Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Vintage Treasures....and Test Products

On a thrifting afternoon...I saw a vintage cake-carrier. In that brief moment between spying it and getting to it, something happened. Memories flooded my mind. My grandmother's frozen coconut cake, made especially for church "on-the-grounds" picnics and dinners. When we saw that silver carrier, it meant that we were going to have an opportunity to eat her famous cake...with ice cream layered in it, and fresh strawberries frozen right along on top. I could see it...and almost taste it...the coldness of it hurting my teeth (just a little) I picked that carrier up and set it in my cart. I felt a little piece of my grandmother inside of me. And truly all of us are made up of little pieces of our ancestry. Lives woven together over the decades and generations. It's a beautiful thing. And so, I give you a picture of my treasure.
As you can see, it was in a very "well-used" condition. I wanted to clean it up but not take away that vintage character. This purchase gave me the perfect opportunity to try out a product I had just heard about. Bar Keepers Friend
Every day, I get an email from Mary Hunt's "Everyday Cheapskate" telling of tips and information and products that can help out with living frugally and staying on a budget. This was one of her latest endorsements. *(found it at Wal-Mart) After applying to all of the pieces of the cake carrier, this was the finished product....still full of character but much cleaner and shinier...sans the rust spots.
Enjoying the feelings of connection with a past generation and the love, warm fuzzies and memories of precious moments that rise up. This find will NOT be stored away. It will be on display...24/7 for the smile it gives...
This post is a "test" run of returning to Blogger with all of the new format and trying to figure out the new ways... Still confused about a number of things. I just need to take an afternoon to sit down and go through the tutorial changes...another to-do on the list... Hugs to all my bloggy sisters dropping by...
We LOVE you Justin! God BLESS you!!!


Dianna said...

YAY! So good to see a post up from you, Julie! I've been watching for you. :)

I loved your vintage find...I have my grandma's cake carrier...use it all the time to carry cakes and pies to and fro.

I also have some Bar Keeper's Friend and have just never thought of trying it on Grandma's carrier. That is going on my "to-do" list! That was amazing how it cleaned up that carrier and made it look brand new again!

Tete said...

The cake carrier looks wonderful after the cleaning. I will have to remember this. Growing up, mom had a lot of aluminum pans and she used Zud for them. Comet was for the bathtub and sinks, but if you had a rust stain or the metal was dulling on something, she grabbed the Zud. I will be on the lookout for this other one. Looks like it might be kind of the same thing mom used to use.
I love that this piece flooded you with with your grandmother. I have my grandma's aluminum carrier. It was always brought for holiday dinners and it would hold a pumpkin pie and either sweet potatoes or dressing in a casserole dish. There is a divider in it if you want to take 2 shorter things.
So glad you are back to posting. Missed you great writings and those babies of yours.
Also news of your marine.
Show us your yard now that things are coming alive there. We got down to 48 last night! I woke up froze- left the bathroom window open last night and the curtains were standing straight out this morning. No painting today. The wind has returned.
I am in jeans and long sleeves but is supposed to be in the high 80s this weekend.
Its no wonder we are living on cold and allergy meds here.
Have a fantastic day!

Sandy said...

Lovely find, Julie. I have my mother's glass cake stand in my china cabinet and it also brings back sweet memories. She was the best baker of sweets and always made a cake and/or pie every Saturday night for Sunday dessert. Just found Bar Keeper's Friend? I have used it for years. It's also a great find.

Theresa said...

Oh don't you just cherish those memories SO much! I love your new treasure and GIRL you really cleaned that baby up:) I have had some REAL technical difficulty here at my house! I had to replace my laptop:( I can't live without it or at least it makes life so much easier!

I have been using the new interface for blogger and I am totally used to it now! If I can help, just let me know:) Love you bunches and I would love to have a piece of that coconut cake, one of my FAVORITES! HUGS!

Mom on a mission said...

Love the cake carrier! Very cute.

Privet and Holly said...

What a precious find,
Julie! I love what BKF
did to shine 'er up, too.
My Gigi used to make
a fantastic coconut cake
from a recipe that she
got from a fellow church
member. Coconut cake
makes me think of her : )

Hope you are enjoying
this fine, fine spring! It
actually feels like June,
here. I have been at the
ball fields almost every concert
at school tonight.....'tis
the season!

xo Suzanne

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

So glad you're back!

I've heard of that product but never tried it. Mary Hunt? Is she still at it!
I used to read her books years ago.

The way you described the coconut cake made me want some!!

The cake carrier cleaned up so nicely and it looks fabulous in your island.

Julie Harward said...

I have missed you my friends...I have been gone as you know and I too am not looking forward to figuring out the new blogger thing!
I think this is why I love to thrift shop too, I love vintage because it does that same thing to me, brings back such great memories of my loved ones too. I love your new find, and wow it did turn out so you need to make that desert, sounds divine!!! :)