Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mom News

So many of you have asked about my are so kind. She is holding her own is what I tell most people recently. She is down to 87 pounds....yes. She is what some would say skin and bones.. very shaky. She doesn't talk as much anymore. I think her processing of some things is just too hard. Other things going on in other parts of her brain still work well. We watched Jeopardy the other night and she would beat me on some answers!!! Sometimes she can't think of words and Dad and I start trying to fill in the blank, and I know it frustrates her.

A Hospice nurse comes twice a week to check on her, and another aide comes twice a week to help her bathe and is just so sweet.I fill in the rest of the time when dad needs to run errands or has his own appointments.

She is eating, just not large amounts. She is not on pain medication.

She still can get out of bed and make it out to her sunroom to enjoy the outdoors and flowers from there. I'm glad she has that. My dad added that on for her a little while back, and she has truly loved that gift. Here's a cute photo of her out in the sunroom when we were celebrating Justin's HS graduation a few years back. (*I can tell he thinks I was going to let his cake slide off!!-can you??)

Mom had on a cute little pink outfit with sparkly flipflops around the bottom of the shirt. She always liked to wear colorful outfits. She always has matching earrings and shoes...And ALWAYS lipstick! She taught me - Always wear some lipstick, and you'll look fine! (Her mama taught her!)I miss seeing that. She stays in her pj's now.

She has started wanting to clear out stuff, and I suppose is thinking of Dad and all that she doesn't want him to have to mess with after she has left this earth....

Mama has given me so much statuary...angels, children holding birds and bunnies, a big fountain... Below is a small concrete cherub pot that came out of that sunroom. It sits in my house now, on a little wooden chair that was mama's when SHE was a little girl. She sat on it, then I sat on it at my Grandmother's, and then my kids sat on it in our home. is only on display. But!..if I ever have some grandbabies! will be used again.

Mom loves too! :-)

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts as we travel down this path with mom as she finishes her long battle with cancer...over 15 years!!!! She is a trooper.
She loves the Lord, and has passed that love down to me. I know where she will be after she takes her last breath here. No doubts. And I will be there with her too, one day! It is hard to watch a loved one struggle with all of this. Thank you for asking about her, my dad, and Justin, and me!

Hugs to all of you. Thank you for your prayer support. I am grateful that you would take a moment to whisper a prayer to God to strengthen us and comfort us. God is good. Bloggy friends are awesome.


billypandnikkysmom said...

Oh Julie, I pray that she is comfortable & I am happy to hear that she is able to get up and about a bit! I know that you will treasure everything that she has given to you, especially your love of our Lord! Always in my prayers, Bless all of you!

Dianna said...

Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing about your mom. I think of all of you so often and pray for God's strength for you as you walk this path with her. I can't imagine 87 pounds...I know that has to be hard, but so glad that your focus is on her future in the presence of our precious Lord. I've really been praying for your dear dad.

Please take care...Hugs coming your way.

Sandy said...

Oh Julie, can't help but shed tears as I
read all this. It's so hard but the Lord is
there right in your midst. He never leaves
us. We went through the same thing with my
dad years ago. You have to continue to keep
your focus on the fact that your dear mom
will be with her Lord and Savior and will
be completely whole and experiencing a joy
we won't comprehend until we get to heaven
too. May He give His perfect peace to all of
you as you carry on and fight the good fight
of faith.
I continue to lift all of you up to our
wonderful Lord. He is our everything now and
into eternity.
Love & Blessings,

Joyce said...

I am praying for your mom, dad, and you! God is good... always. He will see you through this. I love you and am glad you updated. I know it must be hard. xoxo Prayer works!

Julie Harward said...

Oh Julie, this is a hard time, I know because I lived it with my mom too. And my MIL is 97 and she is now giving her things away too..the things I have given her over the years are coming back to me and my kids. You have been so blessed to have such a mom..she has helped to form you and given you all that she could. My heart goes out to you and to her...may the angels that she so loves be with her every moment through this time of her life.
I love the little chair and I Love angels too...thats why I just love you! God bless you and your mom...hold her tight! :D

KK said...

Jonny's back! When are we going over there for pizza party? :)

Mari said...

So precious. I wish I were closer to my mom so I could enjoy more times with her while she's still here with us. All of her brothers and sisters have passed with cancer, except one...but he now is battling it. She's left. So I pray God won't take her soon.
I know you love your mom...they are so special in our hearts, aren't they? I can't imagine 87 pounds, except to think that my grandmother was maybe 90ish pounds...she was a tiny thing.

You have been blessed with such great times and memories with her, and I am praying for you and your family as you continue to care for her in her last moments.


GardenofDaisies said...

It is so hard to watch our parents age. I am really glad that you are able to be there with her on a regular basis... You are such a good daughter.. your parents are truly blessed! Sending you hugs.

Cindy Lou said...

I sure hope that she is able to stay comfortable!!! I know that you are taking in every precious moment that you can!! Thank you for keeping us posted and know our prayers are with you all!! Blessing from Georgia!!

Theresa said...

Oh my sweet friend... I KNOW how it feels and it isn't every easy to watch our loved ones go downhill. She knows she can count on you and that gives her peace. Love you my friend and I am praying for her and all of you!

Big hugs and continued prayers!

Anonymous said...

oh Julie how wonderful you have such a sweet and kind mother and that you have nothing but very good memories. You are blessed. Thinking of you and your family. nancy settel

Loren said...

Julie ~

Found your blog via Sandy @ Faith, Hope and Love. I can relate to this post so much. It is so very hard when we reverse roles and become the strong one and they look so us. Somewhere inside the little girl in us still wants our mom but through the Lord HE can give us the Strength we need daily or in each situation that presents itself. I will be praying for you and yours!

I have looked for a follow button for your blog, am I missing it? We are sooo alike in how we love our Lord and our families! I look forward to knowing you more!

Love and blessings,

Anonymous said...


Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Bless your heart Julie. Thank God your mom has you. She sounds like a wonderful, wonderful lady. I can't wait to meet her - and I believe I will, with all my heart - one fabulous day, when we will all be together, laughing, talking and having a wonderful time. Cherish this time that you have left here with your mom - I know it's hard, but it's precious. You will be in my prayers..xo

Privet and Holly said...

Sweet, sweet friend!
You write so eloquently
when it must absolutely
squeeze your heart to
describe your mom's
journey. Your faith is
so amazing; you continue
to inspire me with your
courage and positive
attitude about everything!
With your dad living
nearby, I can see why you
are truly "at home." My
Gigi will be 93 this Sept.;
SHE always wore colorful
clothes and matching
accessories, a lot like your
mom. She still likes pretty
things, but her dementia took
away her vanity and she
no longer frets about her
hair and makeup like she used
to.....or having everything
match. I will keep your mama
in my prayers, along with the
rest of your family.
xx Suzanne

Fearless Nester said...

Oh dear Julie, You have so much you're coping with in your daily life. You have such a gift with your words and your attitude is so uplifting. I so appreciate you taking the time to leave the most warm words for me. You truly are a treasure with your ability to lend such heartfelt words of wisdom to others. I so admire your strength. Hugs, ~Lili