Tuesday, May 29, 2012

For the Journal - The Back Hallway - and a Great Find

Today's entry is to record my back hallway in this 60's Rambler. When Kurt first found this house, the listing had a "Mudroom" included in the description... Well, the mudroom is actually just an entryway that is about 7 x 8. It enters from the garage, and has a door to the stairs leading down to our basement and a coat closet. From that Entry, there is a long hallway that leads past our family room which is a step down, and ends in the kitchen. There is an door opening to the Dining Room (it has a Pocket Door) to close it off from the kitchen. This is just a post for my photo journal of "The Nest" here in Cedar Rapids. :-)   **I also am recording a super thrifting find that made me smile.
View from the Breakfast "nook",this is the hallway. To the left is the doorway to the Dining Room and then the step-down opening to the family room. It is a little bit different in that the left walls are covered in the Kitchen wallpaper, and the right side is the paneling that is also in the family room.
the papered left side.
The paneled right side, with just a small section of wall right beside the kitchen pantry that is papered as you enter the kitchen. That doorway is a stairway that goes up to the attic, and we store our bottled drinks on the landing.
the stretch of paneling between the stair closet and back entry. This back hall gets a lot of traffic. The garage entry is basically our "non-front door" way to come inside. The back entry comes in through the double glass doors on our screened porch.
This photo is just sharing my 'Great Find'. This is actually a Pottery Barn Kids magazine rack. It sells for $124.00 online. (yes..I looked it up!) I was so tickled to find it thrifting!! It is in like new condition and I basically repurposed it into a plate rack/magazine holder. I have been looking for one of these (thrifting) for a number of years. I never cease to be amazed what people turn in to the Thrift Stores. I am grateful!!
Bloggy Sisters are special! For any popping in this week, I hope you have a wonderful ending of May and are looking forward to the Summer days approaching. I am happy that Kam is done with school for this year. The yard continues to bloom and the mini pink roses are popping right now.
We LOVE you Justin. God BLESS you as you are deployed!! Stay Strong 24th MEU...Ooo-Rah.


Theresa said...

I can't imagine my days without my blog! When my computer croaked recently, I felt a little less stressed because I had the last few years jounaled on my blog! My friends in blogland are FRIENDS for life:)

I love your rack, you are the queen of thriftiness! Enjoy your week my friend, Love to you and PRAYERS for your Justin's safety!

Tete said...

Love the new rack! I can't believe that someone would let that go! Great find. Love the hall way. I have papered and painted paneling before, just make sure to rough it up and tape the seams- if you decide to brighten the area up a little more. I suppose you found your platters thrifting, too.
Well, the guys finally got the holes dug, poles set and concrete poured. They took off about 20 minutes ago. We are so dry here, it took them forever to get the holes dug. It will sit over night and then they will start in again tomorrow. I looked out the door when they left and can't believe how big its going to be!

Dianna said...

What a GREAT find, Julie! Love the way you have used it as a plate holder...the plates are beautiful!

I enjoyed seeing a bit more of your nest there in Iowa. The paneling is beautiful!

Your pink roses are SO pretty! Don't you just love the fragrance they bless you with? Such a pretty vase as well...blue and white, my favorite combination of colors. :)

Hugs to you Julie.

Julie Harward said...

Hi Julie...I love your home, it looks real nice to me. Thrifting is like a treasure hunt to me, it can get addicting too! You know, when you find those treasures! Love what you found too, looks great there too. My SIL built one, only huge, for his kids story books. Love the dog in the flog below too! Have a good week my friend. :D