Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday FAVORITES and a Winner...

Another Friday has arrived and it is basically the first unofficial weekend of summer for many as Memorial Day Monday is coming up. Pools will be open, grills will be smokin', Celebrations will be going on with fireworks, and Families will be getting together. A great time to remember all of those who have served and are serving to allow us to keep enjoying the free and wonderful life we have here in America.


 For Friday Favorites, I am posting one of my favorite finds this Spring from a local Good Will Store. It is something we needed and I wasn't really on the hunt for one, but knew at some point, I would purchase a different one. It's a MAIL BOX!
The one we were using looked like a mailbox for the porch (wall-mounted) but was really a paper box. (GAZETTE) was stamped across the front of it. But it is what was here when we arrived, and we just hadn't changed it yet. I couldn't have found one that I like more if I had TRIED! It has birds on it which just fits in to my love for a home being "A NEST"! :-) **on the back it has the name of a shop in Charleston, SC! :-)
Now just to get that siding painted and some new windows! Rah... Hopefully the house will look as fresh as a daisy by Fall.
Well, as I said Tuesday, I am celebrating my hitting 500 posts with a giveaway of this precious print.
I wrote out the 6 commenter's names from the post and then shook them up REAL good, and reached in and pulled out the Georgia Peach girl's name ...Theresa from "They Call Me Ganky". So I hope she will have a special place to hang it. Hugs to her and all of my bloggy sisters who pop in here and visit with me in the E-world. Love you all for your friendship and encouragement.
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!
We LOVE you Justin... God BLESS you. *missing you!*


Theresa said...

Love your mailbox and it looks perfect right there:). I am SUPER excited to win that sweet picture! I have about six crosses laying in the floor to hang. Now I will hang them around my angels! Thank you SO much!!! Love you, enjoy your weekend.

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Theresa! And I hope you and your family have a wonderful long weekend celebrating and giving thanks for our brave men and women who serve...especially Justin!

Privet and Holly said...

Congrats to Theresa
and RAH! for your new
mailbox. What a score!

Enjoy your first Iowa
Memoria Day. It is supposed
to be 90 degrees here in MN,
so imagine you will feel
right at home with the temps
on Monday!

xo Suzanne

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mailbox!
In Jesus, Paula