Friday, November 19, 2010

Sisters reaching out to Sisters...

Well, let me just say, the sisterhood of blogland is still thriving and if others who are not experiencing it only knew, they would be blown away. I have written a post about this phenomenon before. Women reaching out to touch the lives of other women whom they have never met in person, and yet they feel like sisters. The world of web-logging allows many women an outlet to find others who are like themselves.

We can write and share, and ask and tell, and cry and laugh, and completely commiserate or empathize at any given time.

This sweet bloggy sis and I met a while back...and have kept up with each other through our posts and comments. She is the sweetest friend and encourager. It just so happens to be that currently we are travelling a very similar path. My husband took a new job in Iowa and is now living 15 hours away from the family. Mari's sweetie took a job in Indiana, and is now,.I'm not sure, but probably just as far (because Mari is trailing him in Florida).

We can identify with each other. We know what the other one is going through. Not totally alike, but very very similar. And that is of great value. Someone who KNOWS what you are experiencing. And there are many other gals out there who have had to do this same thing at one time or another, if only for a brief time. So THEY know what it's like to be MAN-less... be left behind to try and take care of business with the home...and the SALE...

Today, I walked out to my mailbox. There was a box addressed to me...(moi?) I wasn't expecting anything...!!! On the top I saw Mari's name...Oh my. I got teary....just like that. I was having a "down" morning. My mama is getting worse at a more rapid pace, and it has been difficult this past week. Especially without my man here to hug me and console me. He is good at that...and I ache, I miss it so much right about now.

But this girl wanted to reach out and touch me to let me know...she knows. She has been thinking about me. She has been praying for me. (**and I do HOPE she knows I think of and pray for her as she walks this same journey of moving) :-)

She sent me a little loving care package. Inside were these adorable little bags filled with shells from a beach she has walked on...little colorful shell candy sours, chocolate-filled shells, and a beautiful little shell candle.

What a beautiful gift that more than anything, touched my heart...more than she knows...and on a day most needed. God bless her, and all my sweet bloggy sisters who comment and encourage every single day.

Mari, just for you...

The chocolates will be all gone after being shared...before this post hits tomorrow morning...

The candle is now gracing my bathroom with it's beautiful blue color and awesome shells. I do so love the mini starfish. soooo tiny.

The sours are now sitting within arm's reach of my computer seat in my little heart storage tower... YUM!! I like to keep sours like Jolly Ranchers there, and it was EMPTY!!! Not any more. :-)

And the "real" shells are in this little urn in my living room ....Pretty!

Thank you Mari. You are a dear and a treasure. I just wanted to give special attention to your sweet and generous and sensitive spirit, and a shout out for the world of blogging sisterhood.

Most of you out there have experienced this yourselves. Thankful today for the way God can use so many tools and resources to connect loving souls and caring sisters in this mega-electronic world. God bless you all.

Big Hugs going out across the miles to Mari!


Sandy said...

This is so precious, Julie. I am ever
amazed at the love shared through this
thing called blogging too. I have "met"
some of the sweetest people.

Cindy Lou said...

Sweet Dear Julie, I have not been very good at keeping up with the blog world!! School is kicking my tail this quarter!! I am so sad for you that your mama's health is getting worse and quickly...My thoughts and prayers are with you! I know that God has this planned out for us and will give us the strength that we each need but I often wonder where that strength is gonna come from when I am down and so weak!! Then someone like Mari comes along and it gives us that little extra push that we need in life!! Not always on the computer but you are always in my heart!!! Keep your head up and hold on to Gods unchanging hand and you will not get to far down!!! Love you blogging sister and MOM Sister!!!

Oh and thank you for the birthday wishes!! You are too thoughtful!

Theresa said...

Good Morning Dear Friend! I was just talking about you last night on my long ride to and from the Funeral home! It is amazing to me just how CLOSE I feel to my Blog friends! It is a friendship that will be there forever! I am so happy that you have Mari to share with! Great gift and OH SO SWEET! She and you are going thru similar trials and will be with your fellas again soon!

Love to you and prayers for strength while you care for your Mom and Dad! HUGS!

Mari said...

Awww, that is so very sweet. I started thinking of this little surprise while at Sanibel collecting all those shells I knew I didn't need. Ha. My man actually came up with the idea to mail them to all of my blogging friends. So I'll give HIM the credit of this inspiration, and God the credit on the timing of it all coming together. How's that?

I am still in Florida, finishing out work. Praying for our house to sell soon (bad time for that) and figuring out when I will permanently join my man up in Indiana.

Love you bunches! I sure hope you will be joined together over Thanksgiving with you honey! xoxo

Joyce said...

I loved you post. Mari sounds like a wonderful friend and someone God sent you for this time. I love my blogger friends. I've gotten special surprise gifts, won a contest, Theresa even sends cards to my mama! There are amazing people out there beyond my house! I love you all! Thank you for being my friend. xoxo Praying for you always!

Dawn said...

This is wonderful! I too am amazed by how many people I have connected with over this past year through here....It has rounded out my life in many ways and I am so thankful for it!

Yay for packages from dear friends in the mail:)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Privet and Holly said...

What a treasure of
a friend Mari is.
As you are, to me.
God continues to bless
me with these wonderful
connections through
Blogland. They fill a
place in my heart that
I never realized was
empty... But it was.
I am praying for your
continued grace, strength
and courage as you
face the days ahead. I
wish I had shells to send!
All we have at the moment
is SNOW and you will have
plenty of THAT when you
get to Iowa : ) But I do
have love and am sending
you loads, sweet friend.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Stay busy!!
xx Suzanne

billypandnikkysmom said...

You all have a special place in my heart, some I have had the pleasure of meeting face to face, others I hope to meet some day...knowing all the while that there are days that I feel so low & can look to all of you for a laugh or a smile & some common shared comfort ~ Love you bloggy sister...praying for your mom!

GardenofDaisies said...

That was a very sweet thing for her to do.
My Mom and Dad had to do that once. Dad had to move immediately (March) for the job and Mom stayed behind (til June) to complete the house sale and pack things up, and to let my little sister finish out the school year.
Life can sure throw us challenges from time to time, but it sounds like you are staying very positive.
Hugs to you.

CACHANILLA73 said...

God bless her. Dear Julie, God knows the desires of our hearts. He knew you were in need of comforting. I am so sorry about your dear Mama. I pray for her and you and all your family.