Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Morning Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

Sunshine and Chilly. God Is Good. :-)

It's a beautiful day. God still moves in mysterious and phenomenal ways to work HIS best in our lives...every day.

Go out and be a blessing to someone today who needs to be reminded of that!

Rah to the Marine Corps of the United States. God keep them all.


Dianna said...

WOOOOHOOOOO! A post from Julie dear! I check every day in hopes of hearing something from Iowa! I just let out a warhoop (as my mother used to refer to them when I was young)...I'm the excitable type, ya know. lol

Love the view from your kitchen window in Iowa!

Joyce said...

I miss you!!!!!!!!! I am glad you checked in! xoxo! You are in Iowa now? I am so out of the loop I can't even find the loop! Fill in!!

Anonymous said...

At LAST!!!! Welcome back! We missed you!
- Paula

Lisa notes... said...

Hi, Julie! Hope things are going well in Iowa for you! Glad to see you around again.

Tete said...

Been waiting a long time! ;)
Glad you made it to Iowa and that window view is wonderful! Love the red bling...can't wait for you to show us the rest.
Big hugs- Tete

Sandy said...

Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!You're back!!! So good to
hear from you, girl! How are things going
there in Iowa? Hope you'll give a tour of
your new home. I just know you have it all
decorated beautifully. I have thought of
you so many times and prayed all was going
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

oh finally you are back!!! yeah. Have missed you Julie and of course wonder each day where you are and what is going on. Window view of Iowa is beautiful, can't wait to hear more and hear how that Marine of yours is doing, well okay and the other kiddos also but you know the Marine thing between you and me. Nancy Settel

Theresa said...

I am so happy to hear from you:) I am at the beach and saw your comment checking in on me! God is GOOD and you sure follow his plan! Enjoy your new life in your new city with your SWEET love of your life! Love you bunches! HUGS!

Lili said...

So glad you're back posting Julie! Waiting to hear all about your new life in Iowa. My goodness it must have been a whirlwind time for you while making the transition. Hugs, ~Lili