbor's garage! Like a billboard just for you!
Hope you get melted soon. We are thawing and not much game this way. 40s tomorrow, so what doesn't go away today will be pffff tomorrow!
Spring is coming! Just hang on a week or two more and you should start seeing a change there.
At least here, where we are very flat, it blows the snow into the next county!

Joyce said...

We only got snow once. We really missed it. Well, I did. Not sure about anyone else. I wish we could get some but now I am kind of getting in the mood for Spring. That would be great! Soon...very soon! Thanks for sharing your snow pictures!!!! Love them!!!!