Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That Tuesday.... *500 *...and a Giveaway

Good Tuesday Morning! This is a Smorgasboard post filled with this and that. First of all, The Cedar Valley Huskies played their last Soccer game for this season yesterday evening. They lost to a team in Kalona, Iowa and finished their season with a great record. Already looking forward to next year. Kurt took the day off and we traveled south to the play-off game. It was a beautiful day and little road-trip.
There's my tall Soccer guy #17 just this side of the referee... They played a strong game.
No rest for the weary...it didn't help the team any that all of the Senior players were away on their end of year Senior Trip!! But they put up a GOOD fight to the end. Proud of them! RAH! I have been continuing to clean, glean, sort, consign, and putter in the house getting it "settled"...A place for everything and Everything in it's place ...It's getting there. I did a switcheroo between two rooms. The "heritage photo table" got transferred to the mantel in the family room...and the pieces on the mantel came in to the small table in the Dining Room. The pictures were so crowded together that I couldn't really display them well, where they could all be visible from a distance.
Here is the switch in the Dining Room.
Now....I am going to post ANOTHER photo of the same setting and you will see something DIFFERENT! Take note of a change....
Do you see it? yes...the framed artwork. There is something else to record here in this post today...It is my 500th post and boy's howdy did it take a LONG time for me to reach it or WHAT??? I knew a while back it was coming, but had no idea it would be so long in coming...so to celebrate this little milestone in the bloggy world, I wanted to have a Give-Away.
This is a print I have had for quite a while. But was able to find a much larger size and don't need the smaller one. It is one of my FAVORITES!! It is titled "The First Kiss" by William Adolphe Bouguereau. I want to give it to one of my bloggy sisters...so if you are interested in it, please let me know in your comments and I will throw your name in the hat and draw this Friday for a winner.
I wanted to include the above photo in the post because of something very interesting about this print that is not seen in the smaller version. The little angel on the right...do you see her wing? It is a butterfly wing!! I never knew that until I saw the bigger copy. It intrigues me and is another reason why I love this piece. (FYI - the small version is approximately 14.5 x 14.5 in size) Hugs to all my sweetest of sweet bloggy sisters and thank you all who stop by here and continue to lift prayers for our military heroes out there, and for my Marine, Justin as he is deployed. Have yourselves a fantastic Tuesday, and Keep on giving away those smiles... **I want to thank Tete again for sharing her "button" below. I love it.
We LOVE you Justin...God BLESS you!!! Stay Strong! Almost 2 months down...Ooo-Rah.


Theresa said...

Yes, I love the mantel change! AND the table looks nice too! 500 posts, you go girl! I will have to see how many of those were since I met you! I will be forever thankful that I found you! We will always be friends and I hope that ONE day, we can meet in person! Love you bunches! Stay safe Justin!!!!!

Mom on a mission said...

I am totally jealous I have always wanted a mantel!!:)
Please throw my name in for the drawing too.

Have a blessed day!

Sandy said...

Of course everything you do looks beautiful! And yes, I'd love to have and treasure anything from you, Julie! I have seen the angel picture but never noticed butterfly wings!!

Dianna said...

So proud of Kam's team for making it so far in their soccer endeavors!

Your fireplace is absolutely beautiful, Julie. I think that this is the first I've seen pictures of it. It is very similar to Mari Larkin's. :) Love the way that you've displayed the family photos there...giving each their own space. I did something similar to that on the mantel of our fireplace that we had in our house in Romney.

SO happy for you that you were able to find a larger print of "The First Kiss"!


Lisa notes... said...

"The First Kiss" - I love that photo.

Can I pay you to come decorate at my house??? :-) You are SO gifted.

Hope you're having a great day!
Love you,

Tete said...

Hey girl! Been busy and they guys are starting on the deck on Tuesday, but think we are ready. Just got a few small things to do this weekend.
Glad you like the button! Praying for all of them who are still over there. It won't be much longer until Eric is back here! Like a month away! He has a house he found online and made all the plane tickets, rental car and hotel reservations made for his fiance to meet him as soon as he hits the states. Not sure where he is coming in at, but think Texas.
I live seeing you having fun with your new home and playing around with all of your pretty things. Glad you are having fun with your yard, too! My mums are blooming! That is so strange. The day lilies are up and it won't be long on them at all. A really weird year, for sure. You should see the corn! Knee high!
Have a great weekend and will keep your boy and his buddies close in prayer.