Friday, November 13, 2009

Home for a day

Remember this show? I was a loyal watcher. I think I may have seen every episode ever made. Little did I know that one day I would have a son in the Marines.
How Gomer Pyle ever made it is beyond me. TV land...non-reality. :-)
Sargeant Carter was pretty real. His continuous barking "in your face" and repeated disciplines for Pyle were reality in the Marines.

But...I digress. I had my wonderful Marine home for oh so brief a stay and had to return him back to LeJeune yesterday. Lots of driving over 3 days, but well worth it. After not being able to talk to him for so long while he was in Arizona, we were itching to see him. He will be back for Thanksgiving, and we are looking forward to it!

Grabbed a photo of him with his brothers (quick!) before we took off yesterday.
My Three Sons...ahh...another favorite from Retro TV land.. but that's another post.
Love my boys and my one girl to pieces. They are TREASURES. Thanking God today for such wonderful blessings.


LDH said...

Prayers for your Marine and a huge thank you to him and his family. I am grateful for your sacrifice!

I enjoyed reading your profile! And the scripture tag with Psalm 32:7 at the top of your sidebar was a blessing to me.

Kindly, ldh

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Julie ~ Oh don't I know what you are going through with having your son enlisted. I know that you are PROUD, LOYAL and FAITHFUL!! Be sure to tell your son THANK YOU for serving our country. THANK YOU to you and your family as well. It is a huge sacrifice not only for your son, but for those who love him so deeply.

sending a hug your way....
and a thank you for your kind words about my oldest son, Jordan.